0C18G26DW23213 Controller battery % for xbox one/xbox seriess, beboncool 2×2550 mah rechargeable battery percent for xbox seriess/xbox one/xbox one s/xbox one x/xbox one elite controller-inexperienced

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  • 25+ hrs long lasting & well suited with xbox one: the rechargeable battery for xbox one provide up to 25+ hrs gambling time according to 2550 mah battery, and massive capability rechargeable battery for xbox seriess/ xbox one/ xbox one s / xbox one x/ xbox one elite controller
  • three charging ports: the battery charger for xbox one batteries have 3 battery charging modes, type-c, micro-usb, and adapter charging, giving 3 elective battery charging selections for xbox one gamers
  • 2. 5h fast charging velocity: the charger for xbox one battery supply 2-battery charging simultaneously about 2. 5hrs with out a interruption when dc input >5v/1a, get 2 backup rechargeable batteries for xbox one controller
  • clear led charging signs: wise charging led battery charger, whilst battery % charging time exceeds 5 hrs, the charger signs will flip inexperienced, the battery is not complete charging it will stay purple, and both charger led will vehicle-shutoff if no battery inside the charger
  • notice: the charger station powered solely with the aid of a dc source (input:dc 5v/2a, output: dc 30. V 500 max2) now not alternating supply, please enter direct modern)
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8 reviews for 0C18G26DW23213 Controller battery % for xbox one/xbox seriess, beboncool 2×2550 mah rechargeable battery percent for xbox seriess/xbox one/xbox one s/xbox one x/xbox one elite controller-inexperienced

  1. Michael

    The batteries last. Way better than constantly buying batteries. Good price nice savings on not buying batteries. Only problem is now I have to force son off of FortniteRead more

  2. Sergio

    This product is 100% worth buying. I didn’t think they would be this good. The battery pack legit can last for a good 4 days. I play a lot of Xbox and they are hard to kill. I would recommend these battery packs. 1000%Read more

  3. MooseHouse

    Anybody playing video games with a wireless controller and regular AA batteries knows the struggle of having to replace batteries in the middle of a game. Then realizing they have no more batteries. Awful feeling. Well, fret no more. This solves your problem. I get about 8 hours of gameplay on one of these and always have the second charged for standby. The 2200mAh comes in handy as a lesser number limits the power and overall longevity. I’ve been alternating these for about 8 months and they haven’t seemed to diminish. Changing on the fly is simple with an Xbox controller. Simply slide off the cover, pop in the new pack and slide on the cover. Way easier than replacing two individual batteries. Charger has a spot for two battery packs and an attached USB cable to plug into the Xbox and charge while you play. Takes a couple hours from red to full charge. Only negative is the on-screen battery life indicator isn’t entirely accurate. Even full charged the icon says about 80% and that’s how it’s been since they were new. When the low battery notification comes on screen you might want to replace within about 5 minutes otherwise your controller is dead. These have already lasted longer than the rechargeable packs that come with a cord (orange battery pack with black cover). They lasted about 4 months and just sucked at holding a charge. Also caused static while plugged in charging. I recommend. Better value than regular batteries over time.Read more

  4. MamaBear040582

    Bought for our son. He likes that it lasts much longer than his last rechargeable batteries he bought from Xbox.Read more

  5. Gmw

    Its simple, BUY this charge pack. Now for the details. I got this for my series x. I havent had an xbox in 10 years so i bought this when I remembered how annoying replacing batteries was. Remember, batteries are still quite expensive and this thing pays for itself quickly.First thing, this pack DOES in fact work with the series x/s controllers. The battery pack’s 1st charge took about 1.5 hours. I started gaming with one of the battery packs about 4 days ago. So far, after around 12-15 hours of gaming and around 15 hours of letting the controller idle (to test battery further), the battery life indicator on my series x shows that I still have about 80% charge left. Im guessing the estimated battery life is only if it is continuous controller inputs, and I doubt anyone is gonna be pressing buttons or moving the joy sticks for 25 hours straight. I got the battery pack on sale for 18$, but I would easily pay 30$ for this. If the number of recharges is accurate (>2,000), this is a must have for any xbox owner. The only minor problem is that there is no charge bar on the charger, so you dont know how charged the pack is. But this is a TINY problem. Bottom line, if your buying an xbox one or a series x/s for yourself or as a gift to your kids, husband, wife, etc, BUY THIS CHARGER before they sell out due to the increase in holiday purchases.Read more

  6. TonyG

    The battery’s are strong I charged them for the first time and it took 4 hours to complete charge and it gave me about 11 hours of play I think that’s pretty good great product !!!!Read more

  7. Hetrick

    Fits well inside the series x controller, I played 16 hrs each day for two days and it still has a charge. It’s a simple two rechargeable batterie sets and one usb charger.Read more

  8. caroline pallini

    This is perfect for charging my Xbox controller batteries! I have played for four a five days straight 3-4 hours a day before the battery dies! Much better than the previous ones I had!Read more

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