17″ blank duffle bag duffel bag travel length sports long lasting health club bag

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  • polyester
  • imported
  • zipper closure
  • functions: perfect sports activities gym bag, authentic u-shape fundamental zippered compartment, give up zippered pcokets, the front zippered pocket, adjustable and detachable shoulder strap
  • size: 17″ x 10″ x 9″
  • material: 600d polyester w/ heavy vinyl backing
  • coloration: black
  • meant use: gym, sports activities, journey, luggage, carry-on bag, hiking and camping.
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product description


covered with the duffle bag is an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap with a period of as much as 42. 5″. Longest strap period: forty two. 5″ shortest strap length: 23″ shoulder drop length: 15″

collection of colours


Black, Gold, Gray, Green, Maroon, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, White

8 reviews for 17″ blank duffle bag duffel bag travel length sports long lasting health club bag

  1. M. Berntson

    I bought this because it’s supposed to be within United airlines personal item size restriction. I never tried out the bag empty, but with a bag stuffed full, it was definitely a tight squeeze into the personal item sizer. Luckily, they barely glanced at my bag and it fit under the seat. I’d suggest you get something slightly smaller that you won’t have to worry about over stuffing or you pack this bag with very little. I had to shove my bag into the sizer to get it to fit. The bag itself is a decent little duffle bag. I don’t have a review about longevity as I’ve only had the bag for two weeks. I took it through four flights and multiple drives where I threw it on a floor and let it ride. If I have to ever take it on United again, I’ll definitely pack it very lightly so I don’t have to stress about it getting checked. I haven’t had anything rip or pop yet. So, seems fine so far. Read more

  2. Swoop

    I ordered this bag to use at the gym. It was the perfect size and looked great. However, after about one month of use, the side pocket completely ripped. I’m very careful with my products and never overloaded or abused this bag in anyway. It simply went from my car to the gym locker and back to my car. Nevertheless, after a little over a month, the bag is now completely useless. I actually considered reordering a new one given the low price point and how much I liked the bag before it ripped, but I think I’m better off buying a higher quality product and recommend that you do the same. Read more

  3. spyder

    Did not hold up! I have used this bag now for over 2 years. I am practical enough to know nothing lasts forever.. however I did not expect the interior lining of this bag to start shredding after less than 2 years use!! The exterior feels like cloth type material, but the interior has a thin, plastic lining. I used it 4-5 times a week at the gym.I did not think I exposed it to any harsh treatment–no wet clothes, etc. But a few months ago the lining starts to peel away . Now it has progressed to the point of there being no lining at various areas of the bag. Granted , it was rather inexpensive, and it is a perfect size for my needs . Plus it has very roomy pockets on each end and in front. But due to the peeling off of the plastic interior I decided to order another bag from a different manufacturer. You will have to decide if this is a big deal or not to you. I for one do not want pieces of plastic coming off on my gym clothes. Read more

  4. Married Widow

    I bought my husband tickets online for my daughter’s wedding then realized I’d lose the “deal” if he brought anything larger than this, under the seat carry on. He wore the sport’s coat on the plane and was able to fit two plus day’s clothes in this flexible but durable bag. He loved the color too. Check your airline maximum dimensions, this one worked for United. I bought it because someone complained it fit tightly under the seat. That’s what I wanted, being able to bring as much as possible when that was all the airline allows. Read more

  5. rainydays

    I bought this to be used both as part of my monthly “Quarantine Movie Night Care Package” for my 95yr old dad (I tucked “8 Heads In A Duffle Bag” inside it… 8 heads in a DUFFLE BAG, get it? ok, groan all you want), as well as an inexpensive overnight bag to take to my brother’s. At less than $15, I really didn’t expect much, but was surprise… it’s actually a very well made and quite roomy. I was able to pack inside it… 2 heavy duty flannel men’s shirts, 4 dress shirts, a week’s worth of men’s undies and socks; PLUS 2 movies and a bunch of movie snacks, including 2 small bags of popcorn… very roomy indeed. Very happy. Read more

  6. Matthew Taylor

    I’d like to be clear- it is not an expensive bag and I have no right to expect craftsmanship above a certain level. When it arrived my first reaction was positive, but before I even took it out of the bag I saw a seem that had come undone. Upon closer examination I saw that it wasn’t very sturdy at all. I’m not unreasonable but this was definitely an example of careless quality control. This bag should never have left the factory. I’m returning it for a refund, which I will use (partly) to purchase a stronger, higher quality- more expensive, bag. Like I said- nice looking but hey- manufacturer- the QC Department just cost you a sale. Read more

  7. DP

    Held every thing I needed and fit under the seats. I didn’t have it packed tightly so it fit under seat on the smaller jets also (united Express). End compartments were great for my TSA liquids bag, electronics & wallet, easy access. Matched my “Olympia Apache 21” spinner Black & Purple perfectly. Just wish it had a strap on back for sliding over spinner handle. I made due with slipping one of the handle straps over & then Velcroing the handle straps together and also looping the shoulder strap around. I can’t carry a shoulder bag for long due to neck problems, so this worked in a pinch as long as I it tight. Other than that, the bag seems to be well made as long as I take care of it. I would purchase this again. It arrived quickly! Read more

  8. Kelly Miller

    I ordered the Purple and Black Duffle i finally got it today. Its not a Dark purple like in the Amazon Picture its a Light Lavender purple. Holds 3-4 days of clothes easily if your not a heavy packer. Bag has 4 zipper pockets The main one 2 side ones and a small one in front. I bought it for a small trip im taking and for a hospital bag for my 3rd baby due in Nov Read more

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