0C11A60DTN5592 Everki versa premium enterprise 15. 6-inch or 16-inch computer briefcase bag, ballistic nylon and leather-based, tour friendly (ekb427)

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  • ensure this suits
  • via coming into your model variety.
  • checkpoint pleasant 16″ pc compartment
  • patent-pending corner-protect safety device
  • double-sided dependent agency panel
  • felt-lined ipad/kindle/pill pocket
  • high-grade leather-based cope with and accents
  • water-repellant ballistic nylon outside
  • trolley deal with pass-thru strap
  • laptop compartment: 10. 83″x1. 50″x15. 34″
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16-Inch, 17.3-Inch

4 reviews for 0C11A60DTN5592 Everki versa premium enterprise 15. 6-inch or 16-inch computer briefcase bag, ballistic nylon and leather-based, tour friendly (ekb427)

  1. Bryan S. Coffman

    Update. The original review was from June 2013. It’s now November 2014. The bag has held up very well. I’m still using it, traveling 30+ weeks a year.———————-Original reviewJust back from a multi-city trip with this new bag replacing a wonderful bag from Briggs and Riley. I’ll see over time, of course how the new bag holds up.What I like:1. I can put everything that I used to carry in the B&R into this bag and over stuff it. Not everyone will do this, but for pack rats like me that’s important. I routinely carry Bose headphones, cases for pens and pencils, journals, a computer, ipad, cords, cables, plugs, peripherals, sometimes an external USB monitor.2. I like the TSA approved way to flip the case open without having to remove the laptop. Much faster than having to take it out.3. While the bag is lightweight, it feels like solid construction and the zippers look durable.4. I like all of the built-in organizers. With my old bags, I had my own pouches for cables, etc. that I just loaded into the central compartment where they all eventually fell to the bottom and wedged together. The built-in organizers take care of this problem and help keep the contents distributed.5. It fits under the seat in coach. Some of the aisle seats in some aircraft have smaller under-seat slots and for these I do have to remove a few things to get it to fit. But then again, I really load the bag up to capacity. I had to do this with my old bags as well.6. I have a 12″ laptop, not a 17″ but it still feels protected in the sleeve.7. I didn’t think I would use or like the iPad compartment built into the case, but I ended up really liking it and using it during the trip.What I had to work around1. There is a sleeve on the back of the bag that allows you to slide it over the handles of your wheeled carry-on luggage. It works great with all of my luggage except for my Hartmann bag which has an extra wide handle. The extra wide handle helped keep bags from rotating around the handle while running through ATL or wherever. The Vera’s smaller sleeve keeps it from doing that on luggage with narrower handles. If you have a single pole handle, though, you will have problems.2. I liked the shoulder strap but prefer an old Victorinox shoulder strap for comfort and so replaced it. But the strap it comes with is just fine.3. Would like to have had a mesh water bottle sleeve on the outside, but I still give the bag five stars without one. It seems like these have fallen out of fashion.4. The handles have a wrap around piece to snap them together. I’m not fond of these but I just snap it around one of the handles and that’s that.That’s it. I’ll update after a few more trips on how durable it is.Read more

  2. Kevin Kane

    My old laptop bag was a Mobile Edge ScanFast (v1.0) that I bought 8 years ago. It has served me well, but the v2.0 they now offer only has two exterior pockets instead of the original version’s three. As a result, I started looking around and decided to try this Everki Versa 16 inch based on the reviews.It is a nicely made bag, no doubt about it. The zippers work well, the ballistic nylon feels tough and the seams are of high quality. The burnt orange interior is eye catching and would make any Texas Longhorn proud. I eagerly unloaded my old bag and found homes for everything in the multitude of pockets and spaces in the Everki. But once everything was in, including my Dell 15 laptop, I discovered that the Everki was tightly packed. So much so that I cannot just slip my hand into the bag to retrieve something, but often need to fully unzip the organizer compartment in order to unzip an inner pouch and get to whatever I need. I keep a slim journal in the tablet pocket, and it was tight to pull that out as well. I tried using the bag daily for a week, but at the end of that time I just didn’t find it to be as convenient or as comfortable as I would like.It’s also worth noting that while the shoulder strap works well and was comfortable for me, the leather piece that snaps over the carry handles always seems to be in the way when I go to pick up the bag. It is neither quick nor convenient to snap/unsnap it each time I want to pick it up or retrieve something from the zippered compartments.The bottom line for me is that all of those organizer pockets and spaces are wonderful, but if you expect to use every one of them then you may find the bag is a little snug.Read more

  3. Ben

    This bag is the best I’ve ever used. It will hold more than I’m willing to carry -so much in fact, I wish it had wheels. The Check Point Friendly feature has spoiled me; I wouldn’t buy another bag without it! Traveling in the US (737s mostly), it fits under the seat just fine. The front pocket could be better if it was expandable -it’s pretty unforgiving when the bag is full and a large, zippered water bottle holder would be really nice as well. The leather piece that snaps around the carry handles is very stiff but it is getting easier to snap over time. The only real complaint I have is that the padded portion of the shoulder strap squeaks where it contacts my shoulder when it gets loaded up. It’s really starting to bug me and I can tell that people around me hear it too. I’m going to have to get another strap for sure but will let Everki know first as I’m betting they will send me a replacement.Everki has always made a nice bag. I’ve owned 5 or 6 over the years for different devices and storage configurations. This is by far my favorite, just based on looks and efficiency alone.Read more

  4. Bourbon72

    I purchased this as a replacement for a different brand bag, and I have to say, most laptop bags are fairly similar, with most of what you need.What I like about this bag:1. It is clearly quality craftmanship. It just looks and feels well made.2. The checkpoint friendly isn’t unique to this brand, but it definitely was one of my deciding factors. Plus it has a “strap” for putting over the handle of your luggage – again, not unique to this brand, but part of the overall decision.3. The pockets: there is space for everything. There are compartments galore. I have a pocket for every wire and dongle and device and add on. There is also separate space for the attache function, to hold pads and pens and papers.4. It holds my laptop nice.What I don’t like:1. It is heavy. Not surprising for a bag this side, but I had to find something to quibble over.I know this doesn’t seem like a glowing review, but I do give it 5 stars. We’re talking about laptop bags, after all, it is hard to wax poetic. There is just “something” about this bag that makes it better than the others I have owned – in the world of laptop bags, it is 5 stars.Read more

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