0C18CHSHY3X125 Air strap substitute strap for messenger, duffle, laptop, and gym baggage. Cushioned shoulder pad

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  • adjustable period: duration forty”-fifty two” adjusts to in shape most users
  • like minded: swivel hook attaches to maximum laptop, notebook, netbook, duffle, digital camera and messenger baggage
  • unique ergonomic design: wider strap with comfortable neoprene padding that conforms to shoulder for unheard of consolation
  • breathable vents and moisture wicking material: continues you cool with the aid of supplying advanced air flow

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product description

this breathable strap is a lightweight, versatile and cozy alternative to conventional straps. Designed with you in mind, the air strap is easily replaces your messenger, laptop, duffle or health club bag shoulder strap presenting wished shoulder assist and alleviation.

carry with comfort

snap it for your bag, and right away feel the distinction. This soft neoprene strap makes your load experience lighter. The long lasting production and high satisfactory material is constructed to face up to the trials of day by day use. Silicone print under the shoulder pad prevents slippage.

our revolutionary air strap generation distributes weight evenly to lessen fatigue and maximize consolation.

modify at the go

our unique brief-modify tab makes it clean to shorten or prolong your strap at the cross. The length of the laptop strap may be adjusted from forty-fifty two inches. It may deliver a maximum weight of 15 pounds.

8 reviews for 0C18CHSHY3X125 Air strap substitute strap for messenger, duffle, laptop, and gym baggage. Cushioned shoulder pad

  1. JW Christopher

    It’s difficult to judge a generic, low cost product such as a shoulder carry strap. How do you evaluate something on a computer screen that is so basic and simple without much in the way of technical specifications and other professional evaluations and reviews to rely upon? After looking at all the shoulder straps, I took a risk and ordered this one. I am pleased to report that this shoulder strap is excellent! I am using it to carry a large, heavy and extremely expensive 70-200 Canon telephoto lens that is 8 inches long and more than 3 lbs. This strap is easy to assemble, very comfortable to wear and has excellent swivel hooks to easily connect with whatever you’re carrying. And you can’t beat the price. I highly recommend this product if you are carrying heavy or expensive gear.Read more

  2. Reginald D.

    After the general lack of quality in many of the budget items I have gotten off of Amazon of late, this was a genuine treat. The fit and finish is something I would have expected on a $50+ product, not something under $15. The Straps are not as long as some folks might need for some uses, but it’s just right for my needs. The pad is the ONLY one I have found that does not bunch up or shift when worn cross-body. Truth be told, the only reason I did not rate it 5 stars for Durability and Sturdiness (how are those 2 things) is because I have not used it long enough, but expect an update in a few months. Would totally recommend for bags under 15 lbs (mine is only 5).UPDATE: Several months in and the strap is still performing flawlessly. No signs of wear, and it even cleans up well if you decide to spill things on it (don’t ask). Tempted to buy more while they are available, as they are just such great quality, I would replace the straps on other bags, or keep them as spares.Read more

  3. lefthandedarchitect

    My original strap is now 7 years old, and my husband stole it to use on his insanely heavy commuter bag, because it’s still in perfect shape and still amazing. The original strap has gone from laptop bag, to dslr camera strap, and everywhere I’ve traveled. The new one is just as good in quality as my original one, and I can’t speak highly enough for how it’s saved my shoulders from a lot of pain all these years. If you carry a heavy bag all the time, you owe it to your shoulders to get one of these.Read more

  4. Sak

    I’ve only had it about half a month. I can say though, it is better than the broken cheap one I replaced that came with my cheap bag. It is slightly “cushioned”- about the thickness of a shoe insole but don’t expect it to relief any pressure if you carry anything heavy. The metal hardware is fairly cheap and light just like on my old strap that broke so I don’t see this lasting too long. This strap is definitely made to wear cross body because it is slippery and will keep sliding off your shoulders especially if you’re wearing anything polyester or a puffer style jacket.Overall, you get what you pay for and for me, that is just good enough because, without any high expectations, it does exactly what I got it for.Read more

  5. Eric

    The cushioned strap is definitely a significant upgrade in comfort from the default strap my gym bag came with. However, some problems with mine:- The swivel part where the cushion portion connects to the rest of the strap is very squeaky and creates a lot of noise when I am just walking around- I keep the contents of the bag under 15lb (what it states it can support up to). And I shorten the strap to its shortest length. But the strap always loosens and makes the gym bag hang lower than I would like.Read more

  6. G.R.

    I needed a new strap for my messenger bag and decided to get a new one. Didn’t want to spend too much but also understood I still needed some quality. This strap does both. Very sturdy construction. Metal hooks that attach to bag but the shoulder “pad” portion of the strap is what is the superstar. It is made of neoprene and stretches when there is additional weight in bag dispersing the pressure on your shoulder. Feels great. This shoulder strap is now in my favorites and I will tell anyone that needs one to purchase. VERY HAPPY WITH PURCHASE!Read more

  7. Keith

    I have to wear a ‘ conglomerate ‘ of PPE for the chemicals I use to sanitize where I work. Not all of them agree, so to say, with one another as to fit and comfort. This, as an over the shoulder, is easier than a ‘backpack’ wear of the chemical tank for electrostatic sanitizing.Read more

  8. Ed

    It’s an OK strap. I got it for a gym bag, but it’s too long, even after I cinched and shortened it as much as possible. It’s also kind of thin and doesn’t look like it’ll last, especially if I load up my gym bag with a lot of weight. It has somewhat of a slight elasticity/bungee type of action which aids in comfort when overloaded, but also tends to lengthen even further.Read more

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