0C11172OMDX852 Solo the big apple grand relevant connecté case briefcase with aggregate locks, black

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  • black attaché case: this classic black briefcase has a large potential main compartment, an indoors organizer segment, a record pocket with velcro closure, and dual combination locks to hold your necessities secure
  • paintings and journey: this sleek, elegant hard sided briefcase functions 4 metallic status ft on the bottom for extra protection and balance. This hardworking traditional maintains all your documents and papers secure
  • solo has your back: we guarantee every bag to be unfastened from defects in materials and craftsmanship for 5 years from the date of buy, and every pill case for 1 yr from the date of buy
  • maintain transferring in fashion: our sustainably designed suitcases, carry on luggage, rolling instances, backpacks, briefcases, messenger baggage, hybrid baggage, and extra convey the dynamic spirit of recent york in your shuttle
  • solo new york: based in 1940, our 0. 33 generation own family commercial enterprise is proud to represent the city this is our home. We combine a dedication to craftsmanship with an inherent ability for urban, fashion savvy innovation

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prepared with a pair of combination locks close to the manage to make sure your pc and different valuables remain safe.

indoors organizer and a record pocket with velcro closure.

equipped with an ergonomically designed take care of to make certain this situation is as relaxed as it is practical.

17. Five inches in period, this case allows you to without difficulty save laptops, tablets, files, folders, and some other of your enterprise desires.

combination lock commands

your mixture lock is ready to ‘000’ by means of default.

to reset your combination:

  • slide button a out to open the lock.
  • dispose of the red tab.
  • starting on one facet, whilst case is open, you will see the change lever a directly in the back of the lock. Push in and flow the trade lever from the ordinary position to the change role.
  • set the wide variety on your very own non-public aggregate.
  • with out demanding the aggregate, circulate the lever again to the normal role.
  • repeat on other facet.
  • check to make certain your aggregate is ready proper while case remains open.
  • congratulations, your lock is now set.
  • to open lock, set dials on your combination and slide button a out to open the lock.
  • product description

    designed for the tough-working, multitasking professional, the solo the big apple grand relevant connecté case with twin mixture locks is sensible, long lasting, and elegant. To hold your commercial enterprise and personal items inclusive of documents and papers secure and secured, this briefcase for guys is prepared with dual mixture locks. An academic video presents clear and smooth-to-comply with instructions. The huge-capability main compartment is huge sufficient to keep your computer and tablet, at the same time as the report pocket with a velcro closure ensures you can store files and different important files with superior organization. This briefcase with lock consists of a file pocket and an interior organizer section to hold your business requirements like enterprise cards, mobile phones, pens, and pencils smartly organized and secured. The grand important includes 4 steel defensive standing toes on the lowest for additonal protection and stability. The exterior measurements are 12. Five” (h) x 17. Five” (l) x 4″ (w). Our connecté baggage for guys are designed to offer flexibility for folks that are continuously on the cross. In reality, since 2008, we’ve got designed our travel briefcases with a unique fashion stimulated by the bustling streets of latest york town. The the big apple grand crucial connecté case is sponsored by way of a 5-12 months warranty.



    7 reviews for 0C11172OMDX852 Solo the big apple grand relevant connecté case briefcase with aggregate locks, black

    1. Joel Goodson

      This briefcase is total junk. The metal hinges are very cheap, and barely keep the briefcase open, often it will collapse will on my desk. Then, after about 4 months, I noticed the bottom was starting to come apart because it is glued (the faux leather skin is really some sort of polyester I think) and they must have used cheap glue. Last month, the inside liner on the top of the briefcase (the one that hold 2 pens and has slots to hold papers) completely became unglued and has ripped itself away from the wall of the briefcase rendering it completely useless. So, after 14 moths, I have to buy a new one. I am going to contact the seller and see if they will replace this. If they do, I will update this post. Perhaps it was just a bad briefcase, a lemon, and the rest of their products are made better.UPDATE- I contacted the company as advised by Amazon. They had me send pictures of the broken briefcase, and after reviewing, they agreed that is would be covered under warranty and they promptly sent me a replacement. The customer service was prompt, fair and appreciated. I still do not understand why I had the problems with the original briefcase that I did, but to be fair to the seller/manufacturer, they made it right, so kudo’s to themRead more

    2. Construction pro

      I ordered this item and it lasted about a year and a half before it started coming apart and finally the latch broke. I got a second one, clicking the link directly from “previous orders” and reordered another one. This is not the same briefcase. It is a cheaper model that is not expandable like the last one was. I don’t appreciate being directed to a different product. See my photo. The old one is on the right and the new one is on the left.Read more

    3. Alex G.

      Let’s be honest: this is a $30 briefcase, you know you’re not getting a premium product.That said, I think I would have liked a little longer than three months before it started showing signs of wear. I bought this for an internship so I didn’t have to bring a backpack to meet with clients, and it’s performed adequately in that capacity. The locks are mediocre quality, often freezing or sticking, but reliably open eventually. The body of the briefcase has started warping under the weight of a laptop and a pair of notebooks where it connects to the handle, but I don’t think anyone else notices yet. The outside of the case is cheap, but only if you look closely. The interior pockets are good, and I don’t have any complaints about them except that I would have liked a closeable pocket for small things like extra pencil lead. I ended up using the phone pocket for that, because who puts their phone in their briefcase?In short, I would recommend this highly for any person who is entering a professional or office environment, but uncertain how long they’ll be there. Interns, temp workers, people in a situation of uncertain time. Or maybe you need a stopgap while you save up for a proper briefcase. I would not recommend this for anyone who is established in a line of work where they need an attaché.UPDATE: it’s been five months, and the little studs that lock the briefcase open have worn flat. Only gravity will keep it open now.Read more

    4. CH in Seattle

      5 Stars for price 3 for quality, and that is OKAY. Buy this if you need a short term use and a locking case. For my use I’m expecting to use it for storage of something that needs to be locked away and maybe stored in your office or home. For under $30 it is a good buy, and you can set the combination and not accidently loose a key. I wouldn’t use it everyday as a professional briefcase, you should spend more like $90 on that. It is basically thick cardboard, and that is okay for the price. To set the lock I had to watch the video, slide the internal buttons over and down (had to use small scissors to cut a bit of material away from the inside knob, the mass production ended up closing up have the access hole. Then it was fine. Again, you are buying a cheap solution, that is fine for limited use, and will look nice for a week or two, or for years if sitting in an office.Read more

    5. Don U in Big Sky Country

      Lasted 13-months. For the money (sub $40) this is a good attaché. Although not included in the description, it DOES have expansion snaps. I did not want that feature, but kept the case anyway. The latches are cast from cheap pot-metal and despite me being a person who cares for his belongings, the latches broke within one week of showing cracks. I suppose if I were to amortize the cost of the case over 13-months it wasn’t a ‘horrible’ investment. I just sucks that I must now find a replacement in short order. So… buyer be advised that the latches will require great care.Read more

    6. chrisluce

      I chose this case because of the price. Surprisingly, this case is of high quality and built rugged enough to survive my work environment. The interior space is compatible with a more expensive case. In fact, exterior covering really simulates leather coverings. The hinges and locks are extremely well-built that both secure the contents of the case and holds the case open when removing materials. I recommend this case to other shoppers. It is a great value.Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      I purposely waited several months before I reviewed this because of all the bad reviews this product got.I can say this is a GOOD product and at a GOOD price. I use it daily on my Food Truck to carry scheduling books, a Laptop, job applications pack and several other office materials we use very frequently through out the day. It’s a hot environment and can rapidly cool being fall, so rapid climate change and heat DID NOT affect this case. There are no tears, rips, or lose seams. It’s held up above expectations! The latches even stayed in perfect working order and have not worn out like some reviews said they did. If you need a good case this is the one you should buy!I will buy this again when it wears out, IF it wears out. So far it’s going strong!Read more

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