0C11MV8C9Y1519 Amazon fundamentals 17. Three-inch hp laptop case bag, black, 1-%

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  • slim, compact case is ideal for wearing laptops as much as 17. Three-inches without the unnecessary bulk
  • accent storage wallet for portable mouse, ipod, cellular cellphone and pens
  • includes padded shoulder strap
  • inner dimensions: sixteen. Five” x 2. Three” x 12. 6″ (lxwxh)
  • external dimensions: 17. 5″ x 2. Nine” x 13. Five” (lxwxh)
  • slim, compact case is best for sporting laptops as much as 17. Three-inches with out the unnecessary bulk
  • accent storage pockets for portable mouse, ipod, cellular phone and pens
  • consists of padded shoulder strap
  • inner dimensions: 16. Five x 2. Three x 12. 6-inch

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Standing screen display size

17.3, Inches


Amazon, Basics



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Item Weight

1.1, pounds

Product Dimensions

17.1, x, 12.6, x, 2.8, inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

17.1, x, 12.6, x, 2.8, inches




Amazon, Basics



Date First Available

October, 22, 2014

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4.7, out, of, 5, stars, 15, 661, ratings, 4.7, out, of, 5, stars

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#7, in, Laptop, Messenger, &, Shoulder, Bags

8 reviews for 0C11MV8C9Y1519 Amazon fundamentals 17. Three-inch hp laptop case bag, black, 1-%

  1. Em

    Nice basic bag, I think the only thing I wish it had was a padded slot for the laptop to fit in. As it is, in the main compartment, there are 2 compartments made of a thinner fabric, so the laptop (or mine, anyway since it’s a bit wider than normal) has to go in the middle with your power cord and accessories next to it.Edit: So this bag didn’t last past 2 months. The shoulder pad thing on the strap started fraying and falling off after 1 month of use and the no padding inside really didn’t make me feel comfortable using to carry my laptop. I only ever carried the laptop in the bag, so I guess it can’t hold up to the weight of a laptop.Read more

  2. Sree

    One the worst purchase I made in Amazon. I regret buying this. Bought this for a family member who had purchased new laptop and was leaving out of the country. The bag came on the day of leaving. As they were walking out of security check the shoulder strap came off the laptop fell on the ground and the brand new laptop is broken (DVD not working, big dents). They are in a different country with a broken laptop and this crappy bag with no way to return the laptop or the bag. This was the only 17 in bag that was available on prime and now I know it’s a bad mistake. I hope no one would buy this and go through what we went through.Read more

  3. RWHPI

    This laptop case bag fits my wife’s 17 inch HP Lapotop computer perfectly — with room to spare. There’s plenty of room in the side pocket for the power cord, manuals, mouse and other accessories. The case is sturdy, has plenty of cushioning protection and zippered security protection, especially from the elements. It is very comparable to 2 of the “pricey” case bags that we already own. Amazon Basics will definitely be our choice for future purchases in this category.Read more

  4. J_Onyx

    I needed a case or paded sleeve to protect my Large 17.3″ Samsung View2 Tablet. From many years of experience I know one doesn’t need to pay $50 or more to protect & carry computing devices. I’ve never paid more than $14 for axquality phone, tablet or laptop case. Seemed like there is only one choice on Amazon for the very big View, a flimsy sleeve. Listing claims it fits the View2 but it doesn’t. Besides its junk. No padding. So I went creative. Measured my View2 & checked dimensions of fair priced cases. If seller honestly listed this case it would work. Seller is honest! This zipper, handles & shoulder strap case is PERFECT for the 17.3″ View2! Ample fit so no risk of zipper scratches, plenty of padding & enough room to spare for storage in the pockets. Great fit, quality make & for a fair price. Recomend this case.Read more

  5. JA

    A very marginal laptop case. It has plenty of room for a laptop computer and has fabric pockets you can put papers in to keep them out of the rain. End of what is good. On the negative side: it has virtually no cushioning so you probably don’t want to take it on a plane where it can wind up under the seat or especially in an overhead bin. You can’t use those interior pockets for storing mouse, backup drive, power supply, etc., because the thin fabric allows them to rub up against the laptop and everything gets scratched up. You can’t use the front pouch for your mouse, power supply, and backup hard drive because it doesn’t “pooch out” (you can put in one of those but not all three). So the advertisement “Accessory storage pockets for portable mouse, iPod, cell phone and pens” is simply not true. For a bag of this size it makes very poor use of space.Read more

  6. Reddog

    First off, my Dell 17 3000 laptop DID fit in the bag, and did not have to force/cram the laptop in to fit. I didn’t expect much for the very small amount paid (eighteen some odd dollars), so can’t say I was disappointed because what do you expect for that small price? In my case, I do not anticipate traveling with this laptop hardly at all or I would have purchased a much better bag/case. I just wanted to something to put the laptop in so the laptop wouldn’t gather dust, along with the very few times I might take it on trip. So I pretty much got what I expected.But, to possibly help others, I will provide the following information. Handles seems to be pretty “chintzy” like it would rip/break fairly easily after much use. Also, there wasn’t much padding all the way around. Zipper was the plastic type so wouldn’t take too much abuse I would think (maybe all zippers are like this? dunno). Fabric was…don’t know how to describe it. Not fabric, not leather of course, but again, I didn’t expect anything great. Durability, don’t know, haven’t had it long enough. Haven’t attached strap yet so can’t comment on it.One thing I dislike, and it is probably petty of me to gripe about it, is when inserting the laptop into the bag, the two internal dividers/pouches whatever they are, you have to use one hand to keep them separated while inserting the laptop.While this bag doesn’t provide much in the protection, it does provide a little.Read more

  7. Fabulous!

    Let me tell you: I’ve had this bag for 4 good years, don’t know why I waited to long to write a review but I guess it’s to y’alls advantage! Now you can get a legit review worth 4 years of use. Ok. First, this bag is sturdy and strong. The straps are strong and the bag overall is well made. It has a lot of space inside, with the main compartment and a smaller partition in the main part. On the outer side are two compartments, zipped and of good size each. So overall a good number of compartments other than the main laptop area.Now, the cons is that if you overfill it (like I did mine when I was traveling), the seam on the outer pocket came off and the bag now looks torn up. Despite this, I won’t give it less than 5 stars simply because it stood the test of time and use over the years I’ve used it. I’d recommend you get two laptop bags so you don’t overuse one.Read more

  8. Jen

    Be aware that the strap on this bag can get bound up and unhook causing the bag to fall from your shoulder. This has now happened to me twice and one laptop has been damaged do to this poor design. Its a nice bag beside the poor quality of the over the shoulder carry strap.Read more

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