0591642378Y300 Closing origami for beginners package: the best package for beginners-everything you want is on this container!: package includes origami book, 19 projects, sixty two origami papers & video instructions

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    8 reviews for 0591642378Y300 Closing origami for beginners package: the best package for beginners-everything you want is on this container!: package includes origami book, 19 projects, sixty two origami papers & video instructions

    1. Kindle Customer

      I will admit I thought this was just a book with stuff with it, I did not realize this was a full box, kit. I am not disappointed. The book is the perfect size and quality of it seems good. Everything is packaged in the box in great order. First you see then book, then the DVD, then lastly the paper. The paper that comes with the kit comes as follows, 10 Dollar Bills, 20 small 4in squares, and 25 large 6in squares ( 8 of which are speacil for the Two Lips design: Red on one side, green on the other. 4 lighter green, 4 dark green). The paper feels to me like a good quality. Besides the Two Lips sheets, all the other colors have white on one side, color on the other. The DVD is very user friendly. You can either scroll threw all 19 projects and select the specific one you want by hitting NEXT then the design desired, or you can hit play all. They videos were easy to see what was going on, and the audio was loud and clear. As the books beginning pages state, in the videos they rotate the paper so they are always folding away from you, in the book they are all oriented the same way. To some this may seem confusing but its done that way in the book to make it easier to follow. This is a great kit, I wish I could give it more then 5 stars.Read more

    2. Cody

      I can see why some people say that this kit isn’t beginner friendly. However, I do think it is beginner friendly if you use the resources given.As someone who’s new to origami, it frankly can be frustrating when I don’t understand new concepts or the directions being displayedThe booklet provided makes this a realistic expectation for those who read it. The booklet with the kit states “Be patient with yourself.”The kit provides you with a lot of resources to help you learn new terminology and folding techniques. There are also written instructions and labeled diagrams. This product also offers free downloadable tutorials,that you can even view while offline.The lines, arrows, and dashes are all ways of telling you information. They might kind of all look the same, but if you use the origami symbol key, it becomes easier. The kit even emphasizes in its given book: “Even though this key looks simple, please do not ignore it!”.I would recommend for anyone who is struggling with this kit, to use the origami key and tutorial videos in addition to the written instructions.Lastly, I believe this is a “debatably” good product for a child. Children who excel at following directions, patience, and structure might excel at origami. Origami doesn’t really offer much thrill, or unanticipated change up until through the end, so kids who want something fast paced, or don’t like to sit still, might not like origami. Every child is unique, but I think in general it’s something to think about if you are considering this kit for a child.Read more

    3. Susie

      This is not a great set for beginners. There is only one diagram per step and some of the terms are never explained. The first page talks about how you need to study the key (and the tone is oddly scolding for the first page of a product for beginners) but it is missing some terms that appear in the book. The projects are too difficult for kids, my 8- and 12-year-olds found it too frustrating like it’s for adults…but they’re too difficult for me to understand too.Read more

    4. WPFLreviewer

      I bought this for a friend who recently had brain surgery. She is having to re-learn how to write and her occupational therapists suggested this is a good way and fun way to go through therapy. As a side benefit, she has grandkids and I thought that once she learned how to make an origami dinosaur or duck or flower she’d have a fun time teaching them how to do it. The included DVD makes this an especially good bargain.Read more

    5. Brittany Burks

      I purchased this for my 7 year old daughter and she was so excited!! She loves origami and this came with everything she needs! Step by step instructions, paper, fake dollars to learn how to fold bills and a dvd!Read more

    6. Jennifer Smith

      Fantastic children’s guide to being more artistic…Loved buying this gift for a young, sick child in the children’s hospital for Christmas. Boring moments that can be filled with color, imagination, creativity, and lot of beauty!Read more

    7. Kindle Customer

      I wanted something for my 8 year old daughter to try as she loves crafts. Unfortunately neither one of us were able to follow the directions for the dollar star and we were so frustrated we haven’t tried anything else. Maybe we should have started with something easier, or maybe the directions just weren’t clear enough.Read more

    8. Mary

      Shipping took forever (not sure if it was due to COVID-19 or because it was shipped to Alaska). Bought as a gift for my niece. She loves it. Good illustrations and step by step instructions and came with precut paper for making your own origami. Great gift for kid or adult. Would buy again.Read more

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