19″ game duffle bag, amazon distinctive

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  • one hundred% polyester
  • imported
  • one hundred% polyester lining
  • 24″ shoulder drop
  • device wash
  • starter hangtag doubles as a decal!
  • this health club bag is the appropriate length for carrying to and from the gym. It functions long lasting hand and adjustable shoulder straps, a hanger loop on the bottom side, and one outside facet pocket.
  • external aspect pocket is ideal for storing footwear break away garments
  • light-weight and speedy drying cloth
  • amazon distinctive men’s activewear
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product description

this gymnasium bag is the proper size for wearing your to and from the gymnasium. It features durable hand and adjustable shoulder straps, a hanger loop on the lowest facet, and one external aspect pocket.


One Size


Black, Iron Grey, Team Red

8 reviews for 19″ game duffle bag, amazon distinctive

  1. James D. Kirk

    I ordered a gym bag and I got a gym bag. It goes to the gym and carries clean clothes. When it leaves the gym, it carries dirty clothes. It has a strap AND handles. Read more

  2. Erica Robinson

    Surprised at how much I like this bag. I bought it on sale and didn’t expect much. It is not huge, but it is roomy without being bulky. It is lightweight without being weak. It is the perfect size for my kids to pack for trips. It could easily be used as a carry-on. I’m not sure how long it will last, but I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this again. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Great value for the price. Even though it lists the size, we were pleasantly surprised with how big these bags are. Perfect for gym class or when one is prone to going through expensive gym bags time and again. If the quality comes down or the price goes up it changes the rating, but the bags we got for the price we paid are a nice match. Read more

  4. D. Eng

    I figured -> a basic, cheap, one pocket bag for a rarely used over night bag. What can go wrong? Well I forgot how annoying “unsmooth” zippers were. Well they’re pretty annoying and the side pockets zipper actually gets tightly stuck on the first turn. It’ll require a few minutes of time, two hands and luck to get unstuck. & This is with very gentle opening it with two hands. Outside of that I’ve stuck about 20+lbs of stuff in it numerous times and it’s held up for hours just fine. And at least it does hold a good amount of volume. Read more

  5. R. A. Gaskill

    Not bad, but not great, didn’t hold its shape through shipping in a soft plastic bag, the wire forms were bent and didn’t regain their shape. Felt cheap to me. Next time I would spend a little more money to get something substantial, maybe in canvas instead of polyester. A classic case of you get what you pay for. Read more

  6. KrisS

    I bought 3 of these bags for a recent vacation. These were great for my husband and two kids. I will go back and get myself one as well. I bought the red, blue, and gray. They are fairly sturdy bags and have one zipper pocket on the side for smaller items. Great buy. Read more

  7. AmazonReviewer

    The bag that I recently was using as my overnight bag (when I’m just gone for one or two nights) broke and ripped, so I was looking for something to replace it that wouldn’t really break the bank. Saw this bag come available at a discounted price so I decided to give it a try. I’ve used it a few times now and it’s the perfect size and seems pretty durable and sturdy. I’m very happy with the purchase. Read more

  8. RonLibra

    Nice sleek design. I wanted a smaller duffle. But also one that was roomy inside as well. This bag holds alot. And feels comfortable while wearing it. Although they could have added one more pocket or side panel on the inside. I like the logo placement on the bag as well. Read more

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