0C18KYZE7A0807 Trikton x-huge 16x12x3. Five, fireproof file secure bag with lock tsa, xl, complete starting zipper, stores felony length files, seen within the darkish, hearth and waterproof lock field for documents

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  • ensure this fits
  • by using getting into your model number.
  • 🔥tsa-mixture lock – included into the ultimate system for the more privacy of your essential files and authorised for journey. No key is needed to fasten! (key now not protected). Critical: this version includes tsa-lock. Like a fireproof report box
  • 🔥shops felony size files / bulky binders – unlike ordinary luggage, ours have a complete beginning zipper for storing cumbersome binders and huge documents without needing to fold them, and more than one indoors wallet to shop smaller items like a notebook, start certificate, passports, cash or credit score cards. This bendy case may be folded to shop in small locations and additionally increase in width to maximize storage potential
  • 🔥superior fireproof safety – designed for the safety of valuables, resist temperatures up to two,000°f, this non-itchy fireproof bag can shield in opposition to hearth, water, and smoke
  • 🔥seen inside the dark – in contrast to standard bags, ours have a reflective border for being noticed by flashlight from any angle at some stage in recovery, a ways simpler to be found over regular baggage
  • 🔥trikton 1 12 months warranty – each fireproof safe bag comes with a convenient hand deal with, adjustable shoulder strap, and a 30-days 100% cash-again assure to ensure your general pleasure for a depended on chance-free buy
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product description

preserve your non-public files, criminal-size documents, folders, money, pc, and different essentials secure and sound from a fire with a trikton fireproof bag.

shoulder strap with steel swivel hooks

  • superior warmness resistance (up to 2,000° f)
  • tsa-mixture lock implanted to your privacy. No key is wanted to fasten! (key not covered)
  • powerful velcro
  • visible in the darkish (reflective border)
  • non-itchy silicone-coated fiberglass
  • x-big (sixteen x 12 x 3. Five inches)
  • water-proof outside (do no longer submerge in water)
  • transportable, compact layout for travelling and easy delivery
  • silver
  • stores bulky binders – 16 x 12 x 3. 5 inches

    more than one indoors wallet

    visible inside the darkish


    the trikton fireproof record bag can help shield valuables and office work towards fireplace, water, and smoke damage all through normal house fires; but, all fireplace-resistant safe baggage exposed to excessive temperatures for outdoors intervals can nonetheless falter under severe warmness and paper internal can nevertheless get carbonized. We advise the use of more than one layers of safety (like a secure field) for preserving valuables protected at home or in the office. The bag prevents the water from reaching the interior, as an example, in the case of rain. It changed into now not designed to submerge in water, so please do not sink it in there.

    shield your important documents with a multipurpose fireproof and water resistant bag from trikton.


    Black With Tsa-lock, Silver With Tsa-lock

    8 reviews for 0C18KYZE7A0807 Trikton x-huge 16x12x3. Five, fireproof file secure bag with lock tsa, xl, complete starting zipper, stores felony length files, seen within the darkish, hearth and waterproof lock field for documents

    1. Michele C.

      The bag looks nice, although it is made of a somewhat sticky material (thus water resistant) and collects dust and dirt easily. I wish I had ordered the silver one.. It feels very sturdy and is comfortable to carry. And its the perfect size for my portable office. My biggest concern is the lock. It works fine and looks nice, but the reason I ordered this bag was for the security element. The combination dials make a distinct clicking sound when it is turned to the correct combination code. It would be very easy to break the code and access the contents.Read more

    2. danette headrick

      VERY versitle bag…perfect for my laptop, credit cards and phone etc etc! I bought mine for a completely different reason…wanted a locked bag at home for…meds! With Grands around, DID NOT want to purchase use my small safe and this bag is PERFECT to carry with us and get into quickly but NOT children!Read more

    3. jane b yuen

      I like how the designer took into consideration the functionality of this product. The curve zipper onto makes it easy to get into. The attached lock is great, so no fussing with random pieces in a panic. The most important feature is the many organized inside pockets to hold passports etc.. Without these it would be a black hole of papers. The only reason this is not getting a 5 star is because I don’t know how it would handle a fire or flood. I hope I never do. I also like the fact that it’s logo is smallish so it doesn’t scream take me I’m important. I believe I got the best product for my needs.Read more

    4. Calvin Solomon

      Trikton Fireproof Document Bag XL Silver. Is a great purchase for the business traveler with fire security and protection in mind. It is capable of holding your documents, a laptop and legal pads and other iPads or other tablets that you have to carry. And it has the TSA approved locks so no problems with that! Plus fireproof and water resistant.Read more

    5. Christopher Lovato

      Love this bag. I didn’t want to get a safe, and this bag was a great choice!It holds a lot of documents, and there are slots for cards, cash, or whatever else you want to put in them.The number combo lock is easy to set, and while getting both zipper tags in their respective slots can be challenging, it locks tight.The outside reminds me of a very smooth vinyl, and I really like it.All in all, if you’re looking for a fire/water resistant safe bag, get this one.Read more

    6. JayBeeGee

      I love the sturdiness of the bag. It feels like it would stand up to a fire, but I hope I don’t have to test that. I’m am very pleased with the lock. It took me a time or two to get used to positioning the zippers. I didn’t realize that to lock them in, all I had to do was press them into the slots and they would snap right into place on their own. After that, it was easy. Lock your combination and all is secure!I like the mobility of using this bag. Just pick it up and go. I am going to purchase a tether with a lock, and then I can secure it from being carried off. Double the security!I highly recommend this!Read more

    7. WhoAmI?

      I was looking for a fireproof bag that was 14x12x 6 si that it would fit in a cabinet or bookshelf, but they don’t seem to make any. This 15″ bag seemed to be the smallest I could find that could still fit standard binders. It would’ve been perfect, but unfortunately the # of binders I needed inside required more than the 3″ depth of the bag. For this reason only I returned it. But if you’re looking for a fireproof bag that isn’t the 16″+ that’s available everywhere else this is a good pick.Read more

    8. Irena

      I can not attest to water or fire resistance at this point, but it is sturdy, light weight and holds its shape nice. I mostly bought it to keep a snoopy family member out of my private papers. It has a nice lock and it works well. I would have loved the zippers opening on top to go all the way to the edge so it is easier to slide bulky things in and out, but I manage. I am happy with my purchase and appreciate the extra divider and slots inside.Read more

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