2-percent nautica three-segment auto open umbrella – strong wet day protection with ergonomic cope with, forty two” of insurance

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  • compact layout for tour – without problems toss our small, folding umbrella in a handbag or backpack. Sturdy yet lightweight, it is the perfect companion for rain protection.
  • streamlined auto open & close – no greater fumbling and struggling with umbrellas that refuse to extend. Clearly press the available button on the handle to quick open and near without a fuss.
  • superior repellency – water-resistant and weatherproof, you could defend against the elements with self belief. The right away drying fabric works to repel water, retaining you dry and guarded.
  • ergonomic grip – with a rubber-covered, smooth manage, our collapsible umbrella is relaxed to your hands and capabilities a non-slip grip.
  • global-famend & depended on – when you buy from nautica, you buy from a emblem with almost 40 years of celebrated customer support, designer styles, and excessive-elegance pleasant. You can be assured you are deciding on a logo the sector can assume. A life-time guarantee is covered with every purchase.
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  • how wide is it
  • query: how huge is it answer: now not positive of the measurements but huge sufficient for two humans to be beneath it, very consistent and easy to carry, does no longer experience reasonably-priced in any respect, average very happy with it. By yvelise gonzalez on october 17, 2020 collapse all solutions


    Black, Green, Lime, Navy, Striped Blue

    8 reviews for 2-percent nautica three-segment auto open umbrella – strong wet day protection with ergonomic cope with, forty two” of insurance

    1. J. Wiley

      These umbrellas ( set of 2) are very high quality and exceeded expectations. They have a great span without being too large or cumbersome to hold. Will easlity provide enough coverage. Love the automatic open feature with the easy press of a button. This feature seems very sturdy and has not failed yet. One press of the same button will also retract the umbrella. In my experience, some umbrellas with this feature are hard to lock back down but I have not had a problem with these. Material and build of umbrellas seem durable with a strong inside skeleton that seems like it will withstand strong winds well. The design is very sleek and would look great in both casual or professional settings. Although this is not what I would consider a “compact” umbrella for a small purse or fanny pack, this will easily fit into a backpack, briefcase, or a tote purse. Read more

    2. AmazonEd

      This is an attractive and sturdy umbrella with one structural flaw – it is hard to completely close. This evening, I needed an umbrella and used this product. It opens quickly and smoothly and did well against the wind. When I got to my car, I opened the door and tried of shield myself as much as possible as I closed the umbrella. Unfortunately, it is very hard after unfolding to snap the umbrella back into place. The only way I could do so was to press the bottom of the handle against my torso and strongly pull on the pulldown piece. This occurs every time I try to completely close the umbrella. I never make it into the car without getting more wet than I should. Read more

    3. Christian J

      I figured that being a name brand product, this should be somewhat durable. Boy, was I completely mistaken. This was the most worthless piece of garbage. I make no exaggeration when I say that this broke the VERY FIRST time using it. I tried to close it and store it away, but when I tried, the cords became loose and jammed the closing mechanism. I would not suggest throwing your money away on such a cheaply made junk item. Read more

    4. David S.

      These umbrellas are fantastic- small, dependable, windproof. The two-stage deploy-release mechanism is great fun, although not a requirement for an umbrella. I do think, however, that the mechanism adds to the rigidity of the umbrella- I haven’t had one of these invert on me in a stiff breeze yet. Small enough to keep in a car door pocket or backpack, useful enough to justify having. Nice! Read more

    5. CP

      Super tiny umbrella. It is waterproof, but not windproof. It will turn inside our. The size of this umbrella is appropriate for children under the age of 10 Read more

    6. Julia Thorne

      Product is great! I love that the push button both opens and closes the umbrella. Great deal for TWO of them! I bought for my kids backpacks and they both love them. Read more

    7. Inma

      I love that the button opens these umbrellas up. However, the very first time I used one of these, the wind blew it out. They are not very sturdy. They’re inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. I wouldn’t recommend these umbrellas. Read more

    8. Aleksandr A.

      The price is quite low and the build it quite sturdy, but the very first impression of the handle is quite a repulsed one – the handle feels too big with too sharp angles. I prefer to look for more comfortable options, even if the price is gonna be higher. Maybe it’s personal in my case, perhaps, for many people this won’t be a problem. Read more

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