0C19XSIHGTC120 Leather attorney briefcase for males and females black italian attache doctor bag – time resistance

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leather briefcase – the company

  • time resistance bags get better with age: like buddies, like wine, such as you.
  • to live prepared

  • three separate booths and an inner pocket to arrange all of your belongings.
  • appropriate for a4 documents and folder
  • organizer panel for phone, playing cards and pens
  • room for pc up to 15”
  • time resistance is a home made leather-based items’ emblem constructed on love, integrity and respect.

    because time resistance baggage get better with age: like friends, like wine, like you.


    Black, Brown

    8 reviews for 0C19XSIHGTC120 Leather attorney briefcase for males and females black italian attache doctor bag – time resistance

    1. Rufus Fuscus

      I had purchased a Time Resistance briefcase three years ago. It was tough, well made & beautiful. But this Time Resistance attaché/briefcase was a tremendous disappointment. This doctor/lawyer briefcase is so poorly made that I had to return it immediately. First, there was glue sticking out from every single seam — the leather is supposed to be stitched, but the stitches are so thin & weak that they added plenty of glue all over. Then, the clasp was too small & too weak to close properly. The claps is merely a decorative novelty piece.Then, there is the way in which this briefcase arrived. It was very tightly wrapped in plastic with tons of adhesive tape all around it. This is the way leather goods made in China are always wrapped. Time Resistance is one of the few makers & sellers of leather goods on Amazon that does not appear to be in China, but rather in Eastern Europe. However, the huge difference in quality, craftsmanship & packing between the Time Resistance briefcase I bought three years ago and this one leads me to believe that this company has also succumbed to the appeal of cheap Chinese labor — along with its lack of quality control, dismal craftsmanship & careless mass production. It is a pity: Time Resistance has sacrificed quality for profits. Caveat emptor.Read more

    2. Ruskin Tomatoes

      3 months past the 12 month warranty and the bag is unusable. One of the pins that holds the handle to the rest of the bag fell out and, being small, was lost. The bag is also smaller than standard for this kind of briefcase and is very tipsy when you want it to stand up. For nearly $300 I expected a bag that would last more than a year and 3 months. Never again will I buy from this company.Read more

    3. David Allen

      I spent 5 months researching and looking for the perfect mens briefcase…..this is it! Soon as you pick up the briefcase you get the sense of the craftsmanship, great leather (full grian) and durability.This is the best briefcase and I plan on using it for the rest of my life.Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      Well done. Thank you for making a great product. I had a brief case like this many years ago and it began to fall apart. I am very impressed with your craftsmanship and quality of the leather.Keep up the good work you are doing.Read more

    5. Our Mutual Friend

      My wife got this for my birthday and I LOVE it LOVE it, Love it. I’m a college professor and it looks and functions the part hell, it’d be snazzy even at an ivy league university. THANKS LOVE and THANKS TIme Resistance!!Read more

    6. Hugh

      I’m giving this 5 stars because for the price it’s great. If you’re looking for $1K quality for less than $300 then keep looking. For a daily briefcase from home to office it’s great and saves my very expensive briefcase from wear and tear.Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      I had high expectations of this product, given the price point. It exceeded them. It is stunning in appearance. I have never received complements on my briefcase… until now. It is also extremely well made and functional. This will be the last briefcase I will ever buy. Ladies, if your husband is a businessman, this would make a much appreciated gift.Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      It was perfectRead more

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