0C11KHIWKF5583 Solo big apple briefcase, gray, black, 12. 5″ x 17″ x five”

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  • hybrid briefcase: this soft-sided briefcase transforms right into a elegant backpack or messenger bag. Featuring a padded 15. 6″ pc compartment, internal pill compartment, large the front pocket with organizer segment
  • paintings and tour: this flexible hybrid bag has 2 brief access the front pockets, a removable adjustable shoulder strap, and hideaway backpack straps. Bring as a briefcase or wear as a messenger bag or backpack
  • solo has your lower back: we guarantee every bag to be unfastened from defects in substances and craftsmanship for five years from the date of buy, and each tablet case for 1 12 months from the date of buy*
  • keep moving in style: our sustainably designed suitcases, carry on luggage, rolling instances, backpacks, briefcases, messenger baggage, hybrid bags, and greater bring the dynamic spirit of new york to your trip
  • solo big apple: founded in 1940, our 0. 33 generation family enterprise is proud to represent the town this is our domestic. We combine a dedication to craftsmanship with a flair for city, fashion savvy innovation

from the manufacturer

the hybrid briefcase has a slim profile, making it perfect for ordinary use.

prepared to handle ordinary devices, this bag comes with a chosen compartment for a computer and tablet, and additional garage for all different needs.

component backpack, part briefcase, the solo hybrid briefcase transforms seamlessly between backpack and briefcase without sacrificing capability.

product description

whether or not you’re going to school, headed to paintings, or simply navigating the city jungle, tour in fashion with the solo new york duane hybrid laptop bag. This briefcase without difficulty transforms into a backpack with convertible hideaway straps and is best for any state of affairs you come across. This laptop briefcase is designed from fantastic substances which might be long lasting but light-weight. It’s also built for superior consolation, because it includes two brief get entry to pockets and a fully padded laptop compartment. It is able to without problems save your 13. Three to 15. 6-inch macbook or chromebook. The duane hybrid girls’s and men’s computer bag is constructed for longevity and more advantageous comfort. It includes padded deliver handles with magnetic snaps, a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, and hideaway padded backpack straps. You’ll have lots of room on your pc or other device, charging cables, books, and other business or faculty necessities. All solo new york pc bags are designed to offer flexibility for those who are constantly on the go. In fact, since 2008, we have designed our pc baggage for ladies or men with a completely unique fashion stimulated with the aid of the bustling streets of new york city. The solo big apple duane hybrid is sponsored with the aid of a five-yr guarantee.


Black, Black/Tan, Gray, Black, Slate

4 reviews for 0C11KHIWKF5583 Solo big apple briefcase, gray, black, 12. 5″ x 17″ x five”

  1. KJ

    I’ll start by saying that I do love this bag a lot. I don’t give it a 5/5 because I’m a tough critic, and this is so close to being perfect! I’m a young working professional, so if you’re looking to use this bag for an on-the-go work station solution, I’ve got some opinions about this bag that may help you out:BAG SIZE + SPACE:I hesitated to buy this because some reviews said that it was too big; but if you pay close attention to some of those reviews, the reviewers admit that they are not very tall. I’m only 5′ 9″, but it fits wonderfully on me. Admittedly, I’m pretty heavy set (broad shoulders, and, uh, “big bones”. I’m working on it), but this bag would look suitable even for a person with a thinner frame. As long as you aren’t below 5′ 2″ I think you should be fine. Also the spacious room inside is a very welcomed sight. I use it with my Surface Book (13 inch, with a leather case) and it fits snuggly into the laptop compartment. It also leaves a lot of room in the main compartment for my large external keyboard (because I don’t like to get my laptop’s keyboard dirty/greasy), mouse, 10 inch tablet + tablet keyboard, and charger. The outside pockets help me store an alternative (thinner) mouse, lens wipes, my surface pen, an external battery for my phone, extra batteries for my keyboard + mouse, glasses case, and I/O device dongles for my laptop.CRITICISM ABOUT THE BAG’S SPACE UTILITY:My only gripe with the bag and how it uses space is that I wish it had more pockets, or perhaps more compartmentalized pockets. Some spaces feel a bit too empty and it’s difficult to organize all my small appliances. I have to resort to letting them knock around.STYLE + BUILD:That said, it is a slightly manly bag. I don’t mean that it’s too professional, because hey women can be professional + good looking, too. It’s actually because it’s more casual, dark, and a bit rugged that it may be unsuited for the working professional woman. Even as a man I think I only just get away with it; it’s not quite structured/built well enough to look acceptable in every professional environment. It has a little too much “school bag” written on it. It would make a pretty awesome school bag, too, but perhaps it would seem a bit out of place being briefcase. Man or woman, you might look like a tool pulling this out in class. But whatever floats your boat!Back to the build quality, the fabric used is very favorable. It’s durable, yet thin. My greatest annoyance with other laptop briefcases is that they are all padded and thick, making them heavy and bulky (also less spacious). As I mentioned earlier, I already have a leather holder for my laptop; it’s well protected and I handle my bags with care. I don’t need my bag to look like the Michelin Man. It does not feel good to lug around, and it does not look good either. This bag gets it right! It has just enough padding to keep the goods intact, and not enough to look like you’re carrying a insulated lunch box for an entire kindergarten class. Bottom line: this bag sacrifices some protection for style, but it’s totally worth it as long as you don’t sometimes mistake your bags for soccer balls or trampolines.CRITICISM ABOUT THE BAG BUILD:Worst thing on this bag is the cheap, plastic swivel hooks attaching the shoulder straps to the bag. They seem very out of place considering how well made the rest of the bag is. Because I have broad shoulders, sometimes when I try to wear the backpack and slide my second arm in, it puts enough pressure at the right angle to force the bag out of the hook. I mean I guess because I have my other arm in the other strap it’s alright, but I fear one day that this will cause me to drop the bag. Also it’s annoying to have to re-hook the strap. Makes me feel like a fool in front of other people, too. Perhaps this will only get worse with time as the plastic hooks wear down. I will probably go to a tailor or something of the like to get them replaced with metal swivel hooks. If Solo makes another one of these bags with metal hooks and stronger strap materials in general, I’d buy it in a heartbeat! Even at a higher price!I hope my review helped some of you decide. I am very happy with this purchase, but it may not be for everyone.Read more

  2. Weiping Lin

    Like many reviewer said already. I’m actually very pleasantly surprised by the fabrics quality and the capacity of the bag. I was able to fit a MSI GL62m in Amazon basic sleeve snugly into the laptop compartment, then put a cooler master x3 cooling pad in the other compartment. hyperx cloud stinger WITH the foam from original package in the one front pocket, then logitech G pro mouse AND the power supply brick in the other front compartment. The cooling pad is probabaly the biggest overkill so omitting it would free up room for few books or other stuff.The subjected one star is for the weak plastic hooks they use for the straps. Mine actually arrived with one of the shoulder strap hook BROKEN off from the neck because it consists of two little piece of plastic and one of them snapped off. I would be requesting for an exchange from Amazon (they are awesome for offering convenient free re-shipping and return). I would be using the straps very gingerly and never put my laptop inside without a basic sleeve for extra protection against dropping.Read more

  3. Kaivon I. Paroo

    I was excited about this bag initially. It’s slim, professional, versatile, and has padding for a laptop and tablet.The problem is with the low-quality zippers. 5 months after I bought it, the stitching around the zipper started to fray. Then the teeth deformed enough in multiple spots so that I couldn’t close the bag.Solo customer service was great at first–they quickly replaced the bag.One year later and the exact same problem has developed. This time, customer service said the bag’s out of warranty* so they won’t replace it.For forty bucks I don’t expect a tank of a bag, but I’m not rough with it so 6-12months is just not acceptable durability.Many other Solo bags seem to use the same zippers so I will be avoiding this brand.*Update: this bag is not out of warranty. There is a 5-year warranty on it, but Solo has refused to accept that the poorly-made plastic zippers should be covered. I strongly advise you to avoid bags from Solo because they won’t honor the warranty.Read more

  4. Lisa SS

    I bought this bag because I wanted to see if I would like this style and the price was right. I was looking at Topo Design bag but yikes, $200 for a bag is a bit much right now. I want to pare down what I carry especially on a Friday. And lastly, it’s nice to be able to go casual and business in one bag. Here are the pros, cons, and what I can live with albeit not ideal.The pros:The cost – for about $35 it’s reasonably priced;The capacity – it’s not too big and not too small;The style – I like that fact the bag can be carried 3 different ways: handheld, shoulder bag (messenger style), or as a backpack.Weight – it’s a lightweight bag and even with items inside it, it carries everything in a well-distributed manner.The cons made this a 3-star rating:Material – seems a bit flimsy and non-water resistant, not sure if it will hold up over time or not.The zippers – non-YKK zippers also seem flimsy as well, not the best for easy open and close but work ok.Not ideal but can deal with:The plastic clasp I’m not a fan of but can live with. Also for the should strap, it appears to only fully detach on one end and not the other.Nice to have feature would have brought the rating back to 4-stars: Cordura fabric or something that is water resistant. Better zippers, better clips. Slip through for luggage and charging port that either internal or external exit for charging a tablet or cell phone.There are others on Amazon that I probably should have looked into but I liked the internal organization of this one and went for it. If they come out with another I would check it out again and even pay a bit more to have the cons taken off the list and nice to haves included.Read more

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