3- foldcompact solar&rain travel umbrella light-weight portable out of doors golf umbrella with ninety five% uv protection

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  • fiberglass frame
  • ★ weight( 11oz=310g),length(9in=240mm). About the weight & length of plus.
  • ★ transportable & journey umbrella : 5 folding construction make it extremely compact & light-weight. It fits effectively to your backpack, purse, or suitcase. Light & small enoughl to carry around.
  • ★ ninety five% uv safety : this umbrella can shield ninety five% from uv rays within the check. Model a/c/e: umbrellas for each rain and sun, with ninety five% uv
  • ★ protection. Version b/d: rain umbrellas, without uv safety. Concept present :perfect present for guys,girls, children and students , dad and mom, buddies, colleagues ,enthusiasts.
  • ★ wind resistant & water-resistant: the fiberglass rib plus a intellectual shaft endow this umbrella with the potential to withstand inside the normal heavy wind and rain. It gained’t without problems to turn out internal like maximum other umbrella do. The water-resistant coating make it dry quickly and you can just put it returned into bag in brief time after use
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product description

product description ultra lightweight & compact: problematic craftsmanship makes this umbrella weigh best about 7 ounces. Mini layout lets in this umbrella short enough (9in=240mm). To fit perfectly for your bag. Mild and small, this umbrella is perfectly transportable for every person! The canopy material with a layer of uv and water blocking coating, this umbrella is able to block 95% uv ray and protects you well from the heating solar and any anticipated downpours. Preserve you cool in the sun and safe within the rain. Handy & a perfect present: mini size and extremely mild, this umbrella is quite convenient to tote round you anytime everywhere. Elegant look plus diverse bright colorations so that you can pick make this umbrella as a perfectly ideal present on your circle of relatives, buddies and associates! Robust & easy design: made of six-rib aluminum alloy come with a mental shaft, this umbrella is nicely constructed if you want to use easily. Ultimate and commencing is guide whilst all paintings in a fast and clean motion. The non-button design guarantees your finger no longer be hurting while near it. Smooth to open and close with out a whole lot energy wished. An velcro strap keeps it closed nicely when near. Applicable user: girls,guys,boys,women,children,college students,ect package deal inclusive of: 1* umbrella 1*umbrella cover


Lake Blue, Pink purple, Rice white, purple

8 reviews for 3- foldcompact solar&rain travel umbrella light-weight portable out of doors golf umbrella with ninety five% uv protection

  1. Artemis

    This thing!!! It broke on me when I was using it for protection at a big event. I was in costume performing and the first time I went to use it, it front of tons of guests. I was so embarrassed and did my best to play it off. Also, it’s got a ton of black on the underside and in the bag. It’s ugly with the dingy white. Total misrepresentation, made of cheap materials, in my experience. I immediately returned it for a refund. Ew. Read more

  2. Ashley Rheuark

    I had this about 2 weeks, and only used it about 4-5 times total, before it broke. The handle on it just came right off when I tried to open it one day (and it wasn’t windy, I was not being rough or in a hurry, or anything like that). Not to mention the handle was constantly coming unscrewed up until that point. The cuteness of this umbrella doesn’t make up for how difficult and easily broken it is. Plus, it never folds up as small as it originally was and it’s huge when folded. This made it difficult to actually carry with me. Read more

  3. Hollie

    How can it be so.pretty for the price when these are so expensive from other sellers?? They are just that.. just as beautiful if not more than many and the best price!! I brought my mom the beige for Easter and she was thrilled!! Its so pretty I want all the bright colors to hang up kiddie corner in the creases where every wasll meets in each room!! Super pretty!! The purse is also super cute it comes in and they are made well!! Thanks guys made a great Easter for my mom.. She is 66 and loves tje tone down colors.. me I love the bright ones! Something for everyone!! Enjoy!! EVERYONE BE SAFE W THIS VIRUS AND HOPE WE ALL COME THRU IT OK!! Read more

  4. Kindle Customer

    I have a sun allergy so being out in the beautiful sunny days has been a real issue. This sunbrella protected me from the Arizona summer sun! I felt a bit like a Southern Belle from days gone by. Also, it seems using a sunbrella is not that uncommon. Now that I use one, I notice many more. This is great quality, easy to use. Read more

  5. Mama Anon

    I’ve been looking for an parasol to use with my coords that wasn’t as expensive as name brands. I found this parasol and was kinda concerned because of the price and a few of the reviews. However, this parasol is absolutely PHENOMENAL! Gorgeous, very sturdy, and blocks out UV rays! It goes perfect with my dresses and I couldn’t be more happy!! It even came with a little bag to carry it in!! I will be buying more in different colours!! Read more

  6. Poe

    The umbrella was packed well and arrived in good condition. The color was an off white, tinged greenish. The material was a thickish plastic. It wasn’t attractive at all. It certainly wasn’t suitable for this wedding. I sent it back with no problems and received a refund. Read more

  7. Jon Reyn

    It works on the rain, sun, asks looks like snow too. Can brighten my day. It’s very sturdy too. I used this when it was lightly hailing, and the wind was blowing pretty hard enough that if flipped it inside out. Usually for cheaply made umbrellas it’s over with, but this one did very well, went back to its original form like nothing happened. Read more

  8. allison t

    I really love how it looks but I do have to admit that there are flaws with it it’s very hard to Lake properly close which I imagine will lead to breaking very easily and honestly I don’t use the bag at all to carry the umbrella because again I can’t close it so it’s harder to put back in the bag but I think the bag is just kind of useless I might give it to my niece to play with but it does keep me dry and it does look cute so it gets three stars Read more

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