Ace 2 convertible travel tote bag, heather gray

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  • make certain this suits by getting into your version number.
  • insulated zippered pocket
  • trolley sleeve
  • 2 pen holders and 4 card slots
  • removable and adjustable tote and go-frame strap
  • four. 5x16x14
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from the producer

the detachable tote straps, adjustable cross-body straps and hidden backpack straps give you an abundance of carrying alternatives with the ace 2.

our signature insulated zippered pocket means you can keep your snack or water cool to your each day adventures.

this lug tote offers a smooth-lined cargo sleeve that easily suits a fifteen” pc.

we believe that while you’re organized, you can revel in all of existence’s shiny and colourful moments. Our thoughtfully precise hand baggage, bags deliver-ons and add-ons integrate fashion with characteristic to create convenience for all your ordinary tour.

product description

the ace 2 features loads of pockets to hold you organized consisting of a constructed in insulated pocket for storing snacks or lunch items! The north-south design keeps the tote flow lined on your frame whether or not you put on it as a traditional tote, move-body or as a backpack with the provided removable straps. You will also have peace of thoughts understanding that this available tote gives rfid protection!


Dragonfly Navy, Flamingo Black, Heather Grey, Shimmer Black, Shimmer Navy, Tropical Grey

5 reviews for Ace 2 convertible travel tote bag, heather gray

  1. Collie Lover

    Just returned from a 17-day vacation toting this bag on airplanes, airports, in cars, vans, etc. It fits under an airline seat with my medium-to-large-sized purse next to it. Love that it has both a purse handle and backpack straps. I use the backpack function in the airport and when boarding planes (narrow aisles). There are numerous compartments, which are useful for organization and separating items. There are two side pouches for an umbrella, water bottle, etc. One of the compartments even works for keeping food items chilled. My iPad has a special compartment, and when my purse is not overstuffed, it fits right in the middle of this bag with the other items. Today I had a warm puffer jacket in the middle section, gloves and a hat in another compartment as we left sunny L.A. to arrive at a chilly 34 and windy temperature at our destination. I also had an iPad, umbrella, bottle of water, Bose headsets in a large case, a notebook, etc.–this guy is roomy but yet lightweight to carry when jammed full of “stuff”. It also has straps to hook onto a roller bag. My favorite thing about the bag is it’s beautiful blue color; the blue is a vibrant and cheery navy. It is an expensive tote, but it is well worth every penny it cost. Seems well-made and should last for many years. Read more

  2. Christy K

    I typically only review things that deserve my time. The design of this bag is flawless. Holds much more volume than it looks like it would. Soo many organizing pockets. The fabric is pretty & feels durable. The quality of the construction exceeded my expectations for the pricepoint. I’ve never paid more than $40 dollars for any bag, tote, backpack, purse, etc. & I was a little apprehensive about this price. It was worth every penny. I’m strongly considering buying another one now to throw in the back of my closet because I wouldn’t change anything at all about this bag. They’ll probably be at least two upgraded versions into the future before it wears out. I use this for daily transport of my laptop & all my necessities to & from the office & meetings. I work in construction & sometimes have to make trips into the field or walk jobsites so the 4-way convertible feature is everything. I can’t find one thing to critique. Maybe I would wish for more colors & patterns to choose from but that’s really reaching considering most of this bag’s peers offera more limited & dull selection. Really impressive. Read more

  3. shopping_diva

    My take. I bought a very cool looking bag to ‘lug’ around laptop, wallet, small makeup bag, lunch for tooling around The top zipper pulley is too weak and does not close properly and inside the bag is already fraying after loading up once. Poor quality construction for its MSRP price point. Back to the drawing board. This is a unisex bag targeting women- but its structural organization should be a lot better with a locking capability for a small wire coil combination lock. The pulley bends and has no space for the wire cable to attach to the lock. Sorry, but although the bag is great looking; its functionality is slightly higher than a $60 diaper bag at double the cost. Will still look at LUG for innovation; however, they really need to figure out how to construct a more durable, functional design for totes, bags and luggage. YES, keep working on it. But either lower cost or improve construction materials for durability, flexible fabric, interior lining and zipper construction. Read more

  4. Chase P

    UPDATE: I ended up contacting the warranty department at Lug and they have been wonderful!! They had me upload photos of my bag including the damage and they are sending a replacement bag. How a company handles situations like this is very telling of who they are and what they stand for. Lug 100% stands by it’s customers. In the past I have had two similar situations, I can tell you they were not handled this swiftly or kindly and one wasn’t remedied at all. Lug is an amazing company and they have a customer for life! Let me start by saying that I love almost everything about this bag. I have owned it for four months. I love that it can be carried three different ways, I love all of the pockets, I love the durability. However, I was still a bit hesitant to purchase it based on the reviews about the insulated pouch ripping with use. I bought it anyway and decided not to use the insulated pocket unless I absolutely needed to. I decided to use it this past weekend on a trip. When I opened up the pocket I was extremely disappointed to find that it had ripped anyway without any prior use at all. I did check it when I first received it and the insulation was in tact at the time. To have spent what I did on this bag from a reputable company and to have only had it for four months I am very disappointed that with no use of the insulated pocket at all it still somehow ripped and is now useless. Read more

  5. Michael Seutter Sr

    Hi I use this bag to carry school papers my wallet a few other items what has happened is the zipper along the very top of this bag will allow the zipper pull to come completely off of the bag once you have pulled on the black zipper pull to close the bag I just recieved replacements for the original two I purchased within a week one of the zipper pulls has disengaged and is no longer in place leaving my bag useless along the top I can’t close or pull zipper toggle pulley to close my bag shut leaving it worthless very disappointing these Lugz bags are expensive should have better zipper stop on the side of bag that you pull the zipper pulley that stops the pulley from coming completely off the zipper line this is a design flaw I’m now needing another bag replacement because the zipper pull does continue to pull completely off of the top of the bag.Dissapointed with this continuing to happen please share with Lugz manufacturing source THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE MICHAEL SEUTTER Read more

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