0C18OCWRNN8339 Amazon basics 17. 3-inch pc sleeve case, black, 5-%

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  • make certain this fits
  • via coming into your version number.
  • 5-%
  • shape-becoming sleeve with short top-loading access
  • particular healthy for laptops and ultrabooks with a 17. 3 inch show
  • slim layout allows you to hold the case by itself or in a bag
  • internal dimensions: sixteen. Nine” x zero. 8″ x 12. 3″ (lxwxh)
  • external dimensions: 17. 7″ x 1″ x 12. 7″ (lxwxh)
  • note: please verify your laptop dimensions to ensure healthy with the internal dimensions of the sleeve.
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7 reviews for 0C18OCWRNN8339 Amazon basics 17. 3-inch pc sleeve case, black, 5-%

  1. Chloe Caplinger

    I got my laptop sleeve for my new macbook today. I was excited toopen it and get my laptop inside of it. When I pulled my laptop out, it left a purple color on my MacBook and my hands. I also noticed the internal tag was stained a light redish color. I’m wondering if this is really new or if it had gotten wet in transit? Not satisfied with the current product.Read more

  2. Chris

    Not sure how I feel about this sleeve. On one hand it does everything it needs to but on the other, the zipper scratches both top and bottom my Dell XPS 15 9560. This happens on both sides of my laptop so its not just the zipper head but the zipper teeth as well. Now, the scratching is limited to only the area that is around the left and right corners of the zipper and yes, I did have the cloth overhang (underneath the zipper teeth) pulled on top of the laptop before I zippered it shut.The images that I uploaded are taken on my Samsung S7 so I apologize in advance that the quality might make it difficult to make out the scratches.On another note, the sleeve seems to have a few strands of thread loose from the first day I got it. They haven’t spread in the 2 weeks I’ve own the product but something to note for a brand new sleeve.Also, cut out the plastic tags within the sleeve as that causes wear on your laptop (though minimally) and makes it easier for the threads holding the tags on to tear and pull more thread from the sleeve with it.Some modifications I made to the sleeve is that I put a small piece of tennis over grip over the underside of the zipper head to prevent it from further roughing up my expensive laptop. (I will upload images of this) How I got the tennis over grip to stick was by attaching it with double sided phone repair tape that I bought off eBay. I bought the kind that was black and not clear; I find that the clear double sided tape has very weak adhesive that does not bond well to multiple things as I use my double sided tape for various applications other than repairing phones.If you’re the owner of a Dell XPS 15, I don’t recommend this product if you wish to keep your machine in 100% like new condition.Read more

  3. Christine E Shander

    Prepare to dye your laptop and hands indigo purple. I spent over an hour alcohol wiping the brand new laptop we gifted my mother and there’s still a mark across the top of her computer from this product. This is a piece of junk. I will go to a brandname item to avoid dying other items purple. Shame on you, Amazon, for not testing your product quality better.Read more

  4. La Parisienne

    This arrived, and it is the most gorgeous shade of purple. Unfortunately, the color stained my new white Chromebook. I didn’t return it, as I was traveling. I suppose it wouldn’t be a problem with a dark laptop.Read more

  5. C. Martin

    This will protect your laptop from the inside of your other bag, but not from being dropped. When you drop your laptop, it will probably land on a corner, whether you carry it in a sleeve alone or inside another bag. Unfortunately, this sleeve doesn’t really protect the corners. It’s padded enough on the “faces”, and the corners covered by the zipper have this grosgrain hem (between the neoprene and the zipper) which affords a little cushioning. The story is not as good for corners opposite the zipper: if your laptop pokes between the two inner hems around the edge, then you only have a thin, unpadded layer of fabric at those two corners. When I push into these with my hand, I feel the sharp corner of my laptop. An edge wrap of high-density foam would fix this and deliver much better drop protection.Fit is OK for a Lenovo Thinkpad T450s, though not “perfect” as other reviewers claim, it’s a little loose in the “up/down” direction (looking at the main product picture). Nobody seems to make a sleeve specifically for modern Thinkpads, but the T450s has similar dimensions to a 13″ Macbook, so I may try out a Macbook sleeve.Finally, why don’t more laptop sleeves zip open at the narrow side of the laptop? Most backpacks accept a laptop in the “portrait” orientation, so a narrow-side zipper would let you retrieve and stow your computer without removing the sleeve from your backpack.Read more

  6. PrintGuy

    I use the 14-inch sleeve for my early 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. It’s a snug, wetsuit-like fit; all you need to do is stretch it a little bit to pull the zipper around the top of the computer. I have a leather backpack that’s not laptop-specific (no compartments or dividers, no zippers, just a top flap) and this is the perfect solution. I like the idea of another reviewer who suggested a version with a size zip, since a lot of bags won’t accommodate a laptop inserted sideways and it might enable you to take out of your pack without removing the case itself. But it’s a minor thing, really.It’s also worth noting that this case is not intended to provide maximum armor-like protection from drops, so you’ll be disappointed if that’s what you need. It’s great for protecting against bumps, jostles, and hard/pointy objects (keys, pens, whatever) that might scratch your expensive investment. It’s probably not the best choice for people who are hard on their equipment. For example, my fiancée runs a dance company and is constantly throwing her laptop into her bag and running out the door to rehearsals and work with the sound/lighting technicians, so that computer changes hands (and places) A LOT. She needs, and uses, something a lot more robust. This case is for commuting and coffee shops, not modern warfare. Of course, you could always buy a bigger size and use it in tandem with a hard case if you really want to go nuts.If I had to find something to criticize, it’s that the material tends to attract pet hair and if it’s short, like my vizsla’s, it can be a pain to remove. Otherwise, It’s just a simple, well-made product and an absolute bargain.Read more

  7. Ken Z.

    The 14-inch sleeve is a perfect fit for the new MacBook Pro 15 w/Touchbar (Late 2016). I was looking for a neoprene sleeve that would fit snug around the now smaller in size 15-inch MacBook Pro. This is the solution. Fits like it was made for it, no slop side-to-side or top-to-bottom. It is a good quality case with a well constructed body, decent padding on the sides and a excellent zipper.Read more

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