0C189OU7L22407 Augus leather messenger bag for guys briefcase travel backpack shoulder bag fit 17” computer

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  • senior substances – crafted from pure complete grain leather from italy, adorned with silver hardware for a professional and cutting-edge but sturdy look.
  • size – 16. Five”l x7. 5″w x12″h. The messenger bag can healthy 17″ computer and other useful stuff like ipadmobile phonewalletumbrellabooksdocuments, accept as true with it’s going to meet your needs.
  • multifunctional briefcasebackpack – consists of shoulder strap and take care of for flexible utilization as a laptop bag, purse, briefcase or backpack.
  • fine warranty – at least two yr’s best assurance. Life-lengthy guarantee service.
  • refund guarantee – if you are unhappy with our product for any purpose, we guarantee a complete refund.

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product description

pinnacle layer leather

a cow usually has frist, second and 1/3 layer of leather, which can be used to make leather goods. The materials we use are the most durable first layer leather-based. The everyday provider life is at the least twelve months or maybe up to 2 to 3 years.

utilization example

can be used as a backpack. It can easily be was a backpack via the relationship among the lowest and the pinnacle. The height of the version is 178cm.

utilization instance

may be used as a unmarried shoulder bag. Connecting the two hooks at the top with shoulder strap,it could be without difficulty used as a single shoulder bag.

8 reviews for 0C189OU7L22407 Augus leather messenger bag for guys briefcase travel backpack shoulder bag fit 17” computer

  1. Isaac Rice

    I use this product for everyday carrying needs. Its size is adjustable so if you want a slimmer profile for holding just a laptop and basic writing supplies, you can. The capacity is large enough to compensate for my tendency to over-fill my bags with books to read and items I may use. I even used this as my day-pack for a camping trip.The back-pack feature is a little cumbersome and slightly dorky for city use, but it is comfortable and very handy.The stuffing for the cary handle started poking out but there are multiple sections of it so pulling it out the ends did not harm the integrity in the slightest.I get complements on the bag all the time. It is excellent for a school bag so long as you are not carrying around all of your textbooks for every class at once. It is absolutely wonderful, thick leather, so it handles rain perfectly. I have never had anything inside end up wet.Read more

  2. William A. Coulam

    I wanted full grain leather, made like things were hand-made back in the 1850’s. It needed to fit my 15.6″ laptop. It needed an extra compartment for books and papers and a few personal and electronic items. It needed a comfortable shoulder strap, but ideally be wearable as a backpack too when I have to take a long walk in an airport or run to catch a connecting flight. This bag met every expectation (except for one), and more. The only drawbacks are (1) it is so well made from the thickest full grain leather, that it is really heavy, and (2) there is no padded bottom to protect the laptop. This happened to go on sale a few weeks before Christmas and I was able to pick it up for almost 50% off, which made me extra happy.Read more

  3. Ellis Emefty

    After a couple months of daily use, this bag still looks great and doesn’t show any significant wear, other than the kind of attractive finish darkening that happens with oily, unsealed leather. Note that this kind of leather will show scratches with use. Overall, it’s gaining a very attractive of patina of wear.The stitching is rock solid, and the visual and functional impression is what I hoped it would be – function and service, more than features and fashion. Sort of the IT worker’s answer to a carpenter’s tool belt.It’s large enough to accommodate my laptop, tablet and plenty of accessories, a small grooming kit (hairbrush, toothbrush etc), plus a couple of notebooks and such. There’s room to store seasonal items like a scarf and gloves, as well.The fact that it uses buckle closures is a big plus: undo the buckles, and have complete access to the contents of the bag.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    This is made of cloth backed 1/16th to 1/8 in thick leather.its has a divider to make two equal sized compartments, with one side having two internal pockets.The fasteners seam to be of good quality not some of the cheaper items i have seen on these types of bag.there is no quick release butting to fail or open because it was accidentally depressed.Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Bag is heavy- but will take a beating and carry quite a bit of weight. Really think this product could last a lifetime. Bought for graduation gift for male teacher.Read more

  6. Tim

    This is very well made. No strange smells, just nice leather. Bag is a little heavy but works great for me with lots of room. Has a nice small clip for keys as well as some smaller outside pockets that work well for anything I need. Also outer rings that I attach hospital badge and fobs to. Very nice interior pockets for smaller things, one of which fits my small kindle paperwhite perfectly. Love it! have had several compliments about how nice it looks. Fits my journal, lap top other stuff on one side with a nice wider section on other side for overnight stuff at work. Would never use as an airline carryon but works great for me on my 24 hour ER shifts.Read more

  7. Andy

    As other reviewers had indicated, it is a very heavy messenger bag, sometime I wonder if the bag own weight will break itself. but it is a VERY Nice men-purse! 😀 it fits my 15’2 laptop but it is tied. It is made in China and smells very nice authentic leather; unlike the Indian made leather messenger bags, which have terrible fabrication shop odor. Again, this is a heavy bag but I am looking forward to carry it everyday. This product is totally worthy the money.Read more

  8. Ang

    This Bag looks amazing. I purchased it for my SIGO and he really loved it. I am waiting to see if it stand the test of time and will update later if I have problems.Read more

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