0C18ELUOOX8675 Decibullz custom molded security radio surveillance earpiece set, thermo-match designed for clean acoustic tube radios, +isolation

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Awareness, Isolation

5 reviews for 0C18ELUOOX8675 Decibullz custom molded security radio surveillance earpiece set, thermo-match designed for clean acoustic tube radios, +isolation

  1. Zack M

    Bought this to replace the standard clear/pink ear piece that most ear piece kits come with. Holy crap has this already exceeded my expectations.Molding is super easy, just follow the instructions. If you have a friend or significant other, see if they will help. My wife helped make sure it properly filled the area and it’s perfect.The foam tips are comfortable and if you’re working in a loud environment will probably be the preferred tip, but if you still need to hear fairly well out of that ear then use the silicon tip, which is what I went through.Now for the important part of the review! I’ve already been through 3 fights with this in my ear and it didn’t even come close to falling out, meanwhile my partners’ earpieces were left dangling!I’ve recommended this now to all the folks I work with and I’m seriously considering buying their wireless headphones because of how awesome this has worked.UPDATE 6/13/196 months of using this almost daily and I still have 0 complaints. I ended up taking the tip off, due to an unrelated ear infection and not wanting the pressure on the inside of my ear. Good news is, it still works perfectly fine without the tip and stays in great! Super glad I bought this product still!Read more

  2. Matt

    I’m a state trooper and wear a radio earpiece for road patrol, as well as any other events that may come up (football game details, other noisy events, checkpoints, etc.) I had tested numerous pieces from a different audio earpiece kit over the course of several shifts. I found the standard “mushroom” tip earpiece to feel secure however throughout my shift it would loosen up and want to come out of my ear. The following day I tested the “ear hugger” tip. Clear with a little bubble or two which tried to keep earpiece secure. I found that tip was more comfortable and let me hear more out of that ear, however seemed a little less secure. I found myself constantly checking and readjusting it in my ear. If I turned my head a certain direction, or too fast, the piece would start to pop out of my ear. I bought these after reading reviews and testing the other kit I bought several weeks ago. THIS PRODUCT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I read the directions which were super easy to follow. Takes 5 minutes to melt in boiling water, 30 seconds to cool, and I put in my ear while piece was soft and warm. Both ear pieces molded perfectly the first time, although if you mess up you can remold until you get the perfect fit. Once molded in, leave in ear to harden for 5 minutes, pushing on them every 30 seconds or so to make sure they remain in proper place while they harden. I have jogged in place, let the tube dangle freely and jumped up and down to try and make the earpiece fall out, have tugged on the tube to try and dislodge the earpiece, and let my spouse try and tug them out too. NEVER ONCE FELL OUT!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO TRY THESE ON THE ROAD MY NEXT SHIFT!!!! If you’re in law enforcement and wear an earpiece YOU NEED THESE. SO FAR, COULD *NOT* BE HAPPIER!!!! Now I have a custom molded ear piece, and another custom molded piece for my other ear with foam tips (included with this purchase) to give me a nice set of custom fit, well sealed, low noise earplugs for the gun range.Read more

  3. ashley

    I was sooooo excited to order this product. I was even more excited when it came with a left and a right as I wasn’t locked into always using one ear. I standarly wear my earpiece in my right ear, it this lends itself to versatility.However…. I followed all instructions, boiled, molded, and attempted to make this work but the sheer depth of the product is too big. At best, I molded it very little because I couldn’t get it placed in my inner ear as there is just too much thickness. When I finally got it, it was incredibly painful because it created so much pressure and if I moved in anyway which might have even a slight tug or push from the tub – it popped it out.The product is 100% quality but it was definitely not made with female officers or users in mind. It would need be about half as thick in order to use it as recommended by the manufacturer.PS. There is really no way to spread it thin enough as the product becomes pliable, but it’s not really able to be reshaped so cutting it down and then fitting it as directions call for isn’t really an option; you can’t alter it in anyway that works and keeps the products integrity intact.🥺Read more

  4. D_Tal16

    I can see how this could be useful for event security or something where you would want to dampen the sound, but it’s definitely not ideal for law enforcement use. It was a little tricky to mold and once I finally got it right, it just blocked out too much noise. The radio sounded extremely muffled and it’s literally like wearing an earplug in one ear. I was hoping it would work because the cheap rubbery ones get hard after a while and hurt my ear. I really wanted something custom fitting, but this just didn’t work for me. Mine didn’t make it past briefing before I switched back. Unfortunately it wasn’t cheap and obviously it can’t be returned once it’s been jammed in your ear. If you’re in law enforcement and you’re thinking about trying it, don’t.Read more

  5. David

    First and foremost it worked!!!! The directions are less than intuitive but follow them and it will work. I purchased the mold that will accommodate a clear tube radio ear piece and after a little trial and error with the various pieces I found the combination that worked for me. the only issue was that I only received one cap for only one mold so my right ear can not accommodate the clear tube. (Yes I want to be able to switch ears). If I could I would take away .25 of a star for this absence but it is a minimal inconvenience. other than that I wore the mold all day and it stayed in and was comfortable, so overall very happy. I left the durability rating out for now as I don’t have enough data to give any guidance.Read more

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