48″ arc traditional timber handle umbrella auto open windproof unbreakable stick rain umbrella

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  • fiberglass body
  • quick smooth vehicle open & j cope with layout: this umbrella opens automatically so you can react to a downpour in seconds! It is easy to perform in one hand, speedy, dependable and convenient. No battery wanted! Features timber j-deal with design for traditional looking, fits perfectly in your hand for grip and is simple to carry.
  • 190t water-resistant pongee fabric: the material is excessive density water repellent and dry fast, it won’t without difficulty soaked. You most effective want to shake lightly after last the umbrella, then all of the drops will long past. We handiest use excessive first-rate, waterproof pongee cloth. Strong and lightweight! There may additionally have coloration aberration due to mild difficulty.
  • superior wind resistance: windproof: 46m/s. The progressed 8 fiberglass ribs may be bent and flex in windy days and now not clean destroy. We use the windproof shape, even though inverts with large storms, it’ll come returned without damaging the frame of the umbrella.
  • robust wood shaft: our 14mm shaft is fabricated from stylish wooden, that’s stronger than steel shaft, prolonged the use of time and durability. Each rib and stretcher are exceptionally engineered to present you reliability. Additionally the deal with and tips are matching coloration wooden cloth. The metal on top of umbrella is made from aluminium, it’s far oxidized, there is no lightening risk. Please no fear.
  • great assure and excertional customer service: this traditional timber umbrella is precise your best choice! It’s far a incredible gift for your mother and father, friends and colleagues. You can get a alternative if there has any great problems. Additionally, we have remarkable provider crew to serve you and may respond within 12 hours.
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  • what is the lithium battery needed for?
  • query: what’s the lithium battery wished for? Answer: no battery. By way of c. M. S. On november 28, 2019 crumble all solutions

  • could this umbrella be robust/strong sufficient for use for light and occasional strolling support?
  • query: would this umbrella be robust/robust sufficient to be used for light and low taking walks help? Solution: that’s now not its supposed cause but the wood take care of is quite strong. By using larry v. On july 29, 2019 failed to get solutions. See greater solutions (1) disintegrate all answers

  • is the take care of removable ?
  • query: is the cope with removable ? Solution: the deal with isn’t always detachable. By larry v. On february 1, 2019 collapse all solutions

  • what is the lithium battery wished for?
  • query: what’s the lithium battery wanted for? Answer: hello expensive, this umbrella is with out lithium battery. Product page shows with error, we can fix it. An awful lot sorry for any inconvenience! No any battery blanketed or wanted, pls no fear about it! First-rate regard! Soulrain group via soulrain dealer on july five, 2019 disintegrate all solutions


    Black Umbrella, Grey, Navy, Wine

    8 reviews for 48″ arc traditional timber handle umbrella auto open windproof unbreakable stick rain umbrella

    1. Miller xiao

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. It is the second time that I buy umbrella from Soulrain.Well made, stylish. Strong enough to withstand gusts of wind and downpours – this umbrella will not disappoint,I’ll be back here for another one for my friend. Read more

    2. Evelyn

      First impression of this umbrella was very good! Beautiful, sturdy handle, button looks a little cheap but it’s a cheap umbrella. The fiberglass ribs are perfect, they’re thick and really sturdy, and they bend wonderfully and immediately snap back to straight. Why, then, do I rate this product one star? My problem came when I tried to close the umbrella. One of the arms snapped. Whatever, I’m using this for a project, I’ll epoxy it back in place and it’ll be fine. No. In trying to position the arm to glue it back in place, a second arm snapped. I immediately filed for a return. When I went to close the umbrella to put it back in the box, the rest of the arms broke. This umbrella has been in my house for less than two hours, been opened 4 times, and is already completely useless. I was hoping the one arm was a fluke, but all of them? Not possible. If I were to give this manufacturer one recommendation, it would be to make the frame out of the same material that the ribs are made of. If that were the case, this umbrella would be a dream, even at a slightly higher price. Read more

    3. A. Daniela

      I’ll start off by saying this umbrella is beautiful and big so it’s perfect for rainy days… However… it is definitely NOT windproof. I work downtown so it’s usually very windy and rainy in the winter and 3 days in, a gust of wind blew this thing straight up into the air, I had to quickly grab the sides and pull it back down but I got SOAKED. You can feel it struggling even with just normal/medium wind and I’ve found myself holding on to the fabric with one hand so it doesn’t turn up. I’m really disappointed but it’s still a cute umbrella so I’ll use it for rainy days with soft/no wind. Read more

    4. Joshua

      Love the wood construction. Sturdy and reliable. Read more

    5. Lynsey

      sturdy handsome umbrella Read more

    6. Alpine

      I ordered the grey colored umbrella and I have been using it extensively since November 23. It’s an overall four stars because for $23 USD, I received a well built wind resistant umbrella that looked stylish and classy. It’s an umbrella; its job is easy and simple and it accomplishes it. Now for the cons: – the wood feels cheap, low quality, and easily damaged. – aluminum tip is easily bendable. One drop out of the box and the tip has a giant indent… from hitting linoleum. – wood tips at the end of the canvas are held by pressure from the canbas itself, not glued. It makes it easy to fall off if it gets caught on something – the button is a gem made out of literal garbage (it’s how it’s made. This is a pro, but…). The gold/silver surrounding it is cheap plate, like the wrapper of your candy bar. – the button doesn’t align with the hook. I don’t know if this was a choice for ergonomics for right handers or a product design failure. Not really an issue, but it bugs me. It’s good, and it gets the job done. But if you’re looking for something a little more quality enforced, look somewhere else 👍 Read more

    7. Kitty Olsen

      I ordered this as a gift and returned it due to chips in the handle. I reordered it and it was shipped promptly, which I appreciated. But, the second one also has a chip in the handle, so I was not satisfied with the purchase. Rather than go through the hassle of returning it again, I decided to keep it for my personal use and buy a new one locally to hive as a gift. Other than the chip, it works well. Read more

    8. JoshuaNYC78

      The umbrella is sturdy enough, and that I like. However, the wood is coated to be brown and flakes off with use. It explains why it’s so light weight, but I guess you get what you pay for. I’d rather not use an umbrella that flakes off in my hand. I’ll just give it away and find one that is solid wood and not painted on. Read more

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