Aspire xlite softside expandable bags with spinner wheels, blue dream, 2-piece set (20/25)

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  • 2 piece set incorporates: 20″ carry on (meets most carry-on size restrictions for the ones touring domestically and looking to stay light) and 25″ spinner (maximize your packing power and an appropriate checked bag for longer journeys)
  • 10 year confined guarantee: samsonite products are carefully examined to make certain our products meet stringent requirements. This set comes with a 10-year warranty in opposition to defects in materials and workmanship.
  • ultra lightweight and sturdy 680d polyester construction, preserving instances lovely trip after ride
  • 4 multi-directional spinner wheels for easy mobility, rolls upright so there may be no weight to your arm or shoulder
  • padded top and facet carry handles provide comfort whilst lifting a totally packed case, short stash the front zipper pocket
  • cross straps comfy the contents of your luggage to help prevent transferring which could reason damage, additionally help maintain the contents of your baggage organized
  • self retracting bring deal with that continues a low profile whilst not in use
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from the manufacturer

from the bright and fashionable layout to the accessory pops of colour, you will in no way have to fear about maintaining tune of those blue dream

  • 1726 red
  • samsonite aspire xlite

    best for a fast break out or a actual journey, aspire xlite has the journey bags to healthy the vacation spot. Constructed of long lasting polyester and reinforced with light-weight, bendy metallic cord, this enduring collection might be your partner on infinite trips. Smooth rolling wheels and an aluminum upright handle make certain clean arrivals. Organization inner makes packing a snap, consisting of a wet-pocket to use after that ultimate minute swim.

  • boarding bag sixteen. 5″ x 12″ x 10″
  • 20″ spinner 20. Five” x 13. 5″ x eight. Five
  • 25″ spinner 24. 5″ x 16. Three” x 9″
  • useful and thoughtful design

    wider pull take care of combine to offer a very comfortable grip. Integrated, multi-degree aluminum pull deal with for additonal lightness. Retracting pinnacle and side bring-handles continue to be covered when checking baggage.

    this lightweight line offers heavyweight protection riding on handy 360 diploma spinner wheels. All you need to do is push your case along and the wheels do the rest. Whether or not you’re checking into to the flight or your inn, it’s miles notable-smooth with spinner wheels.

    layout includes expansion for delivered packing capacity whilst needed. Purchaser favored growth on all sizes.

    approximately samsonite

    samsonite’s now not just in the enterprise of making baggage, we’re within the enterprise of building confidence. Confidence that when you step off the curb, your bags wheel is not going to pop off. Confidence that if you put your pc within the bag in a single piece, that’s the way it’s going to pop out. Samsonite has set an industry priority by using perfecting and innovating luggage, informal luggage, backpacks, travel add-ons, and now electronics companies and computer baggage. Over a hundred years of reliability, sturdiness, style and modern functionality have made samsonite’s iconic product. If you are going to move out the door, do it with peace of mind. Because, life has a way of coming at you fast. Be prepared for everywhere.

    product description

    journey with confidence. Travel with aspire xlite. A formidable fusion of lightweight creation and sturdiness. Rugged polyester and metal cord construction create a completely unique combination of energy, flexibility and ability. Aspire xlite’s convenient mobility is improved by using the use of sleek, easy rolling in-line skate wheels and multi-directional spinner wheels.


    2-Piece Set (20/25), 2-Piece Set (20/29), 3-Piece Set (BB/20/25), Carry-On 19-Inch, Carry-On 20-Inch, Carry-On 21.5-Inch, Checked-Medium 25-Inch, Checked-Large 29-Inch, Boarding Bag, Wheeled Garment Bag


    Black, Blue Dream, Red

    6 reviews for Aspire xlite softside expandable bags with spinner wheels, blue dream, 2-piece set (20/25)

    1. Chris P

      Purchased this suitcase a month ago from Luggage Pros through Amazon. I used it as carry on luggage once and the extendable handle broke off. I attempted to return it as defective, but since it was 32 days since I bought it, my return was rejected. I can’t recommend buying such a poorly made product. Read more

    2. Matt C

      There is a similar review by John E. Horne on April 21, 2016 outlining this same issue. Check out his review and the replies to that for some more information. Having just received this item in the mail today I can confirm that the measurements are not accurate. I found the bag has a slight taper, so if I measure from the longest point I get 23″ exactly – from the shortest point, I get 22.75″. Definitely misleading as the length is listed as 20″. The thing is, 20″ as listed isn’t even accurate for the bag excluding the wheels! The bag excluding the wheels measures 20.75″ long, so that excuse goes right out the window. United Airlines has one of the strictest bag policies: “Maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag are 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), including handles and wheels” And this definitely does not meet that length requirement. For what it’s worth the width is also incorrect. I measure the width to be exactly 13.75″, not 13.5″. Regardless, I will keep and use this bag, as this product contains many many reviews from buyers who have tested this first-hand by traveling with it and having no issues. Even though the width is a full inch over maximum allowed, these buyers state that they put them in the baggage size tester and they fit perfectly. This first-hand confirmation is the only reason I will keep this bag. It still doesn’t feel good to be completely lied to though. Read more

    3. K. Lonidier

      So… I wrote a pretty detailed review and it didn’t save…. Boo Replacement for a carryon I used for 6-7 years that I loved. Had returned one that tipped over when used. This one leans back slightly, so when using, it doesn’t tip over. Easy to maneuver. I didn’t want the 4 wheeled ones because the packing space is smaller. It is bigger than my old one. Lots of space. Just know it is ‘thicker’ than most and I had to sort of work it into the overhead. It would not fit if expanded or if bulky things in outside pockets. Now that I know it, I’ll just make sure of that before getting on the plane. Wished it came in a color other than black, but not a deal breaker. Happy to have a bag I will use for a long long time! April 4, 2017 update- I’ve used it on 2 round trip flights since receiving it a couple weeks ago. It fit in SW and in United’s overheads. It looks bigger than what my other bag that this one replaced. I measured it, and it was 15 inches, not 14. It also looked a bit thicker than 9 inches, but if not packed full, it seemed to smash down to 9 inches. At airport I found an empty gate, and tried to put it in the metal carry on luggage checker that United has that determines if your luggage meets the requirements of carryon 22x14x9. It did not fit. It was too wide to fit in the 9 inch width. I really like the bag, but it is not carry on criteria sized. I was nervous at the gate until I got on the plane. If they had required me to measure my bag, it would not have met the requirements. It is a great piece of luggage, but the size is a deal breaker for me. While it passed thru and got on the plane as a carryon for 4 flights, I will always be uncomfortable using it if I’d keep it. I think I will return it. Read more

    4. Interwebz Admin

      I recently received these and have made several multi-city trips with them. I have a few minor complaints: 1) The framework that supports the retractable handle is on the interior of the suitcases, so it creates that awkward area where you can’t just lay things flat inside; you end up trying to stuff socks and other easily malleable items around the rails first. I personally prefer an external handle frame so my belongings can lie flat, and that also takes some of the baggage handling impact versus the canvas. 2) The attached plastic and paper cards / placards for retail display are connected with those plastic wires like you’d see price tags attached with to clothing. This really annoyed me because they had to punch through the suitcase canvas material in several places to attach them, and one of the holes had some minor fraying around it even though I cut the tags off rather than yank them out like many people will likely do. I get that it’s cheap and quick, but these were from Amazon and not even meant for a store display, and now I have an obvious small hole in brand new luggage. Other than those two complaints, they seem like sturdy products, and have a ten year warranty, but it requires registration and proof of purchase so make sure do take care of that. There are grab handles on three of the four sides, making it easy to lift them into cars. The wheels roll surprisingly well; much better than my expensive Briggs & Reilly luggage. They have a rubber-like material on the rolling surfaces (the rest is typical plastic) which just seems to go across things easier, and they turn easier; they do a much better job rolling in a straight line even when I throw a second bag on top. The wet items zipper pouch on the interior side of the opening panel is a nice touch. Read more

    5. Tometich64

      I bought this suitcase for my son to take on a two week trip to China with his school because it was so light weight. It turned out great! The wheels worked well, it held up to international travel with a teenager and came home in really good shape. I have to admit when I originally ordered it I didn’t expect it to be of much use after this trip as often international travel is really hard on luggage and I didn’t want to send one of our more expensive pieces. I was very surprised that I came home in very good shape and ready for more adventures. I am now wondering why I spent so much on my other luggage when I could’ve gotten this one for much less and of great quality Read more

    6. John E. Horne

      Product looks great but the dimensions listed are misleading. Including the wheels, the bag is 22.75″ and exceeds the side permitted as a carry-on bag by many airlines. The 20″ size that is listed pertains to the bag MINUS the spinning wheels. Read more

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