0C1271KC8JT558 National geographic destroy open 10 top class geodes – includes goggles, distinctive learning manual & 2 display stands – fantastic stem technology gift for mineralogy & geology enthusiasts of any age

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  • find out crystal treasure – damage open these rocks to show fantastic crystals inside! Geology doesn’t get more interesting than breaking open rocks and locating crystal treasures. A outstanding stem activity that also makes an excellent present for women and boys!
  • colourful range – geodes can form with a wide sort of crystals internal. These geodes had been hand-decided on to bring you the first-class variety to be had.
  • a hundred% herbal geodes – these real specimens can be as huge as a tennis ball, or as small as a ping-pong ball. Youngsters will love the joys of cracking them open to peer the herbal beauty inside. This stem interest emphasizes fun and discovery!
  • sixteen page full-colour gaining knowledge of manual – you’ll examine all about the captivating technology at the back of how geodes are shaped in the designated, full-coloration getting to know guide. National geographic academic toys make science and studying fun, and are the appropriate stem presents for boys and girls!
  • delight assured – the countrywide geographic stem collection affords children amazing instructional toys which are a whole lot of amusing! In case your revel in is something much less than wonderful, allow us to know so we are able to make it proper for you.
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discover crystal treasure!

geology doesn’t get greater interesting than breaking open rocks and finding crystal treasures! Geodes can shape with a spread of crystals inside and country wide geographic strives to deliver you the first-rate range available.

this earth technology package presents a arms-on technology test that you and your kids are assured to love.

this technological know-how package consists of:

  • 10 incredible crystal stuffed geodes
  • 1 set safety goggles
  • three display stands
  • 1 complete-colour learning guide
  • this is a super interest for lively boys and ladies! The covered display stands are best for showcasing the crystals you find and beginning a rock series, at the same time as the getting to know manual will teach you a lot awesome information about geodes!

    national geographic toys makes the highest best fingers-on science toys, and all merchandise are sponsored by using top notch provider.

    about the national geographic society: with a assignment to inspire people to care about the planet, the national geographic society is one of the world’s biggest nonprofit clinical and academic agencies. National geographic’s net proceeds aid critical exploration, conservation, research, and training applications.


    10 Geodes Kit, 2 Geodes Kit, 4 Geodes Kit

    8 reviews for 0C1271KC8JT558 National geographic destroy open 10 top class geodes – includes goggles, distinctive learning manual & 2 display stands – fantastic stem technology gift for mineralogy & geology enthusiasts of any age

    1. Wendy E. Stallings

      These geodes are natural, not a manufactured product (and not cement as another reviewer claimed), so expect some variation. Because they are real, no one can look inside ahead of time and make sure all ten geodes will be spectacular when opened. I didn’t get any with beautiful colored crystals inside, but most were hollow with interesting crystals. Only one was not quite hollow, but it had a swirl of pale blue agate inside of it, so we were pleased. My thirteen year old son and I used a regular old claw hammer and had no trouble opening any of them, although read the instructions carefully!! Some of them are actually pretty fragile and will dissolve into a pile of sand if you whack too hard to start. We also used a chisel with some of them to try to achieve an even split, as the instructions suggested. We did this outside on the pavement as it does make a small mess (easily swept away). I am only giving four stars instead of five because unless you have a portable vice (or are willing to pound geodes in your workshop), one person does have to hold the geode (and chisel) in place while the other person swings the hammer. It’s inherently hazardous. I was the “holder” while my son wielded the hammer. Luckily, I still have all my fingers and some nice geodes to boot.Read more

    2. DNA

      Let me start off with what I liked about this:I have sampled a few other geode-breaking brands and a lot of them were very hard to crack. Usually ones that are harder to crack are mostly rock and less cavelike crystal space. Only one of the rocks in this lot was hard to break, and that was because it was completely solid crystal. I’m not too upset about it because that’s just the nature of geodes- sometimes you get a rock. 9/10 geodes is good enough for me.Now, a problem is that even though there were many decent sized geodes, there were two that were pretty small. One was extremely small and seemed to have been under 1.5 inches in diameter.Another thing is that about 6 of them were the same type of rock and looked exactly the same inside. I wasn’t expecting a hand-picked assortment, but when over half of them are the same rock despite the varieties that exist, it seems a bit odd. Maybe I just got a bad lot.But even still, the quality and overall easy-opening of these geodes compared to the other brands I’ve bought will keep me coming back for more every time I decide to start a new craft project.Read more

    3. Nana

      almost every geode was white. I paid more for these because they were listed as having a variety of different colored Geodes.Read more

    4. CozyHome

      Kids were very excited to embark on the geode cracking adventure, but it fell wayyyy flat. We spent a million years trying to get them open only to have many turn out to be solid rocks and/or become completely smashed when we finally did get them open. The kids were bored by the amount of effort and time it was taking. Would have all paid off if we ever found anything interesting on the insides, but nope. We got the same white/clear ones over and over. They were such a boring color and so muted the kids didn’t even feel like they were real geodes. I feel like we got ripped off. What they are selling is definitely not what we got. We were all really excited to check these things out and now we’re all just bummed we had to miss out on a real geode experience. Wish I could return.Read more

    5. Brenda Wilhelm

      These geodes were so cool! We got this kit for my son on his 11th birthday and he was not dissapointed in the least! He easily smashed most of them with a hammer. Just 2 of the bigger ones required a chisel and a hammer. They are beautiful! We didn’t get a single dud!Read more

    6. R. Miller

      Purchased the geodes for my 7 year old’s birthday. She absolutely loved breaking them open, but I was pretty excited about it too! We opened a few at a time and let the whole family and a few friends open one. I guess we got lucky and all of the rocks were actual geodes… no duds. Only one of the rocks was somewhat solid, but it still was filled with crystals. There were two different types of geodes in the kit. All of the crystals were either white or light gray-purple-ish. Very pleasantly surprised and pleased!Read more

    7. B.grutza

      Opening the geodes was fun for everyone kids and adults. However, it is only receiving 3 stars due to the lack of more “cool” geodes in the mix. You can tell what style of rock is inside the geodes from their outsides. They were mostly quartz with only 3 other rock types in each bag. I bought 2 packs of them and it seems like they are 70% quartz geodes and then 3 special geodes(cooler formations/color etc.)Read more

    8. michelle costello

      I ordered this along with another company’s pack of geodes for a homeschool science lab.There was no comparison!This pack had HUGE geodes that were amazingly beautiful when the children broke them open. It was such a great way to end our lesson on volcanos and these geodes impressed on their minds the amazing power of our wonderful planet. Everyone was happy with their geodes and were especially happy to take home their newly acquired gems from the earth!Read more

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