0C18WDUK8OD691 Guys’s leather briefcase messenger bag pc shoulder crossbody office, work, buiness & journey baggage ladies (sixteen in, brown)

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  • ensure this fits
  • by using getting into your version variety.
  • ✅ size and luxury – l x h x w – 15 x 11 x four ( inches ) it’s smooth to discover what you want with a messenger bags on crowded commutes, no want to take off on busy subways.
  • ✅ actual rugged oil pull up buffalo leather-based – 100% genuine, herbal, beautiful & hand-crafted; oil pull up leather which will destroy superbly with use, this satchel improves and smash with age & smells simply extraordinary!
  • ✅ fits commercial enterprise or informal – it has that tough-to-achieve leather-based briefcase look whilst being city & hip; with brass buckles & fittings, heavy-duty lining & sewing, and ykk zippers
  • ✅ adjusts for comfort – for the ones lengthy journeys away, the shoulder strap on this leather pc bag is absolutely adjustable and detachable whilst you do not need them.
  • ✅ brief get right of entry to on your matters – get effortlessly prepared with 1 principal + 1 padded laptop booths 2 small pocket inside for phone pocket, card holders, 1 internal zipped safety pocket & 2 huge outside wallet 1 on the front 1 on bottom of bag with magnetic closures, 2 small pockets on outer front for different necessities; best for up to 14 inch pc 13 inch macbook air & tablets. Spacious enough for carrying documents folders and journals.
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product description

this briefcase will soon grow to be a trustworthy antique friend that can hold all that you need to your day by day essential for school, university, paintings and office. Our messenger bag is all which you need. This bag is a perfect for your all sort of necessities; every day wishes some thing to hold all of your necessities like laptop, tablet, wallet, pen, ids and belonging and to preserve them at one location

features that you’ll love

  • 1 big compartments with computer padding, pockets holder, pen holder and identification holders
  • 1 huge booths with computer padding, wallet holder, pen holder and id holders

  • 1 big pocket in the front with 2 small wallet on it. & 1 massive pocket on back
  • 1 massive pocket in front with 2 small pockets on it. & 1 large pocket on again

  • adjustable & removable shoulder strap
  • adjustable & removable shoulder strap

  • ykk zippers
  • ykk zippers


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    4 reviews for 0C18WDUK8OD691 Guys’s leather briefcase messenger bag pc shoulder crossbody office, work, buiness & journey baggage ladies (sixteen in, brown)

    1. CarrSon

      I do not give 5 stars – almost never. This bag arrived in packaging that says “We care.” Many times with Amazon purchases, I expect quality and receive something sub-par. This time I was completely surprised and grateful to receive something that was of excellent quality. The only thing that was a bummer is that there were “wear” scratches on the front when I received it. Since it is leather, most “wear” marks will appear, and these will quickly fade into the overall look and feel.Read more

    2. A. Mitchell

      Fabulous briefcase! It’s beautifully crafted and you can tell the company paid attention to all the little details. The unpolished brass compliments the worn look of the leather – it’s a very stylish and ageless look. The strap is long and adjustable. There are ample compartments. On the outside front: there are two buckle/button closed pockets, with a good sized pocket above them that also has a button closure. The back has a large compartment good for note pads, books, files, or folders – this is held closed with velcro. Inside there are two main compartments. I have a 15″ laptop in one. The other would be good for a slightly smaller electronic item like an ipad. Built in on the inside is a zippered compartment great for sunglasses, tissues, gum, and other items. Then there are little slots – personally I wouldn’t keep credit cards in those but I think it’s a great place to keep spare business cards. There are two pen holders – super handy as there’s nothing worse than arriving at a meeting with everything but a pen. The last compartment is cell-phone sized, but I’m using it to hold my power pack battery charger (to charge your phone or laptop on the go). This is a case I’ll be proud to carry. I think it’s acceptable for either a man or a woman. As if you couldn’t tell already, I highly recommend this briefcase!Read more

    3. Gnemik

      Inside a clear plasic bag, you find a fabric drawstring bag…a large sized bag. At first, I wondered if I got the wrong product. Then, inside is a very attractive brown leather (buffalo hide, according to details). This is a ruggedly designed, ruggedly constructed briefcase. Due to the heft and the depth of the case, I would find it difficult to classify this as a messenger bag, even though it comes with a long carry strap. In fact, the thickness of the leather, and the depth of the case is a positive feature. There seems to ample room inside the case for 2 laptops and some additional folders, notebooks. There is a partition, which creates a dedicated safe compartment for a laptop.There’s 2 large pockets on the front, better to conceal accessories and separate them from marring the laptop. it’s also handy to get at stuff without scouring the inside of the main compartment. In addition, there is a zippered compartment in the back, which would best handle a folder and paperwork.The construction of the bag and strap are high quality, matching the level of the leather. The color of the bag is dark brown. In low light it is almost blackish, in brighter light you can see the rich, coffee brown hues.Examination of the briefcase, found no structural or construction defects or flaws. In my assessment, this is a premium quality briefcase, that anyone (male, female) would appreciate and carry proudly.The product details only displayed one image. I’ve attached photos to show how it arrived, and differenct aspects of the briefcase. Also, i feel that the drawstring fabric bag is a nice bonus addition. So, a tip of the hat for it’s inclusion.Rate this as a high level recommendation. Very attractive, durable, quality briefcase.Read more

    4. moose_of_many_waters

      I have a leather briefcase that I paid a lot of bucks for when I lived in Italy and has lasted for 23 years. This isn’t that kind of briefcase. The leather is OK, the quality of craftsmanship is basic, and the hardware is exactly like another briefcase I owned that lasted about a year before it started to fail. I’d say that this briefcase will do you well if you don’t want to pay a lot of money and expect a year or so of use. It has lots of pockets. The lining is inexpensive cloth. It comes with a laptop cover, but I wouldn’t use it because it isn’t very robust. This is a thin briefcase that comes with a little built in accordion-style expansion and is designed for carrying a few lightweight things. If you want a briefcase to lug around heavy stuff (like books, thick legal documents, and your laptop) you need to pay more.Read more

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