0C182IM7NEL102 Coolbell convertible backpack messenger bag shoulder bag computer case purse commercial enterprise briefcase multi-functional journey rucksack suits 17. Three inch pc for men/ladies (black)

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15.6 Inches, 17.3 Inches


Black, Blue, Canvas Black, Dark Grey, Grey, Brown, Peony Flower, Z-grey

7 reviews for 0C182IM7NEL102 Coolbell convertible backpack messenger bag shoulder bag computer case purse commercial enterprise briefcase multi-functional journey rucksack suits 17. Three inch pc for men/ladies (black)

  1. Bent

    Love this bag. I travel extensively and needed to not lug a backpack around, especially when wearing a sportcoat or suit. This bag not only easily holds my traveling “life” but it also looks good and has generated many compliments. Two issues keep it from 5 stars.1. The straps that make it a backpack fold into the flap on the back when not being used as a backpack. However, it isn’t possible to tighten the straps to make them flush inside the flap so they sort of droop out and take away the clean look. I also have to keep them outside the flap as I use the wheeler-handle inserts to slip this bag and stack, but the straps get in the way when concealed. I’d just rather remove the straps altogether.2. Here’s the star-killer: Zippers, or specifically zipper. Not long after having the bag and being quite fond of it, one of the front “pocket” zippers separated and no matter what I do, I can’t get the zipper to re-bite itself because of the shape of the pocket it is part of. It remains open about 3/4″ to an inch and I constantly worry it is going to spill my contents out by separating. I know zippers can be a challenge, and I prefer them over buckles on front pockets, but if this issue wasn’t there that 5th star would be granted. Otherwise, this bag is perfect in meetings and nobody knows I’m carrying thecontents of the back of the Beverly Hillbillies truck around inside.Read more

  2. WCD

    This bag is absolutely wonderful. I needed something for quick weekend trips and for daily use to carry my laptop. I have taken this on several domestic trips within the USA and an international trip to Australia. All times I used this bag almost daily either to pack up a few days worth of clothes, or carry around my work devices. Worked out great, looks fantastic, and is extremely versatile. I love the fact that it can turn into a backpack seamlessly for times when I just want to wear it around for the day.It has a ton of pockets, and fits everything I need. The *only* minor complaint is that the pad for the shoulder strap isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. Still able to use it throughout the day without a problem, but I wish there was a little more padding.Highly recommend! A great bag at an insanely low price.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I LOVE THIS BAG!!! It has enough size for a laptop, a few books, and all your little goodies, but yet, it’s still small enough so that it’s not bulky. The shoulder strap is really nice and of course the athstetics look clean and professional. The only down side I have with this product is that the backpack straps when hidden can fall out the side (bottom if it’s in brief case mode). There are no extra zippers to keep them tucked away. I had to put my own velcro tabs on the flap to keep it from opening. Other than that, this bag is great!!!Read more

  4. Nadaj

    There are many bags I looked at that cost 2x+ more than this one but this looked like it would do the job, so I took a chance on it. Glad I dd. I usually wear it on my back but I will take it off when entering a crowded space, like an elevator — I really like the top handle for the short ride. Of course, wearing it in backpack mode frees up your hands and allows you to swing your arms as you march through the busy city streets.The compartments are perfect for my needs. There are two main slots zippered on top. I keep papers, paper notebook, etc in one and in the other my laptop in the padded protected slot. The two main front pouch pockets i use for power supplies and small accessories like supplemental battery pack for mobile phone. I took it to Europe for two weeks and also kept passport, itineraries, currency in pockets — always accessible, organized and hassle free.Carrying it: You can carry it with the single shoulder strap but that is what I wanted to get away from, so I do not even pack that along. The comfortable backpack straps have a pocket into which they can be tucked away. There are the two standard padded handles to carry like a briefcase and then the one at the top of the bag, which I mentioned before and favor for short hauls.Oh yeah, I also like the way it looks!Read more

  5. Rhian Stuart

    I retired from the working world over three years ago and gave away most of my business travel bags. I recently had the need to get a bag due to working on projects within my community association. I was, however, reluctant to spend a lot on a bag that might never see plane travel or anything more rugged than accompanying me to community meetings. So, I ordered this bag based on the features, looks, and price.I was not at all disappointed. This bag compares very favorably to anything I used in my career, including more than a few at up to 20 times its price… yeah, dumb, I know.The roomy bag accommodates my HP Envy very securely and all the additional space and pockets enable me to carry all my cables and other electronic accessories, portfolios, note pads, and everything else I could possibly need.On top of its outstanding functionality, this bag draws all kinds of compliments. It’s a winner!Read more

  6. Courtney Mills

    Received the bag today and initially LOVED it! Lots of roomy compartments… Love the extra padding for the laptop, great feel to the material, comfortable shoulder strap. Loved the ability to hide the handles and backpack straps. But then I realized one of the zippers is broken (see picture). It makes me wonder how long the bag and all of its hundreds (exaggeration, of course) of zippers will hold up over time. I’m a college student and work between two different offices for my job. I really need something reliable and now I’m on the fence with this one. Not sure if I will keep it.-Disappointed in ColoradoUPDATE: I’ll tell you what… GOOD customer service goes a long way! My review wasn’t up 24 hours before the company reached out to me and made everything right! 3 stars just went up to 5! Good job CoolBELL! You’ll have another return customer!Read more

  7. Pablo Zambelli

    the bag is really really beautiful, and it has a lot of compartments and options to carry it (back, holding on, with hands) I’m very happy with my purchase! Thanks a lot!Read more

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