Automaitc travel umbrella windproof with 210t material black

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  • make sure this fits by way of coming into your model variety.
  • compact however huge when open: nicer compact 21 is a top class compact umbrella designed for traveller. Closed length eleven. 5 in.,insurance diameter while open 39in.. It’s far very smooth to fit in a bag, but is great and huge whilst it’s far open.
  • superior automobile merchanism: one contact operation, press the button to open, press the button again to shut.
  • high-quality robust and windproof: the 9-ribs umbrella structure is engineered by way of high-grade metallic and top notch pleasant fiberglass, strictly in the line with principles of mechanics by awesome workmanship to provide the all parts works flexibility to fights the wind. Black metal shaft tri-folded is improve by way of 350 diploma warmness remedy for extremely good tension and safety.
  • consolation grip: it’s miles a patent grip, abs cloth rubberized for non-silp, big auto button is unique designed for greater cozy touch. Every umenice umbrella cares what you actual need.

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continues you dry, maintains you comfy, and continues you great regardless of when and in which it rains. That’s what umenice umbrella do. This premium tour umbrella is a compact wind resistant rain umbrella designed to healthy in your bags, university backpacks, commercial enterprise briefcases, and glove compartments. To provide our customers a stylish, light-weight, reliable, durable and amazing wind resistant umbrella,this umbrella are constructed by 210t micro-weave fabric and incredible sturdy metal frame, outstanding workmanship on every details, you do not worry your umbrella breaks when you open it inside the rains once more. It is compact length and light-weight, smooth to be able to convey it for your bag to anywhere, whenever it rains, it will guard you from get stuck. Key features: superior vehicle open/close mechanism, simply press the button, it pops open with an mindset and closes the identical way. Moreover this fashion of button is constructed a touch bit bigger than ordinary auto button, so it’ll be a great deal comfortable when your thumb press it. Every umenice tour umbrella is guaranteed the pleasant preferred. Wind resistant body is engineered by using nine fiberglass ribs which are a good deal stronger and huge while it’s far open. Black metallic shaft tri-folded is toughen via 350 degree warmth remedy for first-rate rigidity. Compact size eleven. Five inch when closed this umenice umbrella is perfect a good way to store on your bags backpack while journeying but is first-class and big while it’s miles open. Patient grip is made with the aid of abs material durable, rubberized non slip. Add in your cart to order your travel umbrella. Have a pleasant travel !

8 reviews for Automaitc travel umbrella windproof with 210t material black

  1. Vivman

    Enough has been written about this umbrella, but thought I would cast a quick thumbs up with a few tiny caveats: 1) the “retract” button only functions when the umbrella is fully open (you might get the impression it closes it all the way to compact size. It does not. I does require you draw the collapsed umbrella into the handle with a bit of force), 2) It’s a bit on the heavier side 3) the extended handle/stalk seems a touch on the short side, as compared to other umbrellas I’ve used – maybe 20-22″ above grip (see photo) Overall, a VERY sturdy product that has already passed the storm test on a few walks to the office downtown. Despite the minor gripes above, I would strongly recommend – especially at this price point Read more

  2. Flash Cavin

    I KNOW this didn’t cost much & u get what u pay for but I was using this umbrella for the first time in a windy storm the other day. It worked very well when facing into the wind of I’d say was 20 mph maybe gusting to 25 occasionally. HOWEVER, once leaving the store, the minute the wind hit the umbrella, before I even had a chance to flip it behind me, the whole spine had turned inside out & broken one of the arms. I took it down immediately, almost all in one motion of it turning inside out but it only took that second & it was broken. It will still operate but there’s no way to chance using it because the broken spine could split the material at any moment. It looked good & might work on a still day w no wind. Read more

  3. Stine

    After reading all the positive reviews, I decided to buy this product. I live in New York City, so it rains often and unexpectedly. Today was one of those days. I was very excited to use my new umbrella. After 20 min of using my umbrella. I heard a pop and my umbrella automatically closed. I tried to open it back up, but it would not stay open. I am very disappointed with this item. Read more

  4. gayle A koffman

    Best umbrella ever! I live in Chicago, used it few weeks ago, it was pouring, wind guests were 35-50 if caught walking on side of buildings. It turned inside out,. I thought it had broken Bc it turned inside out due to high winds. It didn’t. It turned itself right back to normal. I hit button to close, it dried, placed back in back pack. I will be buying another one. Read more

  5. KSD

    As a Seattle residents we should have an arsenal of umbrellas, but we don’t so I ordered this one to have in my bag when on the go. When I read the description and saw it was Teflon coated I scoffed, as that sounded ridiculous, but honestly it’s the best umbrella ever! I used it the other day when I had to walk a way in the rain during a torrential downpour and once inside I shook it out and set it aside. When I picked it up a few minutes later I was astounded to realize it was almost dry. It even survived being pulled inside out during a wind gust and still works great. Sadly my son has taken it from me for his school backpack, so I will have to order another one. Read more

  6. Dendrophile

    This is not a practical umbrella. Maybe if it’s only lightly raining and there’s no wind, but it DOES NOT do well with wind. It flipped inside out multiple times in the span of 15 mins while I was using it. The arms in this umbrella are weak – made of plastic – and cannot withstand wind over about 20mph. This was a waste of $15. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Love the size for leaving in the car for unexpected rain/downpours. Hate that it was hard to close. Then after the 3rd? 4th use, it self destructed. The push button (plastic) broke and that is all she wrote. the one touch button NEVER closed umbrella. My guess , the button placement was mis-aligned ,the button only worked for opening. I rated 2 stars because I personally think one star reviews might be biased or fakes. Read more

  8. Drj824

    This is my honest, unfiltered opinion. No endorsements to disclose. I love this umbrella so much that when i lost the first one i ordered my second. Handles the rough downtown Chicago winds like a champ. If you catch a bad angle and it flips inside out, it corrects fast with a sturdy push pull without a hitch. – i love the collapsable button. Going onto the bus while its raining gives me no trouble and i feel bad for everyone fumbling with their umbrellas and get wet in the process. Highly recommend. If i lose this one ill be getting another. Read more

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