0C11FZQH5IB701 Pendleton yakima camp thick heat wool indoor outdoor striped throw blanket, mineral umber, dual size

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  • quality materials: woven of pure virgin wool in our american turbines for years of notable consolation.
  • indoors or outdoors: sleep soundly indoors or out with our bestselling camp blankets that hold you warm and relaxed in all weather conditions.
  • care: for high-quality outcomes, dry easy to help hold cloth satisfactory.
  • notion: they may be modeled after the ombré stripe blankets cowboys made camp with at the stop of a protracted day at the variety. You too will loosen up after a protracted day with these comforting blankets.
  • conventional layout: with wealthy coloured fabric and minimalist stripes, these blankets withstand the test of time and go along with any décor.
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sleep soundly interior or out with our bestselling camp blankets. Famously long lasting and heat, they’re modeled after the blankets early shepherds used to courageous the factors of the pacific northwest—right where our rugged wool variations are nevertheless woven today.


Twin, Queen


Green Heather, Lake, Mineral Umber

8 reviews for 0C11FZQH5IB701 Pendleton yakima camp thick heat wool indoor outdoor striped throw blanket, mineral umber, dual size

  1. liz

    Really is THE BEST wool blanket, and i have owned quite a few. I bought this specifically to protect my couch from my barfy sick old cat. Better to wash a wool blanket now and again than to find a new couch. Or a new cat. The fabric is thick enough and water repellent enough that nothing gets through–not cat puke, nor, ahem, red wine. I did just buy a new one since i love it so much; i laid them out over each other so you can see the shrinkage from washing. The new twin size measures 67 inches in width; after multiple machine washes (warm water and thrown in the dryer on high) you can see the amount of shrinkage, down to 51 inches in width. Less shrinkage in length. No pilling, though the fabric isn’t quite as smooth to the touch. Just a little bumpier feel, not exactly rough–if i had to sleep with it it wouldn’t bother me that it had been washed. But the shrinkage is significant–If you’re planning on machine washing and using it on a bed go up a size (full or queen blanket for a twin bed). Or dry clean as recommended :)Read more

  2. J in Mecosta

    Worth all the five star reviews. Light, warm, comfortable, and looks great. Made in the USA and well worth the money. Backcountry, had these on sale so I bought a twin and a queen! Will be buying more as gifts in the future. I don’t find the wool itchy or scratchy; it may be a little rough, but is comfortable enough to use wrapped up in on the couch. I like it much better than synthetic fleece throws and blankets I had been using.Update 1-11-18:I bought a Pendleton Eco-wise blanket later and thought I would give a comparison for those trying to decide on a blanket. I wish Pendleton would give more information as far as weights, thickness, and warmth. The camp blanket is thicker, but this may be because it is napped more (more fuzzy). The eco-wise blanket is smoother with less “fuzz”. Both blankets feel about the same weight… hmmm. The eco-wise blanket allows light to pass through easily, while the camp blanket blocks light out. As you can see in the pictures, the camp blanket has much more volume, even though its dimensions are slightly smaller than the eco-wise (the packaging shows the difference in thickness, too). The eco-wise blanket was very stiff out of the package, almost like thin cardboard, and Pendleton recommends washing and line drying for a softer feel. I just dragged it around the house and used it, and it seems to have relaxed just fine. Both are warm, but my mind keeps saying “thicker is warmer,” so I tend to grab the fluffy camp blanket when it is cold. The eco-wise might be better in warmer weather as it seems “lighter”. Oh, the Native American inspired and National Park blankets seem to be in between the two as far a thickness and how they are napped.Read more

  3. T. White

    This is the ultimate example of you get what you pay for. I carry this blanket with me on all my motorcycle adventure camping trips. Warm in winter, soft to lay on in summer, no fading, shake to clean… it kept me warm and dry in a heavy rain even though it got soaked! I also have one on my bed at home. Worth itRead more

  4. TyrReyn

    This is the second Pendleton Camp blanket we own. Still excellent quality and weight for the money. It’s just as well made and as thick as our original.Recently ordered a Woolrich at about the same price point and was severely disappointed. The Woolrich weight wasn’t even close and the thickness might have been half of the Pendleton Camp blanket at best. I returned the Woolrich the day after receiving it and ordered this Pendleton Camp blanket.Read more

  5. Mu

    Looks great, fantastic quality, but wife thinks it’s too rough as a bed cover. Not for sensitive skin ;)Read more

  6. Jason

    Very warm blanket. Similar to the old army blankets but with a little bit more color and slightly softer. Put this blanket on top of your comforter and you can’t tell it’s in the 20’s outside. Plus made in USA.Read more

  7. BSemon

    Bought this blanket for my grandson who was going on a gap year program . I was very pleased with the quality and feel of the blanket. Perfect for all the cold nights he will be enduring inside and outside.Read more

  8. Marsha

    It is the Best Buy of any wool blanket I’ve ever purchased. Quality. Perfect size for my twin bed. And not too heavy but gives great warmth. Awesome purchase.Read more

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