Andante 2 drop bottom wheeled rolling duffel bag

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  • one hundred% polyester
  • imported
  • external clutch handles for easy dealing with
  • locking pull handle
  • stop pockets for shoes and wet items
  • nook protectors shield in opposition to wear and tear at vital contact factors
  • huge u-fashioned predominant establishing
  • frame dimensions: 22. 0″ x 12. Five” x 12. Zero”, weight: five. 07 kilos
  • wheel type: in-line
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product description

introducing new andante wheeled duffels. Andante 2 retains the characteristic of the authentic and reinterprets it into casual way of life built for tour. A extra refined look mixed with added utility decorate the purchaser enjoy, which strongly resonates with the samsonite logo compass. The duffels are made out of a waterproof dobby polyester, and have a locking pull manage with easy rolling wheels. Exterior seize handles provide the means to quickly clutch the bags from an expansion of factors. The drop bottom (2 larger sizes), and huge u-formed commencing make packing and locating belongings a breeze. To be had in three sizes and 3 colors andante 2 will pride the customer.


22-Inch, 28-Inch, 32-Inch


All Black, Moss Green/Black, Riverrock/Black

8 reviews for Andante 2 drop bottom wheeled rolling duffel bag

  1. VintageRolls

    I used this bag one time and the top outer lining ripped off like paper. The bag does not have duffle style handles so all of the weight falls on one little handle when lifted. Don’t waste your money. Read more

  2. John B.

    I bought this Samsonite Andante 28″ duffle even after reading reviews stating poor durability. We just returned from a European vacation including five flights and two weeks of the usual shuttle buses, crammed elevators, stairs, etc. Fortunately the duffle held up without the broken zippers and blown out seams that others experienced, only a few scuffs from baggage handlers. Also, some complained about not being able to get it to stand up on its own-just pack the heaviest things in the bottom as I did and I had no problem with it standing up. I use packing cubes and just loaded the heaviest things in one a positioned that in the bottom. The only “ flaw “ in the design is the split sections ( top & bottom ) that some might not see the purpose. Or some might not like the modified duffle design and might prefer a hard sided suitcase. These are personal considerations. I’m a bit stye conscious and like the look of this design and it was very functional. This duffle did well on it’s maiden voyage and is well worth the price. Oh, and it held two weeks worth of cloths and things. Read more

  3. Joel Ferrer

    I purchased this for a single flight (I was on an internship in California and was going back home for a week). After this single trip, the seams are already falling apart. For this amount of money, I would have thought it would’ve lasted much longer. Very very disappointed. Read more

  4. JCA

    This is a great size for traveling and was just the right size that we needed for a recent sailing trip. I like the dual compartments and that the top is collapsible. However, the zip pocket that is on the bottom when the case stands up and is wheeled ripped on the very first use. I’m sure it’s something to do with the friction of that occasionally resting on the ground while it’s being transported but pretty ridiculous that it developed holes after one weekend use (on a train, not even being handled by baggage handlers at the airport). Read more

  5. sweetsunrise30

    I needed a decent size bag to move around the city, day to day. I loved the sleek design. But didn’t realize it wasn’t practical. I didn’t think about it too much, cause I’m so used to a samsonite lasting yrs. I figured a year would be decent. But it’s almost useless after a month. The wheels seem to be sturdy. But the side that stands up, that sits on the ground has no protection. In a month it’s worn, to holes. So whatever is inside , will be touching the dirty city streets. Forget it on a rainy day. I realized not too long after my window to return was up. My other pull bags lasted a year. So I’m a bit disappointed. Looks like to make it worth the money. May have to resort to some ghetto duct taping of the bottom. Read more

  6. Naman Vaidya

    I got this bag for my parents for an international travel, on the day of the travel the bag got torn and it is a waste that such a big brand has such bad quality. Read more

  7. Kindle Customer

    Purchased this item to carry only as a carryon to different corporate location (4 trips in 2.5 months). As the picture shows, the bag has three tears along the side where I cannot use it on the next trip. I have only used this as a carry on and for site visits. I cannot find how to request a warranty. Seems if this item was more expensive, you would have to ship it in for evaluation. I will be in the market for another unit. Read more

  8. A tree frog

    One year of use, and I can say its a top quality bag. I love this updated version over the previous version of this same bag I owned for years (the 2015 one with loose handles in front). The streamlines handle update on the front middle of the bag is a big improvement over the previous version. The extending handle system looks sturdy enough, which was what started failing on the previous bag after 5+ years hard use traveling monthly for work etc. I expect years of use the same again here once travel restrictions are lifted. FYI love the sleek all black look with subtle branding. Very indistinguishable so I added some colored string to identify it easier. Read more

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