0C11134874Z170 Targus neoprene slipcase sleeve with shoulder strap, tsa checkpoint-friendly, trolley strap, professional enterprise and travel laptop tote bag for 17-inch pc, black with blue accents (cvr217)

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  • patented safeport air cushion bar and checkpoint-pleasant layout
  • patented checkpoint-friendly layout unzips to lay flat for tsa screening
  • softly lined, committed pill nook deflects scratches and dings
  • secondary compartment with sufficient prepared record storage
  • trolley strap slides over the trolley of your rolling bags
  • consolation-grip padded nylon handles
  • limited guarantee does not cover products purchased from 3rd birthday party dealers
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Business Casual Slipcase, Neoprene Slipcase Sleeve, Pulse Slipcase

6 reviews for 0C11134874Z170 Targus neoprene slipcase sleeve with shoulder strap, tsa checkpoint-friendly, trolley strap, professional enterprise and travel laptop tote bag for 17-inch pc, black with blue accents (cvr217)

  1. RobertF

    I was a little concerned by the lack of reviews on the TSS898, and the fact the star rating was below 4.0. However, I’m happy that I decided to order the bag. I was looking for a small bag for my XPS15 and was having a hard time finding a small slim bag that would hold the laptop, power brick, and a few small accessories (e.g. portable drive). This bag does an excellent job meeting those needs.The first thing I’ll mention is that the bag thickness is wrong on Amazon and the Targus web site. When I viewed the photos on both sites, I could not understand how this bag with front zipper pocket could be 1.1 inches. When the bag arrived, I found it to look exactly like the photos, but was simply thicker than stated. The material that wraps the sides and bottom is actually 2.0 inches thick, and the front pocket bulges 1/2 inch more at the top and 1.0 more at the bottom. I was happy to see this was the case since I concerned the stated 1.1 inch would not have been enough room.I could easily fit two of my laptops inside the main compartment. Thus, a slim laptop provides more room for accessories either in this main compartment or the front pocket. This bag is much thinner than my old 17 inch Targus bag and much lighter.Con: The only negative I have with the bag (for which I did not deduct a star) is that I would have preferred they double the cushion on the bottom. Either two layers of the dense foam -OR- an external rubber base. I really liked the rubber base on my old Targus bag; it covered the entire bottom and protected it from wear when you set the bag down on cement (and protected it from water if the ground was wet).Targus Business Casual Slipcase with Shoulder Strap for 15.6-Inch Laptops, Black (TSS898)Update 11 Nov 2020: I’ve had the case over 18 months now and still very happy with it; plus, no signs of wear!!!Read more

  2. The Rev.

    I bought one of these (what should have been the same version) approx 8-10 years ago and it lasted that whole time before showing signs of wear. And I used it almost daily for that time, took it on many planes, etc. Finally ordered this one after the original was breaking down. It has been about 5 months – and it has already ripped. Not even in an area that takes much strain – the fabric below the Velcro in the pouch has ripped clean through like 50-75% around it, you can easily put your finger through the hole in the pouch and touch your laptop. Not sure if this crap quality is just a fluke but I have a feeling it is a sign of serious decline in quality over the years. After getting so much use out on the last one without issue, I’m disappointed and surprised with this one’s performance and now I have to find a new daily use case before this one just shreds one day and my laptop falls out the bottomRead more

  3. Kwee

    I got my first Toshiba Laptop and I traveled a lots with my laptop. So I got this bag to protect my laptop. It was a very old fashion and heavy bag but it did protect the laptop very well. I would not buy again now because laptop are very inexpensive nowadays. Overall, I think this product good for like business professional who travel often.Read more

  4. Jenn

    LIKE:I own a 17″ HP9000t laptop “HP Pavilion Entertainment PC (which I really dislike, but this review is about the case so I’ll stop here). It fits the Targus CVR217 Neoprene Slip Case, that I bought for $[…], perfectly with a bit of room to spare. I am able to take my cordless mouse and receiver, power cord, and extra battery.The case has just enough padding to protect the laptop easily from low and probably medium level bumps, but not for major drops such as off your shoulder onto a cement surface.Normally for travel I use a Mobile Edge Paris regular (not slimline) backpack. It’s too large to put on your lap in an airplane and too large to put on the floor when traveling coach on most airlines. Amazon link to view Paris backpack:, I bought the Targus bag which is perfect for travel and to toss the laptop into and go quickly for everyday use. I’ve found myself even using the Targus on road trips when I also take the larger Paris bag to hold computer accessories in the inside open styled pocket such as game keypad, large headphones with mic, extra cords, and the like. The bag does bulge from the cords and mouse, but doesn’t look unsightly. I love this bag!A prior reviewer mentioned that the shoulder strap wasn’t robust enough. I haven’t found that to be the case and I have long hair to constantly mess with getting it out of shoulder straps. The shoulder strap feels solid to me, sits snugly on my shoulder, and hasn’t slipped off once.DISLIKE:My only complaint is that I wish the outside compartment had a zipper instead of a Velcro tab in the center to help secure items in the pocket.Read more

  5. Les Steinberg

    I like to keep my briefcase simple and this has all I need. Holds more than enough in the main storage compartment and has a great side compartment with pen holder, place for eye glasses, head phones and other small items. Does not get dirty. I am on my second one in ten years.Read more

  6. Chris P.

    I am using this case for my 17″ Macbook Pro, early-2008 model. I had a hard time finding a case for it and so I chose this one partly because it got reasonable reviews and partly because it was fairly cheap. The case is a bit too big for the laptop. When I slide the laptop into the case, there is 2-3in between the edge of the laptop and the zipper. Also the laptop is very thin compared to the room in the case. I could easily stack 2 on top of each other in this case. The width is fine.The quality of the case seems fine. There is a strong smell of plastic when you open the case but I assume it will fade as it outgases. I was hoping the pocket would be a zippered pocket but it is not. The only zipper on it is the main opening. The front pocket has a hook and loop pad in the middle. Stuff could easily fall out if you turned it upside-down.In the end, this will work for my needs but is far from perfect for any Macbook Pro 17″.Read more

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