21″ blank sports duffle bag health club bag journey duffel with adjustable strap in red

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  • make sure this suits through coming into your version wide variety.
  • features: 1 big essential compartment for towels footwear and so forth, 1 zippered the front pocket for keys/mouthguard/cellphone/different, 1 padded adjustable shoulder strap, 1 padded duffel deal with with hook and loop strapping, 2 facet wallet with zipper closure which can be for valuables and water bottles, 2 side flap pockets for clean grabbing and rapid on the go atheletes
  • cloth: robust polyester
  • length: 21″ length x 10″ width x 10″ peak
  • colour: pink / black upc : 812822028410
  • supposed use: gymnasium, sports activities, travel, duffle bag, throw bag, carry on, baggage
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product description

this toned bag is one in all dalix’s maximum fundamental duffel baggage. Refined as a quick gymnasium bag or travel bag, you can throw lots of objects in right here. You can healthy shoes, and a small towel without problems. Patented dalix lining maintains the bag actual, no greater inferior products. Padded handles allow you to deliver the bag unmarried surpassed or with an adjustable shoulder strap that is removable:

  • 1 large predominant compartment for towels footwear
  • 1 zippered front pocket for keys / mouthguard / cellphone/other
  • 1 padded adjustable shoulder strap (detachable)
  • 1 padded duffel deal with with unhookable grip
  • 2 aspect wallet with zipper closure that are for valuables and water bottles
  • 2 facet flap pockets for smooth grabbing and fast on the pass athletes
  • ordinary dimensions

    notable spacious and big in your gymnasium and journey needs

    product capabilities

    1 padded adjustable shoulder strap (detachable)

    shortest strap period: 30″

    longest strap length: 50″

    color alternatives

    black, gold, gray, inexperienced, maroon, military blue, orange, crimson, purple, red, royal blue and white


    Black, Gray, Green, Maroon, Navy Blue, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, White

    8 reviews for 21″ blank sports duffle bag health club bag journey duffel with adjustable strap in red

    1. Cassinay_

      I am using this as my hospital bag for delivery and I am loving the space and pockets the duffle bag has. I will be able to easily pack all of my items for delivery and post delivery (I’m the over prepared type person) and include the few items we will need for baby. Perfect for the price! ** I reserve the right to update at any time this review if I need to, and I paid full price to purchase this product so there is nothing requiring me to review in anyway this review is purely my own pure opinion on the product I purchased and recieved ** PS if you found this review helpful please remember to give it a “thumbs up” so others are able to see just how helpful this review may be if they too rely on the experience of others, thank you! 🙂 Read more

    2. Jessica

      HONEST/UNPAID REVIEW: First of all this is the BEST carry on bag for your buck EVER. I usually travel with so much stuff and decided that I would only travel with one bag seeing I’ll only be gone for 4 days. Everyone doubted that I could travel with one bag but I was determined! Just to give you an idea of what all I put in this bag: *please keep in mind that I am plus size 3x/4x WHICH does matter because if you are of smaller size you can probably fit more*: Sweaters: 5 Leggings: 3 Sweat pants: 2 T-shirts: 1 Shorts: 1 Tank top: 2 Makeup bag: 1 Toiletries bag: 1 Panties: 5 Face towels: 5 Bras: 2 (yes only 2 because I dislike wearing them) Boots: 1 pair Knee high (size 11) House shoes: 1 pair (size 11) Medicine bag: 1 Socks: 5 pairs I KID you not; with all of my articles of clothing the bag is NOT at all unstitching, or too heavy (& I have carpal tunnel)! The bag is very durable even though I haven’t taken it on the plane yet (I will this week) I walked around after I packed everything and it’s very comfortable. Even if this bag wasn’t too last long I would definitely reorder again. All of the compartments make it easy to fit extra items. Going to order for my fiancé & children to have so when we take short trips we’ll have other options over checked luggage. What would’ve made this bag a 10/10 instead of 5/5 would’ve been wheels. Although it’s not heavy for me; I get lazy sometimes (just being honest) so to have this bag with wheels as an option would be bomb. I also have a luggage weigher and it’s like 15lbs. If you can carry 15lbs or more this bag is for you. The CRAZY part is it doesn’t feel like 15lbs only about 5-10lbs at the most. Read more

    3. Carpk

      Pretty good deal for the price. The measurements were 21″ long x 9.5″ wide x 10.5″ high. Inner tag says its made of polyester, do not machine wash, do not iron, and do not bleach. It came with a somewhat flimsy bottom board, but it does it’s job nicely. You are not going to be able to put shoes in the side compartments, but headphones or toiletries will fit. Side compartments were 2″ long when zipped closed. Read more

    4. Imani S

      Absolutely worthe price!! I paid around $15 for this product and it’s 100% worth the price. Came quickly and is such an inexpensive way to save a few bucks! The color is really cute and the detailing is the “DALIX” logo on the silver zippers. So cute and affordable! Super roomy inside and perfect for a FOUR DAY WEEKEND (so you know I plan on packing a bunch of stuff inside) Can’t wait! Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      just used this for a 2-week trip to Europe (had to find something to somewhat satisfy RyanAir’s insane carry-on sizer) and LOVED it. fit in a bunch of clothes, shoes, souvenirs, toiletries, etc. and the only other bag I brought was a purse. dragged it on the airport floors, shoved it under hostel beds, the works. really glad I found this bag. Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      I was surprised how much I could actually fit in here without breaking apart at the seams. I fit in three pairs of jeans, three shirts, a week’s worth of underwear, a week’s worth of socks, a flashlight, comb, and a pair of sneakers. And I still had some room left! Read more

    7. Amanda Fischbeck

      This bag is great. I love the colors. I’ve been using it as my gym bag for about a month now. It fits everything I need. Clothes, towel, shoes, toiletries and I even have extra room. The side pockets are great too. Read more

    8. Mrs. Simpkins

      Small, but large. Used this bag as my hospital bag for myself when I went to have my daughter. The bag is small but a lot of things can fit very nicely, the size kinda tricks you. Material seems durable(I’ve not had it long) and I didn’t see any loose stitching ends so it came in very good condition. Read more

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