0C116HVQXVD479 Everest deliver-on briefcase, black, one size

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  • dimensions sixteen” x 6″ x eleven” (lxwxh)
  • sixteen” huge fundamental compartment
  • 14″ huge zippered the front pocket
  • up to 52″ adjustable shoulder strap with metal connection clasp
  • padded hook & loop close handle and shoulder pad for clean carrying
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from the producer

our project is to layout, manufacture and provide purposeful, exceptional merchandise to fit the various desires of everybody. We try to carry the cutting-edge trends and capabilities into each bag, making it as practical as it’s far stylish.

everest convey-on briefcase

p. C. All your crucial files into our carry-on briefcase. The big storage compartment can maintain all your daily essentials along with ample space for binders and folders. The the front zippered compartment is spacious enough to maintain more than one small gadgets together with your telephone, pockets, keys, and much extra. Long lasting production allows this bag to stand upright. This briefcase is exquisite to use as a carry-on whilst going to paintings or travelling.

  • utilitarian briefcase in a more compact size
  • massive front zippered pocket
  • hook-and-loop fastener secured top seize handles
  • adjustable shoulder strap
  • dimensions sixteen x eleven x 6 in
  • capability 1100 cu in / 18 liters
  • weight zero. 5 lbs / zero. 7 kg
  • functions

    high-grade canvas is designed for extreme conditions due to its mould and moisture resistance.

    choice to use the pinnacle take hold of cope with adds to the versatility of the bag and gives the bag a couple of wearing configurations.

    potential to adjust the shoulder strap makes it possible to get the appropriate period to hold the bag with no trouble.

    strengthened metal anchor points for shoulder straps guarantees sturdiness.

    our history

    on account that starting in 1982, everest has been the ordinary bag corporation for people in all walks of existence. We offer dependable merchandise for human beings around the world to take things with them of their daily journeys and adventures.

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    7 reviews for 0C116HVQXVD479 Everest deliver-on briefcase, black, one size

    1. Mark R. Wietstock

      This is a “bare bones” nylon briefcase, about as “basic” as it gets. I bought it to replace a “messenger” style soft, faux leather (vinyl sprayed over a nylon base fabric) that I used for something like 20 years to haul cables and various doo-dads for music. Could not find anything like it now. They’ve all been replaced with the kind that have a bunch of separators in the main compartment. Great for people with laptops/tablets … useless for me. This one is decent nylon, decent zippers, decent stitching, and metal connectors for the shoulder straps (these work great, BTW, the metal ones on my old case took some real abuse and never broke).My only gripe about this case is that the opening on the side pocket does not extend above the zipper. Come on. IMHO, that’s a design screwup (one star off) because as designed, the capacity of the pocket is unreasonably limited, and you can’t put typical 8.5″ x 11″ papers in the pocket without folding them. That’s what everybody uses these side pockets for. If anyone from the manufacturer reads this review, splurge on a little more nylon/stitching and extend the interior of the side pocket to the full height of the case!Read more

    2. justme

      Just an FYI if you are traveling internationally the carry on rules are much different than most US carriers, also they are stricter and often will force you to check one of your bags. This is the only bag that maximizes the available space without going over. Only two things could make it better 1) if it had a loop to slide over the handle of your roller-board. 2) if it was 12″ high instead of 11″ this would give you the absolute max space and still not go over the carry on rules. FYI most non US carriers allow 16″ X 12″ X 6″ max personal item.Read more

    3. Robert B.

      Purchased to use on Spirit airlines. Fit easily under the seat and in the personal item bag size check gizmo.Bag seems well made, especially considering the price. I was able to stuff it with a pair of dress shoes and 3 days worth of clothes. I had no problems with the cardboard bottom as some reviewers have experienced.Minus 1/2 star due to the shoulder strap, it just doesn’t feel quite right and tends to want to slide down.Minus another 1/2 star for the worthless warranty which requires you send more for return shipping than the bag costs. The bag is holding up well so the warranty is probably not much of an issue.Read more

    4. J Osborne

      I kind of knew what to expect from the product photos but I was a little disappointed to discover that the dimensions were not accurate. This may not matter to most people but I purchased this because it said it had a 6″ width. In reality, stretched very taut, it’s more like 5-1/2″ but an item that size will fit somewhat tightly against the inside. The length and height are as advertised. Construction is a little cheap but should last awhile – single needle hems with cheap thread, and where reinforcements are used they aren’t done all that well. The bottom of the bag is soft, just uses a nylon-covered piece of cardboard to loosely insert as structure. Feet are the type of plastic that can crack over time and they are riveted to the bag. This is a lot like similar bags that cost less, but it’s ok. I do wish the width measurement had been accurate because I would have purchased something else instead but I can use this one for other things and if it lasts for one year that’s fine.After looking at the company’s website, their warranty probably shouldn’t be an attractive selling feature. It may be lifetime, but if you need it, you pay for shipping to them AND shipping back to you, at which point you will surely come out ahead to just buy a new one. That’s bogus and almost no other company makes you pay shipping both directions.Read more

    5. JC Szot

      I could’ve easily done five stars with this but I could not because of the cardboard bottom. The cardboard bottom is NOT built in. It’s a loose piece of vinyl covered cardboard. It shifts around the bag’s bottom because it also wasn’t cut to fit. Besides that; for the price this is a nice little Bat Girl bag LOL I do senior in home care. I mostly do overnight shifts. This bag is just big enough that I can fit all of my necessities inside with no problem. To end on a positive note, with the other bags I’ve had the attachable shoulder strap clips were always made of plastic. This bag has detachable clips and hooks on the bag for the shoulder strap. The side hooks and the strap hooks are all metal so kudos to this company! For the price this is definitely a good deal! Delivery was prompt and the packaging was appropriate.Read more

    6. Gary

      I bought a roundtrip ticket at a very deep discount however part of the reason for the low cost is the baggage restricition. I was not allowed to bring any carry-on and was allowed only under seat storage. In order to be sure that I complied with the airline definition of under seat stprage dimensions I bought this item. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this item plus the durability of its fabric. I can avoid any baggage penalties now which in itself justifies the cost of this item.Read more

    7. Bonnie

      Just before traveling to Europe, I learned that a smaller airline had very specific requirements for a personal bag such as purse or briefcase to take onboard – in addition to a regular carry on. I ordered this bag from Amazon at 10 AM and received it same day at 3 PM. I have no idea how that is even possible, but it saved me. Things I love: durable and nice-looking material, ultra lightweight at just over a pound, quality zippers, simplicity of design where you are not inhibited by interior separators and pockets, amazing amount of cargo can go inside since it is square-bottomed and you can layer and tuck items vertically along sides as well as an outer zippered pocket, great shoulder strap with adjustable length and padded shoulder support, plus a nice hand-carry handle that cinches the two straps together with Velcro, and the best part is the size – 16” x 12” x 6”. This was the precise size needed from the most limited criteria during my travel. The design from Everest plus the speed of delivery from Amazon was a trifecta. I am impressed. Do not hesitate to make a purchase. Strong value.Read more

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