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an excellent associate to your university workplace and other use – made with palms actual leather messenger bag going office or university need something to carry all your essentials like pc , documents , folder and belonging and to hold them at one location our leather pc bag is perfect for all of your wishes. Length : sixteen” huge 12″ excessive 5″ deep color : brown material : genuine leather-based (goat conceal) protection : computer padding to preserve laptop safe. Unisex leather-based laptop bag messenger bag satchel in darkish brown. This original hand-crafted leather messenger bag or leather-based computer bag is created by means of best indian artisans with all the attention to detailing. The messenger bag is made from actual leather. You’ll acquire exactly identical bag as proven no foul scent because it comes in different goat leather bag. Word: the luggage have a mild leather-based smell that is because of packaging as soon as acquired please maintain it open for few hours and it will be geared up to use

7 reviews for 0C12DMHPLG7447 16 inch leather messenger bag shoulder guys computer briefcase vintage satchel

  1. ANerdInTheHand

    I actually love this bag. Which is good, because when it first arrived, I wasn’t sure that I would. It ships on a plastic bag, and when you open it up to take your messenger bag out, a really strong odor hits you right in the face. It’s not entirely pleasant. I also noticed that the bag was somewhat damp, so I figured the smell must have been oils or dye for the leather.So, I hung the bag up to air it out and that definitely made a big difference! Now it smells like a leather bag should.The construction quality seems to be really good, and I’m guessing this bag will last me a very long time. The color is a bit darker than the picture, but I actually like it better that way, so no worries there. It has a cool weathered look to it that I expect will only get better with actual age and use.Overall, I’m quite satisfied!Read more

  2. VPD

    From and Architects point of view…This is a great bag. Not too big and bulky, not too small and useless.. Just right…. Good Quality, nice stitching, good color and the interior space is divided well. I use mine for court binders (3″ max) and architectural drawing instruments, sketch paper, tablets, sketch pens, and oh yes.. water. The top flap works great to hold a 24″ long x medium set of rolled plans (they stick out on both ends but hey, it looks cool)Urban Dezire got it right with this bag… I Got it when they said I would, and exceeded what was advertised…Read more

  3. P. C.

    So far, I have not noted anything significant I dislike about the bag. It is a rather snug fit for my 15.6 inch laptop though; not even close to a deal breaker.Upon arrival, thoroughly treated bag with Bickmores Leather conditioner, let it dry and it buffed to a high sheen, very nice looking bag.I feel the bottom of the bag that supports weight of laptop, books etc., should be more rigid and heavier to provide more support. I took it upon myself to measure and cut a piece of half inch egg carton-like foam padding, then covered it with “Pleather” and fit it to the bottom of the bag. This turned out very well, provides padding and firm support to the bottom of laptop as well as protection against hard contact with floor in case of a drop.I like that it is all strap and buckle closures versus the snap type many similar bags use. The shoulder strap and hardware appear to be rugged enough to last a few years.Over all, I am happy with this bag and would recommend it to others.Read more

  4. Ron

    This leather bag is cool! It reminds me of the Indiana Jones movies. The quality is great and should hold up really well. It has a very nice leather smell that I really like, hopefully is does not go away? I originally wanted a larger 18 Inch bag but this one is plenty big enough as it is. I am currently carrying a 15″ MacBook, 12.6″ Windows laptop, a rain jacket, some papers, chargers and accessories and it could definitely fit other things in if needed. I researched these bags for awhile before I purchased this one. I definitely think I made the right call and remain satisfied with the purchase now, 3 months later.Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    The Case over all is a 3.5 Star. It could be a 5 star very easily but it contains a bit of Indian mentality that does not comport with American needs. The case to be a 5 star must be able to be adjusted to the body of the wearer, like a Base ball glove, Horse saddle or Shoes to be give the wearer any service. As the case is now, it is a like a sloppy untied shoe upon the foot. Although, a pretty work of leather it is uncomfortable, stressful and difficult to wear.GOOD FEATURES#1 Leather well oiled and color consistent. The Smell that many complain about is Wonderful Leather scent like a new Base Ball glove. I put in the shade for 2 days outside, and the order diminished. There is a nice double row stitching that gives it strength. Buckles are strong and straps easily are received. Strap hardware are on swivels which mate with a triangle opposed to a D-ring which keeps the strap always on centre. Great workmanship!#2 (4) zippered compartments that were a great surprise and of great utility. This is case is not just a leather sack but a multi compartment case able to keep contents well organized.#3 Inner compartment is divided into 3 parts by (2) dividers that are Cushioned which protects a computer. The main part is large enough to accommodate a 15.6 laptop snug but not tight. The (4) outer pocket compartments are very useful for pens, cards, and cell phone.BAD FEATURESSTRAP- Poorly Engineered. Flawed in (2) respects#1 It is made of two parts that are of Equal length. This causes the buckle to be on the shoulder. This causes it to bite, tear into and bind on the clothes, especial a leather jacket. On other cases the strap is made of Unequal parts so that the buckle lands around half way between the case and shoulder. (see photos for comparison with thinner old strap)#2 Not enough holes put in the strap to adjust it to be shorter so it can accommodate different carrying requirements, such as shoulder carry or over the head.Because of these flaws the case rides on the shortest setting just above the knee, Thus, causing the person’s gate to be disturbed and jerky. In crowds the case hits other people and bangs on the leg on the return swing.SAGGING – Lack of support backing under the carry handle. (see photos)When the carry handle is used the weight of the satchel pulls down in the middle of the weak flap under the handle and over the binding strap on the case. It needs an extra stiff backing under the handle the complete length of the flap, either wooden doll/plastic strip or steel rods between layers of leather.OVER FLAP TOO LONG- The flap does not fit on the top of the side walls at the tightest setting. The last hole on the flap strap brings the flap too far away from the side walls. Maybe 1.5 inches less and it would be a better fit and leave enough room for case expansion.Well worth the money! But be prepared to do some leather work on the case to have it become functional when wearing such as; putting in extra holes in the Strap and sewing in 3 wooden dolls/strip of plastic/metal with a leather cover strip about 3 inches wide under the flap to keep from sagging when hand carrying it.Read more

  6. A. Johnston

    The strong smell is the oil used to soften the leather – it does not bother me at all. I find this bag to be the perfect size for my 15 inch ThinkPad with room left over for books and other necessary items. Looks beautiful and feels old-school. One issue, you get what you pay for and this came in with the liner ripped in one section. Not a deal breaker, but it lost 2 out of 5 stars.Read more

  7. Bmoney2221

    I hope this bag is good, i have had it unwrapped in the garage for 2 days it is soooo smelly. the tanning dye or something, I have wiped it down, let is sit in front of fire place (it stunk up the whole house) it stat out on the back porch for a day. Still smells horrible. So I don’t know if I can keep this. It is on the back porch now airing out some more. if I bring it in the house it smells really bad. And no, this is not a “leather” smell. Wife says it smells like it was made from the finest dead rodent leather you can get. I really hope it air’s out. I’ll edit and add stars if the smell ever goes away.Read more

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