0C11YQ5JSDR725 Qishare 10 11″ eleven. 6″ 11. 6-inch 12 inch black multi-useful business briefcase/messenger case with deal with and sporting strap for macbook air 11”, hp move eleven(black, 11. 6-12”)

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11.6-12", 13.3-14", 15.6-16"


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3 reviews for 0C11YQ5JSDR725 Qishare 10 11″ eleven. 6″ 11. 6-inch 12 inch black multi-useful business briefcase/messenger case with deal with and sporting strap for macbook air 11”, hp move eleven(black, 11. 6-12”)

  1. Marialg

    I tend to prefer a more compact computer bag which fits just the essentials (charging cord, a few writing utensils, etc.), offers protection for my electronic investment, and is kind to my shoulder. This well-padded compact bag fits my 13″ MacBook Pro with hard shell case very well. The fit is snug, but I still have room to put a few papers in with the computer. Zippered pocket fits pens, phone, charging cable. Outside pockets fit my computer cord. Smaller papers or a small notebook could fit in this area, too. The bag has a baggage band which attaches over a luggage handle and makes for hands-free transport. I’ve had the bag for a few months and it has held up well. I would love to give it more stars, but it’s downfall is the Velcro enclosures on the outer pockets. Over time the pockets have sagged a bit and the Velcro does not always seal well. As a result, my clothes often catch resulting in several snagged shirts, sweaters, and pants. I don’t carry more than the charging cable in the pocket (the way many customers appear to do), but the weight of the cord is just heavy enough to pull the material down. If I could lighten my load any more, I would, but my charging cord is something I consider essential! Hoping some re-design is considered for an otherwise nice bag.UPDATE:Shortly after posting my review, I was pleasantly surprised with a response by the company offering an exchange or full refund for my purchase. They also sent a link to a new bag they felt might fit my needs even better. Though it looked to be a very nice bag, it did not have some of the features that drew me to my original purchase. The issue for me is still the velcro design (the way the straps are attached to the bag – on alternating sides – and the fact that the normal weight of the 13″ Macbook Pro charger coupled with the strap design pull slightly on the material lining the pockets.) The sometimes uneven closure catches my clothing. If you’re just using the handles and forgoing the strap, you probably won’t have a problem. The construction of the bag is really very good and you’ll be hard pressed to find a bag with as nice a padded inside for the price. Personally, I thought my purchase in gray looked very professional. Based on the company’s stellar customer service, I’m upping my review by 2 stars. I’d recommend trying the bag if you are on the fence about whether or not it will work. From my experience, I feel certain you will be working with a company that stands behind their products and the satisfaction of their customers. Rare these days.Read more

  2. Phillippia

    I bought this case to carry my Chromebook in. I have a budget Chromebook that feels a little flimsy, so I wanted to protect it as much as I can. I like this case! It is a beautiful gray case that has a removeable shoulder strap and handles that can be tucked away. The inside has a small amount of padding and is a smooth white material. I do not worry about any of my equipment getting scratched up while it is in there. It has plenty of room for a 11″-12″ laptop, tablet or Chromebook. I sometimes put my keys or Chromebook wall charger in the side pocket…when that pocket is occupied it definitely noticeable because it creates a little bulge on the side of the case. This is a thin case so you will not be able to put a textbook in beside your laptop without stressing the seams of this case or damaging your laptop. I did put a small notebook in the main compartment from time to time this semester. It was able to accomodate the 3 subject notebook, Chromebook, cell phone (side pocket) and my big bunch of keys (side pocket). Just remember this is a thin case so the more you put in the side pockets, the less you can put inside and vice versa. One affects the other. Also, I would not recommend that this be used as a “briefcase” or for a heavy laptop…I believe constantly lugging this around with heavy books or equipment would drastically reduce its’ durability.For the price, you can not go wrong. It is very stylish and modern looking. It has held up fine for me with weekly use going to class this summer. No holes, snags or unraveling threads yet. There is a little pilling on the inside fabric, but I believe that it came to me that way…no new pills of fabric, though. I think that as long as I do not abuse it, it will hold up for some time. I would buy this again and I would recommend it to others that are in need of a light-duty, stylish laptop bag.Read more

  3. DM

    I am SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY I found this bag!I know it sounds silly to go on about a bag, but when you’ve spent a small fortune on your equipment, the first thing you want to do is protect it, and when it works the way you want it to, well, that’s just the icing on the cake.I’m literally ecstatic.I bought and returned 4 different bags before I found this perfect gem.Thanks to a lot of positive & honest reviews, & extensive research on my part, I finally decided on this bag.Unfortunately the 1st Qishare bag was too small, which was my fault.With Amazons’ amazing return policy, I was able to return it & buy the right size for my needs.On to the bag.The outside is a tightly knit poly blend, canvas-ish material.However, the inside is what absolutely “got me at hello”, (I know totally cheesy) sold me.Believe it or not, it’s got 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick memory foam to tenderly cocoon itself around your precious goodies.Plus the bottom is also padded, which is quite important, and was something I had a really difficult time in finding.It’s got the hideable handles, the detachable over the shoulder strap, aaaaaand, 3 exterior compartments…1 with a zipper closure, and 2 with a velcro closure. Total BONUS!More info in a bit.Read more

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