0C12O32RIF4460 Kroser computer bag 15. 6 inch laptop briefcase pc messenger bag water repellent laptop case computer shoulder bag durable tablet sleeve with rfid pockets for enterprise/college/ladies/men-black/blue

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  • by way of getting into your version quantity.
  • material: water repellent canvas poly; size: 16. 5″x12″x5″.
  • rfid wallet: identification protection characteristic, protects date encoded on maximum ids, credit cards and passports.
  • luggage strap for solving the bag on the trolley of a bags. Removable padded shoulder strap with adjustable strengthened straps.
  • roomy compartment: most important compartment consists of a 15. 6″ tsa-pleasant padded laptop compartment, tablet pocket, and a couple of additional panel pockets, more than one extra sections for company. Front zippered compartment with organizational wallet for pens, keys, mobile telephone, and other items. Again compartment for files.
  • the extraordinary partner for college, college, commercial enterprise, and any other every day event. Realistic items for young adults, boys, women, friends, mother, father, him or her.

product description


  • object dimensions: sixteen. Five” x 12″ x five”;
  • weight: 2. 46lbs.
  • package blanketed

  • laptop bag*1
  • removable shoulder strap*1
  • high exceptional material

  • cozy handle grips to carry as a expert computer bag or attach the briefcase strap for max portability.
  • affords closing protection for your device against scratches and unintended bumps.
  • maximized employer & garage

  • convient storage answer for wearing a macbook, computer, notebook, ultrabook or chromebook up to 15. 6 inches and other objects even as operating.
  • the bag has adequate garage for your chargers, mouse, report, pen or phone.
  • rfid shielding for all not unusual frequencies. Continues your credit score cards secure from identification thieves. Defend your maximum ids, credit score playing cards and passports.

    built of water resistant fabric to ensure your computer and documents live dry during light rain or from accidental water spills.

    a bags strap lets in briefcase fit on baggage/suitcase. Best to be used as a flight bring-on bag.

    about us

  • kroser is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing computer bag, briefcases, backpacks, pc luggage for export more than 15 years. The great of our products is exactly controlled, we always provide a fantastically qualified products and work force at aggressive fees, hoping can deliver the patron first-class purchasing experience.
  • kroser product is professional manufacturing and sole promoting.
  • when you have any problems, pointers or worries. Please inform us, we can reply you inside 24 hours and resolve the issue as soon as feasible.
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    Black/Blue, Black/Red, Dark Blue/Grey

    7 reviews for 0C12O32RIF4460 Kroser computer bag 15. 6 inch laptop briefcase pc messenger bag water repellent laptop case computer shoulder bag durable tablet sleeve with rfid pockets for enterprise/college/ladies/men-black/blue

    1. Rachel

      Firstly, Let me just say that I LOVE this bag. Purchased this bag for an international business trip. It worked perfectly, fits well under Delta’s seats. The strap on the back to fit over a carry-on’s handle, which was a plus! Saved my shoulders from aching while running thru the airport to my flight.There are plenty of pockets to store everything you will need (laptop, folders, notebooks, cords, phone, headphones, books, etc.) Having the passport & card slots in the front pocket was another huge plus! They were easily accessible to grab and put things up without having to drop everything else I was carrying.If you’re looking for a good laptop bag with ample storage at a decent price, this is the bag for you!Read more

    2. Eric V.

      I have owned a TUMI soft briefcase for 20 years. It came with a lifetime warranty, which TUMI now refuses to honor. Ironically, I was all set to spend another $350 plus for a new TUMI bag as my old one looked very worn after all these years. But when I read how TUMI was reneging on the lifetime warranty, why would I pay that kind of money for a new TUMI bag with only five year warranty??I wasn’t going to – and neither should you.After searching a ton of bags on Amazon, I finally found this KROSER 15.6 inch laptop bag for $24. No, it’s not a TUMI, but it’s a really well designed and well made bag. The shoulder strap is actually superior to the TUMI, as it’s angled and doesn’t fall of your shoulder. I used it today for the first time and it worked great. It looks very professional as well.Time well tell as to it this bag holds up. Will it last 20 years like my TUMI did? No, it very likely won’t. But at least once I had to send my TUMI for repair under warranty. At this price, but three bags now, store two as backups, and don’t look back :-)Read more


      Wanted to return this but they won’t pay return shipping and it would cost almost as much as the bag. Within the first month it started tearing in several places. Not professional looking when going to meetings. Great variety of pocket space which is helpful. If you put a few items in, it weighs a ton for some reason and I’m not weak. Plus it’s huge! Doesn’t easily fit under desks. Great if you want to put your lunch or the like in there, it’s that big. I’m buying a new one in store so I can actually see what I’m buying. Very disappointed in the quality on several levels.Read more

    4. HappyTrader

      This IS the BEST case for my IPAD Pro and the way I work!I’ve been on the hunt for a good case and bought about 4 until I found this one. I needed two key features: LOTS of room and pockets and NO BLACK interior. Its near impossible to find things inside a case or pocket that is black inside. I found others with a gray or light colored inside that was great but limited pockets.This case has PLENTY of spare room for my IPAD Pro and lots of pockets large enough to put legal pads, etc. without having to cram them in. I have plenty of room in one of the zippered pockets to store accessories like earphones, IPAD charging cable and wall port, IPAD video port adapters and the like. I can put all of my “office type” items – pens, business cards,. checkbook, etc – in one of the zippered pockets. Im a contractor and need to carry quote sheets, work forms, etc. and now I have plenty of room for that with gobs to spare.Time will tell how durable this case is but its perfect if you need lots of room in a compact form. Its not bulky or heavy either. Thrilled so far!Read more

    5. Kindle Customer

      I LOVE this! It’s beyond what I was looking for and at a very fair price. There is sooooo much room inside, more than enough to keep everything in there including my laptop, tablet, mouse, cords, (for both) and so much more. I have a ton of space leftover which will be great to keep important documents in that I’m working on. It’s like a soft sided briefcase that holds a laptop. It’s also rather cushy inside, nicely padded. Just so much room! My laptop is 15″ for anyone who needs to know. My tablet is 12″ (I think? It’s not very small) and has more than enough room. You could fit a much larger one inside along with your laptop. I just have so many good things to say about this item. I give it 10 stars out of 1 to 5, lol!Read more

    6. Erik R. Tank

      The more I use it, the more I love it. The zippers are fantastic and are effortless which has saved me much frustration as every bag/backpack/etc. seems to require two hands to zip up – this baby is a one handed effortless zipper and I think about it every time I got to zip it up, just how easy it is and how I’ll only need one hand (even though habit has me reach with two – it brings out a smile).I use it for my gigabyte Aero 15x v8 laptop which fits easily into the bag. The added strap for holding in the PC is a bit overkill as I’ll easily close the bag with one handed zippers than deal with Velcro. However, it’s a nice touch. I have an ipad pro 12.9″ that I put in the front flat pocket which fits it perfectly. I keep a small BT keyboard for it in the normal ipad/tablet pouch. It has room and pockets for almost everything. The only thing I’m missing on this bag is a specific pouch to carry my wallet/keys in… I don’t like putting EVERYTHING in the front pocket which makes it kind of bulge out and such – the sides are open that could have included a water bottle holder, or a small pocket for keys/cash/wallet… easy access without anything else cluttering the bee line path to the goods. Kroser, are you listening? :)That being said – I’m more than happy with it how it is, and find it wonderful to use, and I can’t believe it was this inexpensive. The quality is great – I haven’t found a single frayed thread and the handles and strap are real sturdy. I’m an IT guy and carry a lot of cables, power adapters, tools, documents, and as stated earlier, computer, ipad, keyboard, stands, etc. This bag holds it all and looks so svelte and compact you’d never know it… it’s like a clown car when I unpack it… really great stuff.Read more

    7. Ana P

      I was very happy with my laptop bag for the first 3 months and today I pulled my zipper and this happened. I wonder what material is the zipper made out? And why it does not have zipper ends to replace zipper?Read more

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