24k rib huge shade rainbow umbrella style long manage immediately anti-uv solar/rain stick umbrell

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  • make certain this fits by way of entering your model variety.
  • umbrella cloth is beautiful and durable,fine extra clear colorfull!
  • umbrella cover so huge which can maintain out wind and rain for two people
  • shriveled guide open layout,the usage of extra convenient
  • umbrella take care of feels so suitable,carry the rain pride
  • color and splendor surround you,make the rainy day end up glad and a laugh

product description


Manual, fully-automatic

8 reviews for 24k rib huge shade rainbow umbrella style long manage immediately anti-uv solar/rain stick umbrell

  1. TxFemme

    I love this umbrella! It makes me absolutely happy to walk around in the rain with such vibrant colors whilst everyone around me carries black umbrellas. It’s held up really well in gusty winds and provides ample coverage. My only complaint is that the button to open and close it requires some maneuvering. When I go to open the umbrella, the spokes get caught in my sleeves but I don’t feel like I have a overly short or tiny forearm for this to be happening. Read more

  2. Rebecca Balduff

    Bought this umbrella for myself; I am a fan of long-handled stick umbrellas, and I like the traditional parasol appearance. With its straight handled grip and 24 ribs, this umbrella is very sturdy and has the traditional parasol look. Each panel is sewn from a different colored nylon. I purchased the non-automatic umbrella, and pushing down on the lock mechanism is a little awkward. Not recommended for someone with arthritis or dexterity issues. The umbrella is large enough to shelter two people, but not so big as to be awkward for one person. It comes with a sheath with a shoulder strap, which is very useful for carrying it. I am always getting compliments on the beauty of my umbrella, too! Read more

  3. Stevie

    This umbrella is amazing! First, it’s gorgeous! The colors are bright and vibrant and beautiful, but the greatest thing is that it’s freaky strong! I walked around with it all day in really strong blowing wind and it wasn’t phased one bit. There were 30 mph gusts that caused me to hold onto this umbrella with both hands and it never even tried to invert. First umbrella I’ve ever had that was that strong! Plus I got many many nice compliments:) Read more

  4. Mike Delisi

    I really love the color and size of this umbrella. The full spectrum panels look great with the sun shining through them, and it’s as wide as you want a hand-held umbrella to be. The durability is a bit of a mixed bag, however. The top half of the umbrella is tough enough to hold up to some very strong winds and heavy rainfall without so much as a flex. You pay for this with a little more weight than is ideal, but it’s still very easy to carry. The lower half of the umbrella, however, has proven less robust. The wrist strap is barely attached, and I accidentally pulled it off within a week or so. The handle also has a thin coating which first bubbled, and then began to slough off in big flaps. That being said, the material under the coating is still a perfectly fine handle, so this was more of a curious annoyance than anything else. All in all, if you’re looking for a great looking rainbow umbrella that will hold up to some punishment, you could do much worse. Read more

  5. DisneyGal

    This is a really pretty and really sturdy BIG umbrella which arrived just in time for a huge rainstorm to hit! I don’t know why it took me so long to get away from the flimsy little travel sized umbrellas but I’m sure glad I stumbled upon this one. Highly reccomend!! Read more

  6. Richard S. Tallent

    This umbrella literally broke the first time I opened it. It opened “too far,” putting the ring too close to the ribs, and then stuck there. I was finally able to force it closed, pinching my finger in the process. Then it happened again when I actually tried to use it in the rain, and the only way I could close it was to force it closed from the outside. I returned it. A very pretty umbrella, but it doesn’t do the one job it needed to do. Read more

  7. S. Bier

    The actual handle and the tip of the umbrella are cheap but the quality of the stitching and colors of the umbrella fabric are amazing. Took it on a hike and it didn’t snag I grazed many dry branches. Also works in the rain. Imagine that. For how much it was it’s amazing. Read more

  8. Jo

    I have used this umbrella a couple times now and it has been great. Beautiful colors and protects me just fine in drizzle. Plus it came with a great little carry sheathe with a strap. I have not have the opportunity to use it in a down pour, but it doesn’t feel like it would survive a heavy wind…which none of my umbrellas really ever have…so can’t really fault that. Read more

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