0C12ODXHJ2S683 Olympia deluxe fashion rolling overnighter, red paisley, one size

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  • make sure this suits
  • by using getting into your model wide variety.
  • spacious essential compartment withg elegantly imprinted full interior lining and a eva foam padded front panel that protects your assets.
  • constructed of ripstop polyester and recessed metallic ball bearing wheels this example is constructed to ultimate. Hideaway push button retractable manage
  • heavily padded laptop compartment, perfect for your ipad or computer and aspect velcro closure pockets on your comfort
  • the front zipper pocket fand facet velcro closure pockets for smooth corporation.
  • eight. 25x17x14
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Black/Blue, Black/Pink, Black/Purple, Paisley, Purple Paisley

5 reviews for 0C12ODXHJ2S683 Olympia deluxe fashion rolling overnighter, red paisley, one size

  1. Sara Parker

    Just received my rolling bag and I am VERY excited. It is even better than I imagined! I am 5’11 and the handle bar comes up to the perfect place. I am using this bag for my nursing school and was able to fit 1 extra large book, 1 regular book, a work book, 3 small books, my agenda book, 5 folders, 2 notebooks and my computer in the main compartment. It zipped with no problem! In the front pocket I was able to fit my pencil bag, head phones, charger, small lotion, germ-x, highlights and pencils(loose), index cards, a small note pad and still had PLENTY of room for keys or anything else. The 2 side pockets are both also very spacious. I put my stethoscope, pen light and bandage scissors in one side(still PLENTY of room again, and the other side is holding my 1 liter bottle of water. I could fit a few small things in there as well if need be. There is a shallow pocket on the back that I currently have no use for.Material wise, it seems well made and even waterproof. The zippers seem well constructed and the carry handles seem to be sewn on well.Now, you may be wondering why I gave this AMAZING bag 4/5 stars. The answer is simply due to the wobbly and seemingly weak extending bar. It does not seem well made, but time will truly tell. I do not plan to lift my bag by the metal handle for fear of it breaking. If the handle holds up, this review will be changed to 5 stars. Very excited about it and can not wait to see how it hold up to my busy schedule!Read more

  2. Claudia Mullins

    I bought this about 2 1/2 years ago for a trip I took to London and Paris because I wanted a carry on with rollers. I absolutely love the cheery color and pattern. The telescoping handle is easy to pull up and push down.It is big enough to hold my large size laptop as you can see in the photo.There are good sized side pockets on either side with Velcro closures and a very large zippered pocket in the front.I actually took this on the plane with me and kept it partly under my seat and legs. Some may find it a little large for on a plane, but it worked for me. I liked having access to my computer and other items during the flight.I’ve used this luggage many times over the last couple years and as you can see in my photos, it has worn quite well, practically looks like new! The handles and zippers are well made and have held up to my habit of over stuffing it!It’s easy to wipe clean, too.As you can see, I’m very happy with the look and function of this luggage. I suppose the only possible downside might be that it could be considered by some a bit large for a carry on, but I found it to be just fine.Read more

  3. Sharon Woo

    Gave this item one star because there aren’t any negative stars. I bought this 12/11/17 (90 days ago). It is a very pretty bag but about a week ago one of the wheels broke. I called Amazon this morning and there is no warranty or return available for this item. Very dissatisfied. By the way, 2 other people in my office bought the very same bag and 1 of them had the same issue with her bag. We really don’t walk very far to the office and don’t bump curbs with them (if you work in town you know what I mean) These bags aren’t worth the trouble. Definitely not worth the $$$. Look somewhere else. more

  4. RRJCRVT2912

    Why the 4 star rating? I wanted to use this overnighter for airline travel. I wanted this to be used under the seat so i was very careful about the size dimensions for carry-ons and for underseat bags of one particular airline. This next part is not a complaint about the overnighter itself but you need to know that the airlines I used may have had some seats with their stated dimensions, but not my seats. Maybe price is a factor??? I used this bag for 2 flights.I had to put it in the overhead compartment. Even though it was filled it was light enough to get it up over my head by myself & it fit very well in the compartment with room to spare. On this airline, the bag did not roll well because the aisles were too narrow. It just about made it but not quite even though the side pockets were not filled. I had to carry it part way which was the last thing I wanted to do. This is not the fault of the overnighter per se but I bought this bag with the intention of using it in an airplane. Maybe all airlines are not this tight on space & maybe the class of seats is the factor making the underseat space less wide? I don’t know. If you are buying this overnighter for any other type of trip I think it would work out well.Now the bag itself. The material quality appears to be good, it does not feel thin or flimsy The colors I bought are very striking. I really like the colors. I have not had trouble with the wheels but I believe they are a weak link in this product as they are plastic. The handle pull is another potential weak link in my opinion as it is not really sturdy. I noted a very slight twist in the vertical pull bars if the bag gets caught. The in/out mechanism of the bag pull handle is not as smooth as it could be, it makes this bag feel “not expensive”. So the value of this overnighter is how are you going to use it?Read more

  5. Big Mama

    A+++++ Received an email last night that my bag would not be arriving until the 8th and although I was disappointed, I just put it out of my head…then after running errands this morning and when I got home, the bag was already here!!! Super surprised and very happy. It is a beautiful bag, purple is my favorite color but it’s not an obnoxious purple.It’s on the darker side and it easily holds my 17″ in laptop and my big, fat planner. It has so many pockets, zippers and such, I don’t think I can use them all. I have my IPad and my tablet as well as a couple of legal pads, no problem baby!It has a retractable handle which slides easily into a zippered area. I will definitely use this for any travel that comes up, but will love it most for the office. This could easily be a weekend bag while working a full-time job during the week.It’s nice to have something that is not totally business boring but helps me stand out a bit. The fabric is very nice, not plastic or fake leather…maybe it’s a ‘vegan’ material that my daughter would use 🙂 I LOVE IT!Read more

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