0C19G0DUZWX100 Luxorro leather-based briefcases for guys spacious but compact fits 15. 6 inch laptops, black

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14 Inch, 15.6 Inch


Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown

8 reviews for 0C19G0DUZWX100 Luxorro leather-based briefcases for guys spacious but compact fits 15. 6 inch laptops, black

  1. Joe Fitzgerald

    I’m a college teacher, and I really like it in concept, but unless everything you’re carrying is no thicker than a piece of paper, most of the pockets will be entirely useless to you. I carry a laptop, iPad, wallet, a few medications, and a few chargers and accessories. Throw in three dry-erase markers and one set of graded papers en route from office to classroom, and you have not enough space to be usable. And I would imagine that even if you were just using it for your laptop, you would find that the pockets are all too small and there are too many of them.Read more

  2. jcn

    This briefcase had all the features I was looking for. I know what my husband needed and what features I like in mine and this fit the requirements and was a great looking briefcase that is also made extremely well. Very happy with the purchase. Only downside was the the box it was in was in terrible shape so it looked bad coming out of the shipping box. Luckily the box has not purpose, it’s just for looks.Read more

  3. R. Pauls

    This case is amazing! The quality, the craftsmanship, the feel, the smell of wonderful natural leather without nasty chemicals. It is expensive but worth it. Also, the presentation is classy. Comes in a beautiful box and wrapper suitable for a gift as is. I highly recommend this product and this company.Read more

  4. VerifiedPurchaser

    I bought this for my brother. He loves it but he can’t use one of the zippers. Would love if I can’t get a better one but he cant wait.Read more

  5. Jared Jeter

    This is an amazing briefcase so far. The leather is genuine. It looks (and even smells) great. Everything is top quality. There are a ton of organized spaces in the pouches. I use it for my laptop, charger, accessories, books, pens, over-ear headphone case, lint roller, etc. all at once, and the bag doesn’t feel stuffed or like it’s struggling to carry it all.Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    I love this bag! I’m a busy Realtor, and this bag allows me to carry all of my files with me. I dropped an expandable organizing file in the middle and then filled that with transitional Manila folders for individual clients. There is still plenty of room for my MacBook and all of my other supplies!Read more

  7. FLchick

    Beautiful, luxurious briefcase! My husband loved everything about it. Beautifully boxed and was presented as a gift. I didn’t even need to wrap it. Would definitely recommend. The leather and stitching are impressive and impeccable!Read more

  8. Lauren Miller

    Bought this for my husbands military retirement. It’s gorgeous!Read more

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