0C19MQKT82X871 Kroser 15. 6″ pc briefcase water-repellent laptop messenger bag mild-weight laptop bag business shoulder bag for college/enterprise/girls/guys

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  • cloth: the stylish pc briefcase is manufactured from proper exceptional waterproof 900d nylon material, which is long lasting for long time use; dimensions: sixteen”x 12. 2”x 4. Five”; weight:1. Seventy six lbs.
  • multi-practical compartment: includes padded 15. 6″ pc pocket, a tablet bring sleeve and lots of inner organisation wallet to fulfill your diverse needs. You can vicinity your computer, add-ons, playing cards, pockets etc. Of their right position.
  • mild-weight on many events: the messenger bag is light-weight suitable for faculty, journey, commercial enterprise, normal use and outside activities. Realistic presents for teenagers, boys, women, friends, mom, father, her or him.
  • comfy & compatible design: padded shoulder strap with adjustable reinforced straps assure you consolation wearing for a long term.
  • first-rate convenience: a nicely-knitted “luggage strap” is quite handy on the way to repair the laptop bag on the trolley of your luggage,making your adventure and traveling greater convenient wherever you cross.
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5 reviews for 0C19MQKT82X871 Kroser 15. 6″ pc briefcase water-repellent laptop messenger bag mild-weight laptop bag business shoulder bag for college/enterprise/girls/guys

  1. micheal

    I have owned a few computer bags over the years. I love the full flap over the bag, messenger style. I owned a Timbuk2 bag that had all these “special features” like being able to go through an airport scanner, and special breathable mesh for your laptop. That bag was about $135.This bag beats that bag in every… single… way. It not only looks nicer and clasps better, but it hides the clasps extremely well giving it a very professional look. It has all the same pockets (and more space) than the $135 bag and it comes at 1/5 the cost! I was blown away!The only negative thing I can find to say about this bag is the strap. It is a little too thin and the shoulder pad does not adjust in the same way as my other messenger bag. I traded out the strap form one bag to the other and came out with the absolute perfect messenger bag I could have ever wanted.Read more

  2. Taylor Youngblood

    I am so very happy with this purchase. It is very well made and has plenty of cushion on the inside to protect my computer. It has a strap on the back to connect it to a wheeled bag and it has space in the front for plenty of extras. The inside has a pocket with a strap for the computer and a slot for a tablet. One of the best purchases I have made!!!!!!!Read more

  3. E.J. Whiskey

    The bag itself is good. It’s a good size and has lots of compartments so you can be more organized. The padding is good enough to protect your laptop from drops. BUT… I’m giving it 2 Stars because the shoulder strap at the buckle only lasted 1.5 months from normal use (see picture). It was not stitched properly and it unraveled. I’m only using this bag from home to office and back. No strenuous activities… home, car, office. And I’m not loading it with 50 pounds of gear. Just a laptop, notepad and pens.Wouldn’t expect this issue for a $30 bag. I’ve bought $10 bags that lasted longer than this. In fact, I replaced the broken shoulder strap with a shoulder strap from an old $10 bag I bought 20 years ago. Hmm…If you have to buy a simple bag, then this is a good bag. Just have an extra shoulder strap ready to replace the one it comes with. But if you’re in the market to buy a “commuter bag” (e.g. taking the bike, train or bus to work), then go with bag with a more sturdier shoulder strap.Read more

  4. vmk

    My old bag was about 15 years old and falling apart, so it was time for a new one. I thought I would be fine to get a highly rated replacement. This is definitely a quality product, but a bag like this is pretty personal, and this is just not the right one for me. There was no way for me to know that. There are two big issues that I have.One is that the balance of the bag is such that when I put it down, it is very hard for it to sit upright. I like to set it down on the floor leaning against my desk. My old bag would just plop down and sit there without me putting any thought into it. With this bag, I have to consciously place it carefully and take the effort to check that it is sitting just right so it does not fall over. When I first got the bag, I would just plop it down and start working, only to have it fall over. I would have to keep going under my desk to pick it up and re-adjust. The main flap is so long that it is quite bulky and cannot be left in the open position if you want the bag to sit upright.The other problem is that there is no outer flap that can be quickly accessed. With my old bag, I would get home and check mail right away. That bag had a large outer flap opening at the top where I could just stick the mail using only one hand (which is needed because my other hand was often occupied). That is not possible with this bag because the outer pockets are small and open to the side. Also they are zippered and cannot be accessed holding mail like I do. Unfortunately I did not realize how much I needed this feature of my old bag until I did not have it in this bag.To repeat, this is a high quality bag. It is just not made for the way I need for my use, and I could not tell that when I bought it online. My main regret is with myself for buying something as personal and particular as a bag like this online without trying physically.My critique is with the design, but it may be fine for other users.Update: After more use, I have found more design flaws that are so annoying that I feel I have to lower my rating. One is that the outside pockets are too small to hold a boarding pass. When I fly, I like to slip may wallet, watch, and boarding passes in the outer pocket while going through security, but this bag will not fit a boarding pass in any pocket that is immediately accessible. The other issue is that the outer flap cannot be buckled/unbuckled with one hand. This is because the fasteners are under the flap rather that along the edge. In fact, they are so inaccessible that it is not possible to buckle/unbuckle the flap while wearing the bag on my shoulder — I literally need to take it off and set it down to open or close it. Unfortunately this was just the wrong bag for me.Read more

  5. James

    I looked all over for a laptop bag that was classy, simple, and large enough (depth wise) to store things without being super long and tall which looks ridiculous when carrying (i.e. 17″ laptop bags). This bag fits all those requirements. It easily fits my thin 15.6″ laptop. It stores A LOT. I carry so many tech items in here, with room to spare. The pockets are all well organized, divided, and zippered which is great because non-zippered bags seem dangerous for carrying high priced items. The material seems strong and has held up over a few months use. The ONLY thing I didn’t like was the “Kroser” patch on the front, I mean what is that? It sounds like a disease or a knock off of Walmart’s already knocked off food brand, lol. They should not have forced buyers to have that stupid name on such a decent bag. I opened my box, saw that patch, pulled out my pocket knife, and cut it off. It left no remnants, and it looks PERFECT without it. Check the photo. It now appears to be a classy bag and not some cheap Chinese bag with a stupid name to brand on it. All in all, the bag is ideal for minimalistic style and appearance but subliminally having ample amounts of room. The strap is the worst part of it, but it’s sufficient. I do not prefer the curve of it or the cheap plastic on the inside, but this strap can be changed easily if you care enough to. Rip off the branding and enjoy :)Read more

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