0C12LWLNHCF360 compact and hygienic lockable field for food, drugs and home protection size 12 x 8 x 6. 6 inches

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  • safe storage solution – our lockable garage box is the correct answer for storing something you need to hold locked up and out of clean reach. It may be used as a lockable medicinal drug container for prescription medication and drugs, as a fridge safe for treat ingredients like chocolate, sweet and soda or maybe to position your mobile cellphone in telephone prison while you want to cut down on excessive display time.
  • easy to use – reliability, ease of use and normal first-rate. The lockabox one is a coded lock field which has a stackable design and comes completely assembled and prepared to apply. Easy but durable, our lockabox has a flexible variety of uses because of its excessive pleasant and patented clam-shell shape. Simply place your items interior, set the code on the mixture lock field and place it in a cupboard or fridge.
  • excessive quality – with a strong clam-shell layout made out of hard plastic, your objects are kept secure within the locked garage field and it’s so smooth to use, just definitely set the code! The quality of this fridge lock field manner you may store groceries and deal with snacks properly inner at the specified temperature, and the plastic floor continues a hygienic and smooth surroundings.
  • adaptable in your needs – if you’re attempting to find a stackable lockable storage that grows along with your desires, then the lockabox one is a locked container measuring 2. 2 x 8. 3 x 6. 7 inches, and has a ability of over 10 liters, or 2. Eight gallons. This lockable box is small sufficient to fit smartly internal most refrigerators as a lockable fridge field, or in a cabinet as a medication lock container.
  • designed to remaining – manufactured within the united kingdom, the lockabox one is suitable for residential or industrial makes use of, with the high high-quality layout that means you can hold your gadgets secure for years. It could be used in houses, offices, clinical facilities, faculties, college campuses, care settings and more. The locked storage container comes with a 2-12 months warranty and 60-day returns as fashionable. *please notice lockabox one products are not suitable for valuables or high security packages. (see ‘essential statistics’)

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product description

lockabox is the garage logo for enhancing health and well-being.

easy, but effective our lockable storage boxes help you acquire your fitness desires, impact behaviour and sell more healthy behavior.

the compact and hygienic lockable garage container.

simple, but effective our lockable garage containers assist you attain your health desires and improve every day routines. Lockabox can assist impact behaviour and sell more healthy habits.

whether or not you want to regulate food consumption, ‘screen time’ or assist with the management of medication inside the domestic or place of work, lockabox allows you to locate this ‘satisfied medium’ thru a short and hassle free solution.

our compact and hygienic lockable boxes are precise in their design. Lockabox isn’t a lot approximately corporation however more approximately simple security in relation to storing each-day items.

locate reassurance with lockabox.

  • easy smooth polished surfaces for hygiene
  • lightweight and portable
  • excessive energy shatter resistant polycarbonate plastic
  • excellent 3 digit combination lock with easy use dials
  • appropriate for fridges & freezers (up to -80c)
  • rear cable port for charging electronics
  • ventilation slots permit contents to breath
  • interlocking stacking sockets
  • simple and minimalistic through its patented design, the lockabox one is perfect for the storage of maximum each day use items. No frills attached, the lockabox one is crafted from the very best great of meals and medical grade polycarbonate, making sure durability for normal use.

    compelling trends indicate the demand for adaptable lockable garage along side the crucial topic of safeguarding youngsters and adults in a mess of environments. With over 500 ninety five% positive evaluations on amazon on my own, we realize lockabox can help enhance important behaviours and behavior. For the little troubles in existence, lockabox creates confidence via duty and manipulate.

    lockabox in..

    a simple container with lock on your office desires. Keep stationary, net routers, tough drives, reminiscence sticks and mobile telephones at the same time as on price for clean get right of entry to with our 3-digit combination lock.

    a clear lockable box for cellular telephones and tablets, allowing students to be extra engaged of their training at the same time as presenting a stage of safety for personal belongings in the course of class.

    a compact lockable deal with box for the fridge, freezer or cupboard. Maintain lunch field snacks and chocolate treats out and sight and out of mind. Sell healthier way of life alternatives and encourage right conduct inside the home.

    a modernised medicine cabinet, crafted from clinical grade polycarbonate. Hygienic, smooth surfaces for first useful resource objects. Huge sufficient for pill dispensers, diabetic remedy, blister packs, prescription lotions and drugs.

    lockabox size guide

    lockabox one is designed to offer you a degree of protection on your personal goods and a deterrent to robbery in a social, domestic and expert surroundings. Lockabox one have to not be used to keep excessive cost items and ought to not be relied upon to prevent individuals decided to benefit get admission to with force. You are liable for items stored for your lockabox one so please use your lockabox one responsibly.

    around the scale of a large shoebox, the lockabox can shop most each day use objects. Adaptable, compact and light-weight you may pick out where you want to keep your lockabox. Lockabox also can be drilled or constant as required.

    our patented clam-shell design holds the key to its strength and hygiene, constant quality, our merchandise are suitable for commercial and regular use.

    outside dimensions: 12. 2 x 8. Three x 6. 7 inches

    inner dimensions: 11. 1 x 7. 6 x 6. 3 inches

    door commencing: 6. Nine x 6 inches

    new fashion of medication cabinet

    we’ve regarded the unmet need to save each day use gadgets mixed with a steady level of security and layout.

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    July, 26, 2019

    8 reviews for 0C12LWLNHCF360 compact and hygienic lockable field for food, drugs and home protection size 12 x 8 x 6. 6 inches

    1. Nerd Mom #11

      I love that this exists. My husband and I have been struggling for several years to find an effective way to control access to handheld devices while keeping the devices charged. This will improve our sanity, and it’s roomy enough for our Wii U, Nintendo Switch, two 3DS’s (not pictured), and two 7-in. tablets. The clear plastic lets us easily check what’s in there and also plug in the devices without pulling the cables all the way out.My ONLY complaint about it so far is that nearly all the holes for charging cables to slide through are just a hair too small for most of our cables. Thankfully, the one in the back-middle is slightly larger, so I have things going through there. If the other holes were even 1mm larger, this feature would be much more useful.I will absolutely be recommending this to my friends with children and handheld gaming devices.Now excuse me. My 6yo is begging for hints on what the combination may be, and I need to cackle at him. Mwahahaha!Read more

    2. desteny

      Seeing this on Facebook makes it definitely a must buy. Tired of people eating my food !Read more

    3. Polly

      My husband has both dementia and type 2 diabetes. If I buy things he loves at the grocery store, he will consume a week’s worth overnight, and his blood sugar level will spike. This is a nice roomy box that is clear and easy to use, but the simple 3-digit lock will allow me to moderate his consumption of treats.I had a bit of trouble opening the box the first time – the knob seemed to stick. The default code is 000. I wrote their support and got help immediately.Read more

    4. Alicia

      Overall the product is ok. The quality is fine. But I was surprised that the measurements are listed wrong. The box is smaller. And for these money it is kind of pricey. So, be aware.Read more

    5. Rami

      Having had enough of my condiments being taken at my workplace fridge, I bought this box and am so glad I did.It’s not big enough for many Tupperware containers, but smaller sized ones would fit, I’d guess. I didn’t buy it for that purpose, so I can’t say for sure.Though the door has a 3 digit combo lock to keep contents secure, nothing was going to stop someone from walking off with my box, so I used a simple luggage lock to secure it. The wire could technically be cut, but I doubt anyone would go to that trouble for some butter or dressing. HA! I’ve been using it for the last 2 months and am very pleased with it.Read more

    6. Coffee Bean

      For many years, my now husband has been asking me to lock up all my bread and sweets. He has a guilty sweet tooth and no self control, and that has gotten him in major trouble. Insert food safe lockbox with number lock. I love that I can deter him by such a simple device. I love that this box has a number lock so I can change it whenever I need to and I don’t need to carry around or hide a key. I love that it’s big enough to hold both bread and chocolate. I love that it’s clear so I can easily see what is inside without forgetting about things.The only con would be the size. It’s a decent size but could be bigger so it could fit more. It’s expensive yet has no options. I suggest the inventors provide options and different sizes. I probably will stick to only this 1 unless the price goes way down.Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      My husband keeps eating my diet food. He can’t now. 😂😂😂😂Read more

    8. F.W.

      I have four, that just magically showed up in my refrigerators and my pantry. My 21 y/o son hates these boxes. He doesn’t see the purpose of them. He said they are the worst things ever, which means, ………..I LOVE THEM!!! I put one in my refrigerator, for MY bacon, and my sandwich meat (that I buy), and leftovers, etc., I want to eat……one in my food pantry for MY smacks that I buy for myself…….and two in my garage refrigerator for MY gatorades and juices, that I buy for myself. Now, I notice my stuff isn’t magically disappearing anymore, and if he wants something, he has to ask me for it, instead of just taking it. I just ordered 2 more for my wife.As far as the box itself, the lock is easy to set and easy to change if need be. It’s about the size of a large lunch cooler, so, it can fit quite few items. It is clear plastic, and very well made. You will just have to clear a space on your shelf for it. It’s not a safe, so I imagine, if you were to take a hammer to it, one swing will crack it into pieces. But, in my house……that won’t happen.If you have the same problem as I did, of your food and snacks disappearing, you have to get one of these. No more leaving notes on food. No more hiding food in the vegetable crisper behind the onions. No more hiding snacks in your room. Did I mention my wife ask me to order two for her stuff as well.I was not paid for this advertisement…nor did I receive any discounts. My happiness is the only reason I left this review.Read more

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