0C18I8ZDES5608 60 computers top class velvet hair scrunchies hair bands for ladies or ladies hair add-ons with present bag,brilliant present for excursion seasons

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  • 1. What you get: package consists of 60 portions special colour scrunchies, sufficient for every day carrying or sharing with pals and families. Those colourful velvet scrunchies are suitable for diverse events, consisting of parties, ceremonies or day by day sporting, make your coiffure extra attractive. We attempt for the a higher youth memory for all the children, a more splendid search for all the ladies and a circulate of hapiness for all and sundry.
  • 2. Premium velvet material : those hair bands are made from high first-rate velvet, right texture and shiny, easy to apply and luxury tender, every hair band with a durable rubber band, stretchable and elastic, can restore your hair properly and will not hurt your hair , easy and smooth to put on. This elegant hair add-ons on your active existence
  • 3. Elastic hair bands measurement: the unexpanded inner diameter is approx. 3. Five cm/ 1. Four inches, the outer diameter is 11 cm/ four. Three inches, can be stretched, fit maximum women hairs.
  • four. Wide utility: our hair scrunchie with variety of colors can go together with any type of clothing and activities, birthday, celebration, or circle of relatives pix. And also it is a super gift for grils
  • five. 100% delight-if for any cause you’re unhappy with any product by us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We take complete ownership and obligation for the quality of our merchandise and will do our very fine to remedy your hassle fast and correctly!
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product description

scrunchies are the closing ’80s add-ons, and they can be traced lower back to 1984 with the invention of the “bunch bangle” by way of a female named jane reid. They shot to popularity as part of the defining hairstyle of the last decade . They have been inescapable inside the ’80s and ’90s .

1. The scrunchies are something so practical so beneficial. It is ties to teen gril way of life. Stylish

2. Scrunchies offer excellent support and you don’t sense the complications. It also doesn’t put weird waves in my hair, like normal hair ties.

three. This velvety silky easy fabric slides fluidly on hair reducing hair breakage

four. It also might remind wearers of an duration in their lives

what you get?

package deal consists of 60 portions one-of-a-kind coloration scrunchies, sufficient for day by day sporting or sharing with pals and families. These colourful velvet scrunchies are suitable for diverse occasions, together with parties, ceremonies or day by day wearing, make your hairstyle greater appealing. We attempt for the a better adolescence reminiscence for all of the youngsters, a extra gorgeous search for all of the ladies and a circulation of happiness for every body.

our hair scrunchies with style of colors can go with any kind of clothing and occasions, birthday, birthday celebration, or family photos. Every one in your package changed into distinct and a few solids in both light and darkish hues and additionally it’s miles an excellent present for grils. The material is tender and smooth to smooth. You could washed them in the washing machine underneath mild or perm press in cold water.


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8 reviews for 0C18I8ZDES5608 60 computers top class velvet hair scrunchies hair bands for ladies or ladies hair add-ons with present bag,brilliant present for excursion seasons

  1. Maggie

    Have you ever ordered a 36 pack of scrunchies off Amazon and wondered how many you can fit in your short, not very thick hair? I have, and the answer is ALL OF THEM. I did not order this pack with the intention of doing this, but I had a stroke of genius when I saw my package sitting on the kitchen table. I made a pizza and put it in the oven, and got to work. I truly did not believe I could do it, because my hair is on the thinner side. But I had a dream and I could not give up on it, like all my other dreams before. I can now say I have achieved a dream of mine: fitting all 36 scrunchies from this underpriced but high quality package. It only took me maybe…20 minutes? With a break to take my pizza out of the oven, of course. It was delicious, even more so with my amazing accomplishment still on my head. But anyways, I would definitely recommend this to any scrunchie-lovers out there who also want to channel their inner Pippi Longstocking, or as my friends so lovingly put it, “Cynthia the doll from Rugrats” or “a rejected Dr. Seuss character.” But seriously, these scrunchies work so great and there are so many of them for like $10. That’s like…less than a dollar per scrunchie, I think? I can’t do numbers, I have a math learning disability. 100/10 would and am definitely recommending.Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Just order these 36 pack of scrunchies on the 15th, was suppose to arrive on the 22nd and just received them in the mail TODAY (18th). So happy with how they turned out! They all were in perfect condition, I tugged and pulled each and every single one of them and none of them broke or snapped. Very HAPPY with this purchase and recommend it!I’m also obsessed with all the shades of colors 😍🙌🏽Read more

  3. qinxiaoyang

    Great Scrunchies at a good price. I love these, use them daily. I have baby fine hair and it tends to get ripped out with nose ponytails. But these are great they slip right off when you take it out. I blowout my hair in the morning, then just twist my hair into a bun and wrap these around. I leave them in while I apply my makeup and get dressed and then use some light hairspray with the scrunchie still in. They are comfortable. Seem well-made.Read more

  4. Shawn Walsh

    Only had these for about 2 months now & 2 have broken. Black one snapped the first time I used it & now navy blue broke too. Cheap & unreliable.Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    So basically I got 32 scrunchies instead of 36 like what. Ummmmmmm give me my scrunchies back plsRead more

  6. Lisa S

    Perfect!!!! Purchased these as a last minute Christmas gift for my daughter and they arrived super fast. Every single one is perfect, the velvet is soft and they are well made. They arrived in a nice zip style bag and I received 36 different colors as stated. My daughter absolutely loves them and there is literally a color to go with everything. The colors range from some darks, medium tones, pastels and even some brights. Highly recommend, very very pleased with this purchase!!!Read more

  7. E

    This is the third pack I’ve bought of this item. One for me, one for my sister, and one for my boyfriends sister. Such amazing quality and adorable colors. The best value on amazon!! 36 scrunches and you can’t beat the price. It’s roughly 34 cents a scrunchie. BUY. THIS.Read more

  8. AK customer

    My daughter has long, very thick hair and normally uses 2 scrunchies at a time. I’ve looked for durable scrunchies that will grip her hair and yet have such a variety of seasonal, garment-matching, fun colors that will please and surprise her for Christmas. I think she will be very pleased with them and the colors are vibrant in each section of the spectrum. Even though they are velvet they don’t look heavy. You won’t be disappointed.Read more

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