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anywhere you move compliments will observe

our leather baggage are crafted for each individual kind and acceptable to quality meet the wishes and be the proper partner with you. We understand that we live with you the entire day and consequently have designed and crafted our leather-based luggage with the intention to in no way disappoint.

  • it’s far made from top rate first-rate leather and the add-ons are of the exceptional best to resonate with the bag.
  • it is able to accommodate all of your necessary property from pocket book to computer.
  • clean access pockets for quick use, you may prioritise your assets and hold it for this reason.
  • more than one pockets to fulfill your numerous wishes like from maintaining the laptop/tablet comfortable to small matters that can be determined easily.
  • .

    excellence of craftsmanship

    the briefcase is so designed and crafted on your comfort. The more than one wallet to hold and organise your contents for easy get right of entry to. The shoulder strap and the handle that will help you deliver it the way you need. The high-quality excellent materials to resonate together with your persona.

    every need is taken care off

    frankel has plenty to offer and does face up to the check of best and time. The multiple pockets, exceptional first-class substances and the extensive storage ability can cover up almost all of your desires. Storing your papers, files, books, laptops, pill, mobile telephone, keys and so forth. May be easily done with the extensive capacity. The multiple constructed in sections preserve your property included, organised and far from damages.

    how we make certain the first-rate for you

    our designers and craftsman design the model retaining your wishes in thoughts. They map the coloration and craft the wonder piece for you.

    to ensure the pleasant high-quality, we process and tan the leather in our manufacturing unit. We produce exquisite exceptional leather, shine and color to create that master piece for you.

    to make sure the fine exceptional, our team inspects and hand alternatives each piece of accent that is going at the bag. We take a look at for exceptional, shade and sturdiness.

    the final step, wherein all elements are stitched collectively with polyester to make certain durability. After cautious inspection, we supply the bag to you and stay with you for an extended period of time.


    Cocoa, Wood

    8 reviews for 0C18YY9GHS7853 Leather messenger bag locking computer briefcase for men adjustable satchel handle

    1. chris connor

      Although the craftsmanship seems good there are some what I would call design flaws.1) it is very difficult to get a 15.6 inch lap top into the so called protective pouch.2) The protective pouch is only padded on the top.So if you put a hard object in the bottom pouch there is only a thin nylon separator for protection.3) no handle just shoulder strap.4)Has A full size flap which would be great if it were attached with Velcro so you could carry home a bulky item but instead it has these buttons that you have to blindly align, very frustrating if you want to use them and really no point as they don’t do much.Read more

    2. J. Griffin

      I am very happy with this. It is a neutral color which I like. It is very durable. Has enough space and pockets. I like the look of it. I don’t like to draw attention to myself or look flashy but I do like to look professional. This accomplishes both. The only thing I miss from an older laptop bag is a handle on the top. This is for when I am getting in and out of my car I have something to grab onto to.Read more


      Great product, good quality.I’ll totally recommend this. It has protection (foam) for the laptop, and sections for pen / pencils, cards , etcRead more

    4. Krkrjk

      My Clifton Heritage Briefcases for Men 16″ Leather Satchel arrived this afternoon and I am thrilled with the look and feel of the leather, the craftsmanship of the strap and covers, the pockets and sections for efficiently storing a thin laptop like a MacBook Air or Chromebook Pro in its own protective sleeve and still have enough space for a book or two, pens (like my favorite Pilot Frixion erasable gel ink, 0.5 fine point), phone. and more. The leather is soft, durable and the inner sleeves are lined. If you have a friend or family member envious for the professorial look, this item will thrill them as a gift and the giver they will never forget.Read more

    5. Chris G.

      I bought this bag and had it delivered on 12/30. Today, 2/9, the sewing on the strap ripped (on both sides!) and the bag fell to the ground as I was walking across the street (hey, nothing like hearing your laptop bag hit the road, literally).It lasted 40 days. 40 days.I love the look of the bag. It has great storage room. It is, unfortunately, not durable at all. I effectively rented this bag for $2/day. Now I’m left looking for something new and hopefully more durable.Sigh. Don’t buy.Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      Omg! I have been looking for a nice bag for my real estate business. I needed something that would carry my laptop is charger a portfolio and pens and pencils and a calculator. This is an absolutely amazing functional bag plus it’s beautiful and well crafted. I love the semi distressed look of it too. I’ve looked all over the place and couldn’t find anything like this for less than $250-$300.Read more

    7. Llew

      Just received my bag 2 weeks early so well done there. The bag is perfect. The smell is leather people, so if you dont like genuine leather go buy plastic. Everything about the bag is perfect. Style, size, colour, just everything perfect. My only downside to this was the packaging. It was freighted in a plastic bag and a plastic mail bag. It travelled half the world to get to New Zealand. so I’m very surprised it was not damaged.But well done on the bag. Full credit.CheersRead more

    8. TrixiN

      Ok we returned this because my husband thought it looked too ladylike without the pockets on the front. I get it. It is soft and looks well made. It did arrive a day later than it said it would which is probably due to USPS. We are returning still because of the no pockets on front style but otherwise it’s beautiful.Read more

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