0C12DH7B69N413 Urban dezire men’s leather vintage roll on computer backpack rucksack

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  • ensure this suits
  • by getting into your model quantity.
  • unique capabilities: a roll-pinnacle closure provides an fashionable appearance and adjustable internal extent. The interior is spacious sufficient for everything you’ll want to hold, with an inner pocket for small objects and valuables. An outside pocket gives greater garage, and clean get right of entry to for items like tickets, books or passports you may want in a rush
  • 2 massive inner compartment for wearing documents, mini computer’s, tab’s and many others with padding. 2 zipper booths for critical documents/paperwork etc.
  • internal canvas lining vintage leather-based wash leather softens and darkens with use handmade in india by using skilled crafts people
  • natural leather scent will go away within few days from the usage of this bag. Herbal leather-based smell will depart within few days from the usage of this bag.
  • length (in inches) – 14″(l), 18″(rolled) -(h)- 24″(open), four(w).
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product description

top layer leather-based

a goat commonly has first, 2d and third layer of leather-based, which may be used to make leather goods. The materials we use are the maximum durable first layer leather. The normal service life is at the least twelve months or maybe up to two to three years.

usage example

may be used as a backpack. It perfect bag for workplace college travel


11"(L), 16"(Rolled) -(H)- 21"(Open), 4(W), 14"(L), 18"(Rolled) -(H)- 24"(Open), 4(W)



6 reviews for 0C12DH7B69N413 Urban dezire men’s leather vintage roll on computer backpack rucksack

  1. Ritesh Patil

    At first I was worried about the quality but had me surprised by the quality of the leather and how well it was finished. Looks and feels expensive.The only thing I am worried about is how well the stitching on the straps would hold the weight for I need to carry some heavy books and laptop as a graduate student.Will keep it updated.Read more

  2. Kindle Customer

    Well stitched with a simple and effective design! Solid, authentic buckles and none of those snaps and clasps velcro bull***t so I know my things will be secure while traveling. True craftsmanship! The straps are thick and comfortable, with a wide adjustment range for people of all sizes (I’m a 5’6″ female~), and the best part about the bag is how much space it offers!! The leather is a rich cognac color, and I know people have complained about the smell but to me it smells like authentic, genuine leather – if it didn’t have a fragrance I wouldn’t trust the quality of the product!! I bought some mink oil in advance, and the pictures are after I worked some into the leather (conditions and waterproofs it). Definitely will take some breaking into, but the quality of the product indicates that it will last me for years to come. Plus it is SO BEAUTIFUL and looks easily like a $200 bag:)Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    If you can get over the stronger than usual leather smell at the beginning it is a pretty unique backpack. If anyone knows about the hide tanning process you will know why. I got it to hold a 17″ laptop and 11×17 in clip board and it works great. I did add some foam padding to increase protection something I have done to other bags with good luck.To kill the smell that will take a little time and to accelerate a little elbow grease and a 24hr baking soda dust bath in a large trash bag. That really helped with the smell inside the bag. Then i used a leather conditioner. After theses steps the smell was a little stronger than newly purchased normal retail leather.I think this leather smell will be strong for months without some intervention. I give it 5 stars because it is what i needed and it look like it will perform great compared to the cost.Read more

  4. Angie’s Candy

    I almost didn’t buy this bag after reading the reviews… I read so many juxtapositions that I didn’t know which way to go… I was so in love with the style I was hell bent on taking the chance… so I did… it’s PERFECT!!! The smell is leathery and new, I wasn’t put off at all like the previous reviewers had mentioned… it’s spacious and it offsets weight with the broad sturdy straps… Super happy customer… a great buy… delivered timely… packaged neatly like the prize it is…Read more

  5. Eugene R Hall

    Bag itself is made from solid leather and a type of canvas inside. Looks really nice. The straps on the one I received was several inches longer then the one in the pictures. I had to punch holes in it to make it strap shut.The buckles are nice but not the best quality, they do the job as long as you get the tension right when you buckle. The buckles also had a sticky substance on them. I am guessing it was some kinda coating to protect it for storing the bag. The canvas material inside of the bag seems bonded to the leather well. The zippers for the inside pouches are very cheaply made. I would not rely on them. If you flex the bag parts of the zipper come open. The roll down top if you don’t have the tension on the straps right will tighten down the roll to much or not enough. You will have to take time to adjust for what you have in it or it will not roll right. I purchased this to wear with my renaissance festival outfit so the flaws in the bag was fine with me. I was able to place a two litter camel pack in it with room for a few other items. The camel pack does take up about half of the inside space. The way it was wrapped in the plastic for shipping did cause a few wear marks on the bag. It was not so bad it would bother me considering I am going to be wearing it outside to festivals. I did not have any problems of chemical smells some people mention from other sellers or bags. It smelled like leather but not overwhelmingly so. For what I am using it for it works great. I think the price is ok considering the actual material the bag is made from.Read more

  6. Ryan

    I like the bag a lot it looks great. It does have a pretty strong smell, but honestly I love that leather smell. Smells like quality! I’m giving it 4 stars just because the shoulder straps are placed a little bit wider than I expected. Maybe I just don’t have as broad of shoulders as the designers intended but I keep wanting to pull the straps a bit more toward the middle. Really a small thing though. Great bag. Looks just like it is advertised.Read more

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