0C11Z27MX7L767 Bag alternative shoulder strap perfect for duffle baggage, pc baggage, briefcases, digital camera bags, messenger luggage, diaper bags & greater – black through get bats out

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8 reviews for 0C11Z27MX7L767 Bag alternative shoulder strap perfect for duffle baggage, pc baggage, briefcases, digital camera bags, messenger luggage, diaper bags & greater – black through get bats out

  1. BeeZ33

    After 1 day the clip slipped out of its socket. The clip can slip in and out of the socket very easily, making this shoulder strap useless…..Read more

  2. Now, Solar

    Problem 1) Less than 30-days into its use, the swivel clasp separated from metal loop while I was walking. Fortunately, I caught the bag before it hit pavement avoiding a potential lap top damaging event!Problem 2) The strap twists in the “pad” which is a nuisance. “Pad” is a bit of a misnomer, as the actual padding is minuscule.This strap may be adequate for light use, but if your brief case, messenger bag, duffle bag, etc. has any weight, you might look for a more substantial strap.Read more

  3. Walker

    EDIT: After posting this comment, the seller promptly contacted me and ensured that I get a new strap as well as a refund. The new strap works great. The seller thought that there may have been a bad batch of straps from the manufacturer.I’m not one to write reviews often, but I would be doing potential buyers a disservice by not commenting here. I bought a cheap laptop bag (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012ZMJ5K6?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00) on Amazon a few months and the strap proceeded to break. Now, the laptop I carry in it is probably 5.5 pounds or so. This strap looks significantly sturdier, but somehow managed to break within the first 20 minutes of using it. The metal clip popped out of the metal joint. This strap seems to have served many people well, but there is my experience.Read more

  4. D0UG

    After 7 weeks of use, the clip swivel broke. My bag weighs a little less than 9 pounds which is the lightest I have ever carried so there is nothing I did to cause it to break. The shoulder pad is very lightly cushioned but not enough to not feel the strap through it. Besides breaking, my biggest complaint is the vinyl pad is so slick it was always sliding off my shoulder. A soft rubber pad like came on my Hewlett-Packard laptop case would be much better. I would gladly pay $20 for another strap like that one. Very disappointed in this strap though.Read more

  5. David M. Noonan

    Purchased this in December of 2015. The strap itself was just fine; however, the metal clip failed without any warning. Luckily, the contents of my computer case was fine after hitting the floor.Edit: Shortly after my review above, the seller contacted me and offered a full refund along with a replacement strap. The replacement strap is working just fine. While I am disappointed that the original strap did not last longer, I am happy to report that the seller followed up and made things right. This is the type of customer service that all consumers are looking for. (Rating changed from 2 to 4 stars)2nd Edit: After only 4 months with the replacement strap, the metal clasp became detached from the strap. What’s the use of advertising a heavy-duty strap when the metal clasps are of inferior quality? (Rating changed from 4 to 2 stars)Read more

  6. Betsy Dillon

    This strap was going to be used for a guitar case. The clasps messed up right off, then one of them broke. My initial thinking was that it may be able to be used for something small but not for anything very heavy. I went and bought 2 heavy duty clasps and put them on this strap to make it work with the guitar case. I was contacted by the company wanting to make things right, which I admire very much!! I decided, instead of sending the strap back and them replacing it due to it possibly having defective clasps, to keep the strap and continue using it with new clasps. The strap is working great now and due to me having to buy new clasps and all the trouble I had with it, they are going to reimburse me for it, that is why I said I highly recommend this company! They seem to care more about customer satisfaction than just making money! Thank you, Get Bats Out you are AWESOME!!!Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    The clasps on this strap are not heavy duty. I bought this for my husband to use on one of his tool bags. His work mandates that tool bags have to weigh below 40lbs. So, the load was not that heavy. He put it on the bag, took “four steps” and the clasp on the strap broke spilling tools on the ground.Read more

  8. Jeff Riggs

    I like the strap,ordered a few of em.I use em for my fanny pack.I put key rings on both ends of my pack,and strap it over my shoulder.I have my phone in there,and eye glasses,even put my mp3 player in it.I am able to carry it around with me,instead of trying to strap it around my waist all the time which can be an inconvenience.It works fine for me,because I’m scare of putting my phone on my side.I have loss several that way.Its cool.I needed it.Read more

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