0C11N50OGET820 Eros by means of versace mini edt . Sixteen oz. (men)

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versace is launching a new perfume for guys – eros stimulated by and deeply related with greek mythology. The goal of this version is to show and release unrestrained ardour and to intensify preference. The perfume become named after greek god of affection and son of goddess aphrodite – eros. Concept with the aid of historic greece has lasted because the time whilst gianni versace raised his style empire and took goddess medusa as symbol of the brand to beautify numerous products of the residence, amongst them also the new flacon of guys’s perfume eros. The brand new fragrance eros is the primary inside the past five years to be released and aimed at men. Donatella versace’s desire turned into to in shape the perfume into the idea of the versace emblem and to depict fashion and importance of lengthy-lasting design, quality and recognition. “eros is surely the dna of the residence of versace” – explains donatella. “we have a greek reason making us consider historical greece, antiquities and mythology, whilst turquoise shade represents the mediterranean. This is versace!” eros become created via aurelien guichard of givaudan and it become introduced as clean, woody and barely oriental. The fragrance includes mint oil mixed with green apple and italian lemon. Warmth is supplied via tonka combined with venezuelan ambroxan and geranium flowers giving a fougere twist to the fragrance this manner.

8 reviews for 0C11N50OGET820 Eros by means of versace mini edt . Sixteen oz. (men)

  1. Customer 101

    Please read description, cause I didn’t & when I received it I thought for sure it would be a bit bigger. Lol. Very small, but smells great. Keep in mind that it won’t last long. Lol. Also, it’s not spray cologne.. it’s the kind you dab on you.Read more

  2. Keith James B

    Super small. Great for travel but don’t expect it to have very much.Read more

  3. JMG0726

    I bought this which is basically a trial size and I love the scent. I always get lots of compliments when I wear it. My girlfriend goes crazy for it, if you know what I mean. Lol After the positive responses I went ahead and bought a bigger bottle. Just be careful because it’s very potent and it does last a long time.Read more

  4. August_Rain

    The bottle is so tiny dont really realize how tiny it is in the picture. Should be placed next to something for refrence. The smell is great I will definitely buy a bigger bottle. I guess it’s your decision to pay for a sample before you purchase a bigger bottle.Read more

  5. Kelevra

    The ladies will be sniffing you all night longRead more

  6. Summer

    Perfect for any occasion and light. Inoffensive. My husband loves!Read more

  7. PSCO2007

    This bottle only gave 3 small applications, which meant it was costing over $3.00 per.I went to Macy’s and tested it there and purchased it there.This will give me a much better test and they will refund if I’m not satisfied.Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    perfect for travel. exact same scent and potency as my retail full size bottle.Read more

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