Anti-robbery classic crucial messenger bag, nutmeg

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  • make certain this suits via coming into your model variety.
  • locking major compartment
  • rfid blocking card and passport slots
  • removable led light
  • nine. 75×2. 5×10
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the classic anti-theft vital messenger bag – perfect for journey and everyday

if you are looking your bag … You may’t see the arena in the front of you. This is why we create top rate anti-robbery bags. We accept as true with you deserve a bag with a view to prevent pickpockets and thieves. In spite of everything, you bring a bag to shield what’s internal. You deserve a bag that gained’t force you to sacrifice style for characteristic and supports all of your employer and durability desires. We realize some thing less than a travelon anti-robbery bag is settling for much less than you deserve.

travelon conventional collection

the conventional anti-robbery vital messenger bag includes and keeps greater items organized than normal baggage. From more than one garage pockets both inside and out, to an indoors wall wallet so that you don’t ought to bring the more weight of a wallet. Our five-factor anti-robbery protection machine facilitates save you the 5 most common forms of pedestrian theft – regionally and internationally. No surprise travelon is one of the maximum loved baggage.

  • five-factor anti-robbery security machine consists of:
  • 1. Lockdown straps help prevent clutch-and-go thieves from rushing off along with your bag. Strap lock secures bag to a stationary item or chair.
  • 2. Locking cubicles help save you pickpockets from getting into your bag. Locking zippered pulls comfortable your bag contents.
  • three. Cut back-resistant body facilitates save you minimize-and-take hold of robbery in busy regions with a shrink-resistant mesh barrier in all 4 sides and bag backside panel.
  • four. Cut down-resistant straps assist save you scale down-and-run theft with a stainless-steel wire within the strap.
  • five. Rfid blockading wallet assist save you towards digital identity robbery with rfid blocking card slots and passport pockets.
  • fundamental compartment organizer and the front and rear zippered pockets. Tethered interior key clip with led mild.
  • water and dirt resistant cloth.
  • travelon classic vital messenger bag

    this roomy bag’s main compartment has an organizer with slip pockets and a zippered pocket. The front compartment has an rfid blocking organizer and a zip pocket. Rear zippered booths for additonal storage. The shoulder strap is adjustable for a really perfect in shape. An interior tethered key clip with led light allows you find items in your bag. Made with water and dirt resistant fabric that wipes clean.

    lower-resistance for these days. Both body and straps have boundaries that prevents bag slashers from having access to your valuables or going for walks off with them.

    travelon baggage are designed with fashionable lines and smooth forms so each bag appears suitable with what you’re sporting. Colorings had been mindfully selected to go along with most wardrobes. Detailed business enterprise lets in you to carry greater than different bags. Finely crafted with superior durability for the way human beings sincerely get around within the world.

    travelon rfid blockading pockets and slots helps to block the radio frequency in playing cards and passports from being study by means of digital hackers.

    5-factor anti-robbery security machine advantage

  • travelon anti-theft era starts offevolved with a complex, interlocking mesh barrier engineered right beneath the the floor cloth to save you a blade attack aimed at starting up your bag.
  • 2nd is a hidden steel cable that runs the period of the strap to prevent it from being cut and your bag pulled off your shoulder.
  • 1/3, the primary cubicles of our bags lock to prevent a skilled pickpocket’s palms from access.
  • rfid blocking off card slots and passport pockets defend in opposition to hand held identity scanner robbery.
  • and lockdown hardware permits you to fasten your bag to a chair or stationary object while you are sitting down in a public place.
  • lockdown straps

    enables prevent seize-and-move thieves from speeding off along with your bag. Strap lock secures bag to a stationary item or chair.

    locking booths

    allows prevent pickpockets from stepping into your bag. Locking zippered pulls relaxed your bag contents.

    scale back-resistant body and straps

    enables save you reduce-and-take hold of robbery in busy areas with a slash-resistant mesh barrier in all four aspects and bag backside panel.

    rfid blocking off wallet

    helps prevent against electronic identity robbery with rfid blockading card slots and passport wallet.

    product description

    heaps of booths for all your stuff! This bag with its locking booths, scale down-proof creation and adjustable, cut-proof shoulder strap is top notch for on the move, you could attach it to any submit or chair for introduced safety and convienience. Also comes with an rfid blocking off card slots as well as a handy removable led mild.


    Black, A B/W Small Flower Print, Black W/White Stripe – Exclusive Color, Blue – Exclusive Color, Midnight, Midnight With Credit Card Wallet, Nutmeg, Pewter, Purple

    5 reviews for Anti-robbery classic crucial messenger bag, nutmeg

    1. Stephanie

      This purse is the perfect size for people who want to be able to carry more than just a wallet/keys, but still don’t need or want to carry a huge bag everywhere. I was able to fit a water bottle, my wallet, my Kindle, and an A5 size notebook in the main pocket with no difficulty. It would have had plenty of room for my phone too if I wasn’t using it as a camera. In the front pocket, I had gum, lotion, keys and a couple other small items. Even with all that, this bag still zipped fully closed and didn’t look overstuffed, as you can see in the second picture. This is the first messenger bag I’ve found that could do that. The material seems be durable and easily cleanable. When I was comparing different Travellon purses, I saw several people mention the inside fabric getting stuck in the zippers – mine does not have that problem, and I intentionally tried to get it stuck to check. Although I didn’t buy it specifically for the anti-theft features, I do like that I can lock the zippers. That said all the locks really are is clips, and if I was looking to travel with this I would not put anything very valuable in the outer pocket (that zipper is easier to get to and get undone when you are wearing the purse). Ironically, that’s where most of the RFID card slots are, probably for ease of access for me, but I feel like “easy access” kind of goes against the idea of “anti-theft”. Still, I would definitely recommend the purse because there is plenty of room in the main pocket. Read more

    2. EyeNuh

      Bought this for an upcoming trip. I hope to not have to try the anti theft properties of it! But it seems like it should hold up to its claims. The bag is a little stiff, but it is designed to not be stolen. The size is great for me. I don’t intend on carrying much. I included my Kindle Paperwhite in the pics as a size reference. It barely doesn’t fit in the inner mesh bag. My iPhone 6 with a case fits in the cell phone pocket. Two pen pockets. I didn’t count the credit card pockets. There are 3 outer zippers, and two of them are lockable. There’s a tiny flashlight on a hook in the main compartment. Read more

    3. Diana

      I was so looking forward to receiving what looked like and was described as exactly what I was looking for. I ordered this purse in black. Unfortunately, the description is inaccurate. If you measure the width directly across the bottom of the purse without flattening it, the bag is 9-1/4″ wide. If you measure the width directly across the top just below the zipper, it is only 8-7/8″ wide. For those of you wondering, If you measure the height, again without flattening it, at the middle where the logo is, it is 10″ high (accurately described). (Note to all sellers: when you state H x W x D, flattening the bag to measure is inaccurate and misleading.) Still worse, however, the photo appears to be of an old design (as I learned when I cross-checked with the Travelon website just now)! The purse I received has a different shoulder strap clasp which is much easier to undo (not the old unscrew design shown in the photo). With the design in the photo, I would just carry the bag with the shoulder strap clasp towards the front for better security. However, in another design change, both the main and front wallet compartment zippers now lock on the other end from the shoulder strap clasp, and with a different design that is also much easier to undo with just one hand. The new zipper tabs just have a tiny carabiner clip on the end to hook onto a ring, not the two-piece design shown in the photo. If you carry the purse with the shoulder strap clasp to the front, these easy to undo pulls are behind you when the purse is closed. If you carry the purse with the zipper pulls in front, the shoulder strap clasp is in back. It appears (at the moment) that the Pewter color photo is the only accurate photo showing the new clasp and zipper pulls. This is a fundamentally flawed “Anti-Theft” design. I am so disappointed because my other Travelon purses are great. Sadly, I am returning this one. Read more

    4. Rhodi

      I bought this for a recent trip to Europe. It was the perfect size to carry a day’s worth of touring necessities – camera, wallet, hat, phone, iPad, maps, travel booklets, souvenirs. I felt safe even in London & Amsterdam. I let my sister borrow it, and she fell in love with it. I bought her the same one for Christmas. Read more

    5. Design Think

      This is the best travel purse. I just used it in crowded Shanghai (relatively little crime, but massively crowded subways, motor scooters on sidewalks, etc.) and am about to use it in Istanbul (pickpocketing, etc.). Advantages: – all the right pockets and places – great locking mechanisms. Would not prevent pickpocketing from clever thieves, but would s,ow it down. Most importantly, it signals that you aren’t an easy mark, which I think is its biggest advantage by far. – comfortable cross body design, with the ability to turn it into a regular side purse – subtle looking, with relatively minimal hardware hanging off, given all of the pockets and locks. How I hacked it to make it better: – I added locking s-biner black clips to attach my camera to my purse, and my phone, which I have a special case with a strap on it. Besides making it hard to grab on a subway, it makes it impossible for me to drop either. And again, signals that I am not an easy mark. See attached pic) – I don’t keep anything important in the front pocket, even though there are places for credit cards. Instead, I kept my passport and big $ inside the zipper pockets. Smaller money, I put in a coin purse in the back pocket that I (again) attached with a mini locking s-biner clip to the outside of the purse. What would make it better: – I wish the hardware on the outside of the black purse (I.e., zippers, locks, etc.) were black instead of silver, to it was sleeker looking. If it had that, I would use it as my primary purse, instead of only as a travel purse. Read more

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