0C11LPP6A5P391 Sentrysafe chw20221 fireproof box and water resistant container with key lock zero. 28 cubic ft, charcoal grey

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  • make certain this fits
  • with the aid of coming into your model variety.
  • fireproof container is ul categorised to endure 1/2 hour at 1550°f to guard irreplaceable files, small valuables, dvds, and usbs from fire
  • water resistant field is etl validated for seventy two hours of water submersion presenting peace of mind within the occasion of a flood
  • fireproof lock box functions a tubular key lock for delivered security and to prevent the lid from starting inside the occasion of a fireplace; consists of 2 keys
  • report secure features built-in straps for smooth storage of passports, social security playing cards, and start certificate; fireplace container holds a4 length paper
  • exterior: 15. Four inch w x 14. Three inch d x 6. 6 inch h; indoors: 12. 8 inch w x eight. Five inch d x 4. 4 inch h; medium capability 0. 28 cubic toes; weighs 20 pounds
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from the manufacturer

sentrysafe chw20221 fireproof field and water resistant box with key lock 0. 28 cubic ft

sentrysafe hearth protection is ul classified to protect your most essential files and valuables for as much as 1/2 hour at 1550˚f (843˚c).

sentrysafe water safety is etl established to shield your precious gadgets from flood harm for up to 72 hours of submersion.


basic privateness safety with stepped forward select resistance. Followed by way of a spare for comfort.

in-lid organizer is meant for documents, small valuables, or media files which you need to access quick. This garage section makes these items with ease to be had.

transportable secure ensures you are capable of effortlessly grab your vital objects within the event of an emergency state of affairs.

product description

designed with you in mind, the sentrysafe chw20221 fireproof safe and water resistant secure presents safety against sudden fireplace and water harm to preserve your irreplaceable gadgets intact. The chw20121 additionally offers etl validated virtual media safety, and a carrying manage for smooth transportation of your valuables.


Box, Box + Shredder


Built-In Straps, Interior Light

8 reviews for 0C11LPP6A5P391 Sentrysafe chw20221 fireproof box and water resistant container with key lock zero. 28 cubic ft, charcoal grey

  1. Amazon Customer

    SentrySafe Fire Safe, Waterproof Fire Resistant Chest, 0.28 Cubic Feet, Medium, CHW20221Dear Sentry, do better. Dear Amazon, don’t align with brands that make you and your customer service squad look bad.Safe #1 came with no lock. Initially laughable and made for a good “you won’t believe what happened” story!Safe #2 was sent after I complained about Safe #1. The top fell off the hinge same day I received replacement. I went from giggles to fury because I had to waste my time repackaging everything, printing return labels, hauling it away, explaining to Amazon’s customer service not once but three times what the issues were. And, when I asked if I could send customer service pics directly to them, Amazon customer service didn’t take me up on it.Welp, here they are for everyone to see.Read more

  2. Jennie Joiner

    After a water-related incident in my office, I decided I needed something to protect my valuables at home from potential fire or water damage. I am not worried about security as much as I am losing important and difficult-to-replace items such as my passport, property deeds, birth certificate, etc. I ordered this with this purpose in mind. I received the first one and loved the size. Thank goodness I tried the lock before I put any documents in it because once locked it didn’t re-open when I turned the key. The lid broke when I tried to open it, and I could see that the locking mechanism wasn’t turning when I turned the key. I sent back and requested another. Today I received the replacement and, once again, I tried the lock and, once locked, it didn’t unlock. I read and re-read the directions to ensure I wasn’t missing a step, and I’m not. It doesn’t work, so I am now returning the replacement. I’m very disappointed.Read more

  3. Grizzly Bear

    Does not allow for USA 8.5 X 11″ paper to lie flat. Will curl up edges on 2 sides of paper. Not well thought out in that respect. Purchased the medium 4.5″ deep, not much can be stored in that space. Thick case and feels solid, just needs to be a few more inches deeper and 1/2″ wider to accommodate pages to lay flat. For some might not matter. In my case, important docs and papers should not end up being curled. Poor design in that respect. Feels overpriced if it will not allow for common USA size as advertised and described.Read more

  4. Tom

    Upon initially receiving this safe I was very pleased. It was solid, roomy and fit my needs exactly. Then I dropped it. The lid was closed but it popped off easily and could not be replaced. Upon contacting the company, I was told that since it was dropped (from a height of three feet), they did not consider it a workmanship defect and therefore it was not eligible for replacement under the warranty. It seems like a nice product, just don’t drop it or try to deal with their customer service department.Read more

  5. Nataly13

    Handle rips right off the box under the box’s weight. I thought maybe it was disassembled from factory, so slid it back in and checked that all the plastic tabs were dovetailed together. Lifted the handle with it even locked, handle/lock mechanism rips right out of the box. Fail. Gonna buy a honeywell. Sentrysafe is garbage.Read more

  6. Daniel J Cott

    After two years of using this safe, today the lock mechanism got jammed and the safe would not open. It had been working well for the whole time I owned it while keeping my valuables safe (or so I thought). After calling customer service, I was told to stand on the safe and have someone use the key to see if that would help free up the locking mechanism. I was also told that this is not covered under warranty since my warrantee had expired (makes sense as it is over two years old) Unfortunately that did not work so I was resolved to taking the safe to a lock smith to have it opened (actually other than the cost it would have been pretty easy as the locksmith is on my block here in NYC). Prior to doing that, I pulled hard on the handle that closes the safe and it just popped open – saving me the trip and cost of a lock smith. Needless to say not good as it really didn’t take much to open this “safe”. The funny thing is I was able to put the plastic piece back and relock the safe just like new. I will be replacing this today with a safe that actually keeps my valuables secure like this was supposed to do. Shame on Sentry and Master Lock (their owners) for putting out such a shoddy product .Read more

  7. DEB

    Beware! This safe does not open easily. I was trapped and could not open this thing for two days. Needed contents and almost had to break in to it. I called Sentry and they said it was a common problem to have problems unlocking this safe. Told me to put weights on it overnight. Still could not open. After pounding and prying I got it open thank goodness. Returned it for a refund.Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    very surprised that sentry would send out a safe in this condition ( broken and not usable ) doesn’t close at all and handle is broken off and not re-installable . It should definitely not be labled a ‘ SAFE”Read more

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