14″ small duffle bag toned fitness center journey bag

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  • polyester
  • imported
  • zipper closure
  • functions: zippered essential compartment with zippered front pocket, pinnacle padded deal with, two aspect handles & removable/adjustable shoulder strap.
  • fabric: 600d polyester
  • length: 14″ x eight-1/2″ x eight-half of”.
  • coloration: black
  • supposed use: small gym bag, sports, tour, bring-on, baggage, camping, trekking and greater!
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8 reviews for 14″ small duffle bag toned fitness center journey bag

  1. eric bradfield

    This bag is the perfect size for my needs and I expect most people – at least men. Most gym bags are way bigger than needed by most so I really appreciate how I’m able to get everything I need into this smaller size. The pics show that there’s room for shoes, socks, shirt, shorts, towel, lock, toiletries, weightlifting grips, with a little room left over. Read more

  2. Tony Yang

    Perfectly fits my 10.5 sneakers, shorts, and socks for the gym. Read more

  3. Cindy Truong

    As a college student, I wanted a simple small bag to carry around campus before I go to the gym. For the first few weeks, the bag was quite nice! I could fit shoes, my gym attire, deodorant, lotion, and a couple other small items. But the lining inside fell apart quickly and soon, there was a hole in one of the corners. It also didn’t take very long before the padding on the strap came off. Most annoyingly, you’re left picking up the many pieces of lining off of your gym attire and the floor. I would not recommend this bag! Save your money and buy yourself a higher quality bag. Read more

  4. Alyssa P.

    I bought this bag for my 4 year old who started taking Cheer classes. Its small enough for her to carry around, and perfect size to hold all of her sports items. Durable material. We added a couple glittery embellishments to add some flare. But overall its a great product, especially for the price. Read more

  5. LifeofHawaii

    Don’t expect this bag to last more than a year. The lining started falling apart after normal use. All I used it for was to carry gloves, keys, jump rope, small towel, and other normal gym stuff. I would advise trying to find a better quality (but more expensive) bag if you want something a little more long term. Read more

  6. Stoney

    IN SHORT — Just the right size for overnight, or for those items you do not want in your checked baggage. Handle at the top and on one side. Removable neckstrap. COMMENTS > Just the right size for overnight — can hold a change of clothes (including shoes) and plenty of extra stuff. Easy to stuff under your airline seat so that you have things you want (e.g., snacks, a tablet, camera, medicines) conveniently with you. > The side handle makes the bag particularly easy to retrieve from under an airline seat (or from the top shelf of a locker). > No extra pockets or compartments (except one small pocket for a wallet and keys, etc). This is good, because it minimizes weight and bulk, so the Dalix can be folded up and not take up much space (or add much weight) in your suitcase. You can use it as a “just in case” bag (“just in case” you return with more stuff than you took). > I suggest purchasing lightweight fabric (or mesh)-and-zipper-type travel organizer bags for your medicines, personal grooming, socks, underwear, etc., which you can move from bag to drawer, or bag to bag, as you travel. > For roadtrips, I find the Dalix to be a great “last minute” bag — for last minute stuff (such as toothbrushes and other bathroom gear) and for stuff (such as snacks, a camera, etc.) that I want in the car with me. My wife cannot wear her “car shoes” to breakfast — so a pair of shoes is always a “last minute” item for us. > Handles of the Dalix will fit over the extended handle of a wheeled suitcase, with the bag riding on the top of the case. > Will work as a gym bag — but if primarily used for that purpose, I’d look for something with pockets and compartments. > Good finish, but low key (not impressive). This is good, thieves are more likely to steal flashier bags (suspecting more expensive stuff inside). > The black version is essentially invisible on the floor of a car, and therefore is unlikely to attract thieves. Read more

  7. Rivkah Maccaby

    This review was solicited by the company, which I’m not crazy about companies doing, and I usually won’t leave a review when a company does this, but this product is good enough that I’m making an exception. I bought it because I needed something to tote my Canon portable printer, a Pixma iP110, in. There’s a case just for the iP110 on the market, but it’s pretty expensive, and there’s not a lot of room in it for other stuff. So I bought this duffel bag to carry the printer in. It’s the perfect size, and was pretty inexpensive, especially compared to the dedicated case. The duffel isn’t padded like the case is, but I don’t bump it around a lot, so that doesn’t matter, and the duffel has room for all sorts of extras, like like paper, extra ink, and a cable, in case I have to print some place where there’s no wifi. The side pocket is just the right size. The shoulder strap is comfortable, and the bag is sturdy. I have not walked around with it in a heavy rain, and don’t intend to, but I have shlepped my printer in light rain, and it has stayed completely dry in this duffel bag. I would absolutely buy it again. Still kinda annoyed at the company for soliciting a review, but it did get the duffel to me pretty quickly. Read more

  8. Ryan Grattoni

    It is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. The pocket on the front of the bag is too small and tight though, making it mostly unusable. I have had no quality issues and can fit enough gym clothes for about 3 days. I was using this bag during the summer for Ultimate Frisbee and could fit in my cleats, shorts, a t shirt, a water bottle and a disc. Read more

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