0C111F4HMXP748 Jansport half pint mini backpack

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  • make sure this fits
  • through getting into your version quantity.
  • a hundred% other fibers
  • imported
  • the most trusted call in backpacks – our notion in our packs is strong! Each jansport comes with a life-time assurance. Convey your jansport with self assurance, knowing we’ll update or restore any breaks
  • the suitable length – our miniature backpack is right for sightseeing, daypack & travel. Fingers-unfastened freedom in sporting your essentials
  • highly roomy – small profile but masses of interior space to hold your private items safe & prepared
  • dependable mini backpack – jansport miniature backpacks are made with long lasting material, zippers & straps in hues & designs to mirror your fashion
  • american lifestyle in backpacks – generations have grown up & come to depend upon this relied on logo. Over 50 years of faculties, work, road trips, discovering fun, freedom & journey
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from the manufacturer

the jansport half pint

small and light, the jansport half pint mini backpack is the appropriate throw-on-and-go miniature backpack.

the unique seeing that 1967

jansport started out as an out of doors emblem – an exploration emblem, an explicit yourself logo and a locate-your-personal-way logo. Extra than 50 years later we’re nonetheless that identical logo and a lot extra.

product description

small and light, the jansport half of pint mini backpack is the appropriate throw-on-and-pass minature backpack. Jansport 1/2 pint mini backpack adjustable shoulder straps the front utility pocket one important compartment net haul cope with 12. Three” x 10″ x 6. 5″ / 31 x 25 x 16 cm six hundred denier polyester imported


(Black), (Navy), Black, Navy, Tropical Teal

8 reviews for 0C111F4HMXP748 Jansport half pint mini backpack

  1. Kelly G

    I bought this for a recent trip to Disney as I did not want to carry my purse. I am so happy with this backpack. I was able to fit everything in the bag I needed such as my wallet, keys, phone, water bottle amongst souvenirs and other various things I decided I needed to have with me. It is a regular Jansport but tiny. Super durable, relatively water resistant (it rained and went through water rides without leaking to the inside). It’s very comfortable, I figured since it was small the straps would be problematic but they were not. I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase. I may start using this in lieu of my regular bag.Read more

  2. Emma

    I love this mini backpack! I purchased this because I’d been carrying around a huge purse and my back was starting to complain. I picked off the JanSport logo (sorry JanSport) and added a white plush keychain to make it look a little more “purse-y” and less “backpack-y”. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments!Surprisingly, this backpack fits almost everything that I was hauling around in my huge bag, including my water bottle, my large wallet and two Ipsy bags filled with small items. You can easily fit a couple trade paperback sized books in here. I’m very impressed with how much I’ve managed to get into this little backpack! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a purse for everyday use, and I’m eyeing some other colors.My only quibbles are minor. I wish there were more interior pockets for small things. I believe the exterior pocket is supposed to hold a cellphone (it has a plush lining); however, it’s too narrow to fit my iPhone 8 horizontally, and vertically it sticks up outside of the pocket, which is a no-go for me.Also, JanSport has a lifetime warranty, which in my opinion makes their products more than worth their price. If you ever have a problem or have any quality issues, they will fix or replace the item for free!Read more

  3. Shanicepeace

    I love this bag so much I can hold most average sized things and it’s so cute. Came really in handy on my trip alsoRead more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I got this backpack to use more as an everyday purse. It’s the perfect size and it’s a lot more casual then some of the mini backpacks designed for everyday use these days. It’s nice quality and holds quite a bit of stuff! I like that I can customize it with buttons! The only thing I’m not crazy about is the small open front pocket. I wouldn’t really trust keeping much in there because it’s not elastic or tight at the top so I fear things would fall out. But if it’s resting on your lap on a long car ride and you just want somewhere to put your phone it would probably be fine for that! I’m also a little disappointed there isn’t a small pouch on the inside to store small things and keep things organized. But hey, it’s a small backpack perfect for what I need it for. I’m happy. I also included some photos so anyone interested can get a good idea of the size.Read more

  5. Lily

    LOVE IT!!!! I purchased for a California trip to Six Flags and the beach. Originally I was looking at an MK mini backpack but I did not want to pay $300!!!! for something that I was going to be placing on the floor constantly throughout the day. Still a bit pricey for the size I thought but I went for it . I fit wipes, hand sanitizer, sunblock, travel pack of tylenol, a big pack of Colgate wisp (disposable toothbrush), band-aid, chap stick, mini deodorant, small bottle of contact solution, & contact lens case in just the small pocket. In the big compartment I had a pair of leggings, a top, mine and boyfriends wallet as well as our glasses and cell phones, keys, water bottle, pack of gummy worms, and a few other little things we picked up along the way. Turned out to be the perfect size I was a bit worried because the straps are not padded like the regular sized backpack but it was not uncomfortable like I thought it would be never felt too heavy or painful on my shoulders. Very sturdy didn’t fray or damage in any way from being place on the floor or the sand was easily able to wipe and good as new. I get tons of compliments even from friends that have MK mini packs lol.Read more

  6. Felicia

    This is my third Jansport Half-Pint in about 12 years or so. It is just the right size to handle all my keys, e-reader, hair brush, water bottle, and other miscellaneous stuff and takes up considerably less space than a conventional purse or book bag. It is incredibly versatile: I use it as a purse, empty it and put my day hiking gear, empty it again, and use it for a day at the beach. It’s uses are only limited to your imagination. And all the women who see it think it’s cute. It is cute and small but holds quite a bit of stuff. And if it gets dirty, I wash it on the gentle cycle of my front loading washing machine and it comes out good as new.Read more

  7. Chels

    Amazing!Same Jansport quality. Just pint sized!This bag is great for us gals (or dudes) who don’t want to carry our bags on one shoulder. I bought this to use for a trip to Universal Studios Orlando. It’s perfect for any activity where you want to carry your items and keep your hands free!I can fit my wallet, water bottle, small makeup bag, keys, with plenty of extra room left over. I provided a book of stamps and a few quarters for easy size reference.Read more

  8. carly d

    Love this little backpack! I am not a fan of purses but still have stuff I wanna carry so I really favor mini backpacks. I’ve gotten some cute ones over the years but they all seem to be built for fashion, not function. I found that so many of the zippers would break if I put more than a wallet and a pack of gum in them! This little backpack fits a good amount of stuff (travelers notebook, long wallet, small pouch, external battery pack, and a couple other small items) and the zipper is holding up very well. My water bottle doesn’t fit with all the other items but I can easily loop it onto one of the straps when I want to have it with me but still be hands free. I like the little pouch in the front as well to quickly toss small items into when needed. Overall love this product! Plus I love having a mini version of the Jansports that I’ve used all my life! 🖤Read more

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