0C184DNCQI3461 Amazon basics 15. 6 inch computer and tablet case shoulder bag, black

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15.6", 17.3"


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8 reviews for 0C184DNCQI3461 Amazon basics 15. 6 inch computer and tablet case shoulder bag, black

  1. Kevin L.

    I was so disappointed by this product. The underside of the shoulder pad completely tore open on one side after ONE DAY of use. Several instances of loose seams all over the bag. I was initially impressed with how light this bag felt but quickly realized it was because of the inferior material.This bag is fine as a temporary solution or if you are on a very tight budget. Otherwise, I would avoid this bag.Read more

  2. MoneyPit

    I was really surprised at how well made this is. Fits my 17″ HP laptop like a glove. Holds the charger brick and cord in the zipper side pouch. Room for a few other small things. Love how its all nice and snug. This is a slim and sleek pouch with a handle, not meant for large capacity. Best part is it is completely unlabeled. No AmazonBasics medallion to let everyone know what a cheapskate I am.Read more

  3. Wayne Hastings

    This is an excellent case for my laptop. The only caveat I have for anyone buying this is to be sure to understand it’s intended use is for a laptop and a “few” accessories. This is not a big case that will hold all of your cables and work for two weeks. It’s a case with enough room for your laptop, and important accessories. I like the inside padding and the top zipper makes it easy to quickly grab my laptop. I use it for day trips and to carry my laptop to client visits.Read more

  4. WP

    This is well built. Holds my 17 inch Dell Inspiron with MONSTER aftermarket battery easily. Also holds my cords and other small stuff. If you want something very simple, portable, and tough… buy this.Read more

  5. STLguy

    My 17.3″ laptop fits easily into this bag along with my multi pocket expanding folder. it is not too loose and feels like it has enough protection to survive being dropped. I transport the charger in the same opening that you can store your pens in. The sliding shoulder padding does not offer much in the way of comfort and began fraying within a few days of use. After 2 months of use, it appears the shoulder padding will fray off completely with another 2 months of use.It is not going to impress anybody, but works for what I need it for. If I had to walk around carrying my laptop bag a lot, I would make another choice.Read more

  6. Garfield M. Duncan

    Price seemed ridiculous. I bought it and got my moneys worth….. Good for a few months then began coming apart at the seams. Simple and solvable problems Amazon. Increase the seam allowance, which in slightly increase the bulkiness, weight. Amazon Basics should never become associated with low quality products. I am sure this is not in the business planRead more

  7. Cosmo

    Can’t comment on durability because I just received the bag. Nice bag for the money. Has smaller pockets inside the outer, zipper pocket. One thing the pictures don’t really show is that the main compartment does not unzip fully. It only unzips at the top, so you can slip the laptop in. On small laptop bags like this, I prefer the main compartment to unzip fully, or at least halfway down the sides, so you don’t have to cram you hand into the top of the bag and the zipper chews up your wrist. Nice bag for the money, though. Good padding. Comes with a detachable shoulder strap.Read more

  8. Go Dawgs

    Purchased a new 17 inch laptop and wanted to protect it with a decent case. I will say overall this bag will work for my intended use. For the most part it will be used inside the house and not used for travel. For that purpose it will work great. Plenty of pockets to carry the charger and other small items. If I was a heavy traveler would not have chosen this bag. Spend a little more. The hooks / snaps on shoulder strap are plastic and not metal. There is only a small amount of padding. I would want thicker for travel. I’m pleased with it.Read more

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