0C11WJNAWR9888 Amazon basics rolling bag computer laptop case with wheels

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  • make sure this fits
  • via coming into your model wide variety.
  • rolling laptop case designed for on-the-cross professionals
  • smooth-get right of entry to the front pocket with booths for smaller gadgets like pens, notepads, and enterprise playing cards
  • designed to protect laptops with up to 15. 6 inch screens
  • light-weight but strong layout
  • fits beneath airplane seats
  • adjustable push-button locking take care of with quick-rolling wheels

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Laptop Case, Laptop Case + File Folder

4 reviews for 0C11WJNAWR9888 Amazon basics rolling bag computer laptop case with wheels

  1. Desiree L.

    Perfect for me. I am a nursing student and have tons of books to carry around. I was a little reluctant of getting a rolling case, but after the first week of school, I learned my lesson and began the search for a rolling case. I had already dropped an arm and a leg this first week of school on other supplies/books/scrubs etc., that I was searching for a DEAL. (Amazon got tons of business from me) I was worried about compromising quality, but then I fell across this bag!After reading the reviews, I was more reluctant since most people were complaining about no padding where the pull bars are, not much padding through out the bag, but after receiving the bag, my worries flew out the window! The bag is better quality than expected and is holding up great. There is no padding against the arm pulley, but there is a covering which is fine. Most carryon bags have this type of style where just a fabric covers the metal on the inside of the bag. You probably are not toting around antiques that are fragile, so that should not be of grave concern.The section in the back is large enough to fit books or say an outfit if you are doing overnight travel and some toiletries. There is another compartment that has a divider in it, in which you could put a lap top on the front end of the divider and some files behind it. Then there is the small area in the front that you can store pens, phone and other miscellaneous items. I put my keys, wallet, sunglasses, medicines, lip gloss and hand lotion in the front pocket, MacBook in the computer storage area along with my Beats by Dre headphones and in the third compartment (closest to the arm pulley) is where I can stash 2 large books and 2: 1″ binders, a medical dictionary, my stethoscope and my lab coat if I take it off. I would say that is quite the arsenal.The material is thick and sturdy, the arm pulley is super long, so I’m sure thats a plus for taller men/women. I am very pleased with the sturdiness of this bag along with it’s simplicity and price!! I also love that you can hide the pulley when not in use by zipping it closed in. I use the bag 5 days a week, every week. I roll through parking lots and through the campus, so I would say it gets regular/daily usage. I am only giving this item 4 stars, because I wish it had a longer strap for over the shoulder for instances when I would not roll it, or if I felt like carrying it would be easier. You only have the two shorter handles. Other than that, I am very very pleased with the item I received for the price I paid. If this were to wear out within a year – which is realistic b/c it isnt a $300 rolling computer bag — then I would definitely replace it with the same bag.Read more

  2. Shymom96

    Purchased this bag really for the cost. Reading other reviews AFTER I made the purchase I was leery of it’s usefulness.To my surprise it is well made. The material on outside is durable, stitching looks fine. I have a 17″ Lenovo Laptop. I was afraid the laptop would not fit as many complained of that but mine fits perfectly. I have room for my extra USB drives, travel mouse, cords, external dvd drive and my documents/craft materials. I do have to be careful not to over pack. While this model may not be for the student who needs to carry 3 or 4 books to and from class as well as binders and laptop or a serious flyer. It works just fine for every moving laptop to and from work with a few files. I give it 4 stars because the handle could be sturdier but for something under $40, totally worth it.Read more

  3. fobster

    Update after 18 months: The bag is still going strong. I thought it would only last maybe 6 months but I am happy that I am wrong. I would say that the wheels have normal wear and tear, the handle does not move as smoothly, and the bottom is scratched up pretty good. But nothing is exposed and all the stitches held up. I have not been especially careful with it either. Just normal use and I didn’t think much about caring for it. I usually carry about 15~30 lbs of stuff (laptops, pens, files) with me so I feel that I am putting it up to the test. For $40 bucks, you can’t go wrong with this bag. I expect it to last another 6~12 months easily.————————————————————————Original Review:Order it Wednesday night and was at my door before noon on Friday. Amazon, you did it again!So a little bit of background info. I am more or less a traveling salesperson. Besides a 16′ laptop, I also carry a secondary screen that’s about the same size and just as heavy. Padfolio for notes, give away pens, my files, client files and basically bring my office with me. I hurt my shoulder so using my shoulder carry bag was starting to be really painful. I needed something that I can wheel around while my shoulder rest. I figured that at this price, this is disposable if it ends up to be a crap bag. So far, first impressions are positive.— Overall Size —It’s just a bit thicker than my normal shoulder carry bag and just a bit taller. I say the empty weight is about 3~5 lbs and it’s pretty much in line with a shoulder carry— Storage Space —Roomy. The first section (the small front pouch) can be opened pretty wide. you can see that in the pictures. I used a dollar bill so you can get some perspective. However, the little divider sections in the pouch are kind of a joke. I wish they would have made less section and make the pockets in there bigger.The midsection has a dedicated space for a laptop. Fit my 16-inch laptop and additional screen fine. Nice touch by adding padding at the bottom of that portion. I think it will offer some minor protection if you drop it a little. DIdn’t do a drop test tough. There is additional space for my padfolio and files right next to the laptop section. It’s pretty big. However, it shares space with the 3rd section of the bag. See picturesThe third section is where the handle is located. I took a picture on the top of that section when the handle has been retracted and zipped. You can see it bulging quite a bit. Kind of weird to look at. But I don’t expect to ever put the handle away so it’s not a big deal. But just wanted to point it out. I need this to function, not to look pristine. There is some additional space here but the funny part is that the divider “wall” between sections 2 & 3 is not sowed all the way to the bottom. So if you place something small in there, it could easily be rolled to section 2 of the bag. Not sure why they designed it this way. But not a deal-breaker for me since I plan to keep folders in that section. But if you carry a lot of small parts and need to keep organized, I would put them in ziplock bags beforehand.— Mechanics & Material—Solid. The outer shell seems sturdy, wheels roll fine and the handle is nice. As for the handle, when pulled out at full length, it comes up to my belly button and I’m a bit over 5’8. Wheeling it was quite comfortable. Haven’t load it up completely yet but the dry runs feel decent. The wheels do take up a very small amount of space in section 3 of the bag. However, your contents are protected by a piece of hard plastic between the wheel and the bag so I don’t expect any damage to your things. There is just a thin fabric between the bag and the handle arm that extends inside the bag to the bottom. I would watch it if you are going to carry delicate items.Lastly, I would say the price. At $35 bucks, I consider this bag to be disposable. Not that I have $35 dollars to throw down the drain but I feel that it is offering quite a bit of value. I was concern about other reviewing talking about the wheel not lasting as long. However, since my trips are mostly around parking lots and office buildings, I figured that I can take that chance. I will update if the wheel fails for the light amount to “towing” I would be doing. That would be a pretty major fail if it can survive trips around a parking lot. Time will tell.Read more

  4. arecf

    I replaced a worn out Samsonite rolling computer bag (retailed for $200-300) with this Amazon Basics rolling computer bag. The Amazon bag functions at least as well, and perhaps a bit better. I like the Amazon bag for multiple reasons:1. Sufficient capacity for my Dell Latitude with a 15.6″ display screen and a huge number of it’s accessories (portfolio binder, pens, business cards, small AC adapter, mouse, external keyboard (mini), Wi-Fi range extender, Ethernet cable, presentation tool, cable lock, …), a n inch or two stack of documents, umbrella , flashlight, etc.2. Lightweight3. Smaller outside than the Samsonite, but seems to have just as much capacity4. Wheels are very quiet when rolling5 Quality6. PriceRead more

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