0C12FMF5VAX273 18 inch pc bag briefcase case suits as much as 18. 4 inches notebook laptop waterproof shockproof for men

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18.5, x, 14.4, x, 4, inches

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April, 21, 2016

8 reviews for 0C12FMF5VAX273 18 inch pc bag briefcase case suits as much as 18. 4 inches notebook laptop waterproof shockproof for men

  1. Trevor Solomon

    I bought this for my gaming laptop, it fit inside nice, looked nice and was comfortable on my shoulder when carrying it. I was happy with it until one morning on my way to work, the clip holding the shoulder strap snapped sending the case and my laptop to the ground. My $1000 laptop broke and the the repair bill to fix it was hundreds of dollars. I emailed the company about what happened and they never responded. The design for the should strap clips is poorly made so I do not recommend this case if you plan to use the shoulder strap.Read more

  2. NPNY Local

    I needed a giant bag for my beast of a gaming laptop. This one does the job beautifully. I use my laptop for work and not for gaming, so I needed something that could serve as both a purse and a laptop bag. There are plenty of pockets for all of my things, enough that I can devote certain pockets to certain vital items (for example, easy access to bus ticket and Metrocard without a purse’s-worth of junk in the way).It is HEAVY and bulky with the laptop in it. But the laptop itself is heavy and bulky. Also, it’s not a very sexy bag – it’s utilitarian and boring. Sadly, it’s not a magic bag that makes the giant laptop easier to carry by its suddenly-very-attractive bearer. However, it does a good job given the constraints of reality.The price point is right on for a bag of this quality. I am super-happy with this purchase.Read more

  3. D. Fincher

    I wanted a bag that would fit my Acer Predator G9 laptop, which is a 17 inch gaming laptop. The 18.4 inch bag does fit the laptop very well. I also wanted a bag that is water resistant. I have not tested just how water resistant it is, but I have confidence that it will do well in a light shower provided that I have my umbrella with me.There is a pocket in front of and behind the main laptop compartment. The opening is only as wide as the carrying handles. The two pockets are span the width and height of the bag. It is a shame that the opening to the pocket is so small because you can’t get a magazine or a file folder into the pockets, even though the pockets are big enough to fit those types of items. I guess the idea was that the top of the bag is stronger since the opening for the pockets are smaller. The third pocket, in the very front, with the little pockets that organize your smaller items is a bit lacking. There are three business card pockets, two pencil/pen slots, and a pocket that can fit a smaller phone (my Droid Turbo II does not fit). This phone pocket could hold a CD case, with half of the CD case sticking out. I was very tempted to dock a star off for the deficiencies of the pockets. However, I decided to only dock a star off for padding…The front and back of the laptop compartment is padded pretty nicely. I feel quite comfortable carrying my laptop in this case, except for one thing. The bottom of the case has almost no padding. There is a layer of the outer nylon mater. Then, there is a strip of padding about 3/4 wide (measured from the front of the bag to the back) that is underneath where the laptop goes. I can easily grab onto this strip with my finger and thumb. The chances of the laptop getting seated on top of this strip are basically nill. I think it’s laughable that this is what the manufacturer thought would be sufficient padding for a laptop that requires an 18.4 inch bag. So, I decided to add padding to the bottom of the bag.I purchased 3/4 inch pipe insulation and a high density 1/4 inch thick rubber padding for laminate floors. I cut the pipe insulation down to the length of the bag. Then, I cut the insulation in half, making two semi-circles. I put these side by side and taped them together, forming a sort of “m” shape. Then, I put a layer of the high density rubber padding over the top of the pipe insulation and taped the two together.The padding fits quite nicely in the bottom of the bag. When I put my laptop in the bag, it was tight. I had to learn the best way to handle the bag and the laptop in order to get the zipper to close. Basically, I push down on the laptop, squeezing the padding. Then I slip the front lip of the bag over the two corners of my laptop. So, at this point, one side of the zipper is over the laptop. As I continue pushing down on the laptop, it is now relatively easy to zip the zipper up on either side. Before I figured out this technique, I tried to just use force to zip the zipper up. Bad idea. The zipper is a fairly light duty zipper and can easily get misaligned. So, I ended up with a gap in the zipper, which made it hard to unzip. Then, some of the teeth were a little bent, causing two teeth to not want to interlock when zipping it up. So, I got in there with my finger nail and nudged the teeth back into position. The case zips up properly now. The zipper should not be this flimsy. It’s pretty sorry really.In the end, if one is careful with the zipper and adds padding to the bottom, then this is a pretty nice bag that I believe will protect a laptop. Since, my main concern was protecting the laptop and since my research indicated that all (or at least most) of the bags out there are lacking in bottom padding, I do recommend buying this bag. I would prefer to give it 3.5 stars. I feel that 3 stars might deter someone from buying a bag that really should be considered, so I’m giving four stars. But I am doing so… reluctantly…Read more

  4. S Jones

    It’s only for 18 inch laptop or tablet anything bigger it does not fit 18.4 does not work well at all it’s just good to use as a briefcase to put your things in maybe an apple or a Large tablet As long as it under 18 you will be fineRead more

  5. DaPope

    So I bought this case for my bigass 17in laptop that i had for over 2 years but never bought a bag for it. Now i wish that i bought this a long time ago. This thing is amazing, the materials on it is very solid, the cushion inside of it is very big and protective to your laptop. I think everyone with a big gaming laptop needs this for protection while caring. I believe it actuality can protect against very high falls, Still to test it yet lol.Ill do a water test soon and ill bring back the results after.If you have any question, just ask away and ill do my best to answer.Read more

  6. R. Nashville

    I have purchased and returned other laptop bags because they were either too large, too large, falling apart, not enough compartments, etc. This is perfect for my travel needs and holding my 17.3″ laptop. Though it is small enough to accomadate 15.6 laptops as well. I didn’t want a bag too large since I sometimes carry my laptop bag inside my larger travel bag when switching hotels so this fits nicely. I like to stay organized so the multiple compartments store different things such as my wiring, headphones, mouse, etc. Even if this wears out I will buy another as I am happy with this purchase.Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    The good things, nice protection for my 17” laptop, and everything fit. Good padding.Now for the bad. This was a little more money than the cheap ones out there and had pretty good reviews. As soon as I took it out of box and tried putting on the shoulder strap, the return spring broke In the latch. So I don’t use the shoulder strap now. Just a thought, why would you make a strap out of plastic? So because the manufacture wants to make a few more dollars profit, they cheap out on the most important safety feature of the bag by making the latch out of plastic.I didn’t try to return it, I was going on a trip and needed something to carry my laptop in. I would not recommend buying this cheaply made bag.Read more

  8. Trent

    I brought this bag with me on my deployment to the Middle East. At one point it was covered in sand. Not one grain of sand was found inside the bag. It has more pockets than you’ll know what to do with. I am very pleased with this bag. I have a 18.5inch laptop, it fits with plenty of room for possibly another inch or so.Read more

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