Automated open near waterproof mini tour foldable umbrella with sun protection, black

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  • make sure this suits by way of coming into your model wide variety.
  • light-weight, vehicle open close, big canopy foldable umbrella lets in for clean one-passed operation, and solar protection blocks harmful uv rays
  • car open and close — one push of the button opens the umbrella, one push closes it
  • neverwet invisible coating on the umbrella cover permits rain to roll proper off for advanced water repellency, durability and protection against the factors
  • sunguard upf 50+ safety blocks 98 percentage of dangerous uv rays and continues you up to 30 stages cooler
  • canopy size: 39-inches; folds to eight-1/4-inches while closed. Care commands: depart open to dry. Wipe smooth with a damp fabric
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from the producer

armed with intuitive features like smooth-to-keep handles and fuss-loose tie straps, totes umbrellas outsmart the rain. Sturdy but light-weight, they’re engineered to remaining through a lifetime of stormy weather or we will update it for free.

  • clever layout features
  • today’s sunglasses and prints
  • long lasting and dependable
  • reliable protection find alleviation on warm and humid days below the cool, shielding shade of a totes sunguard umbrella. Via blocking off 98% of the solar’s dangerous uv rays, it can preserve you 30 levels cooler in comparison to status in direct sunlight even whilst you shake your umbrella off, it nevertheless leaves a dripping mess interior and anywhere you pass. Neverwet is a innovative invisible coating that makes rain bead up and roll proper off the umbrella cover, so it stays 4x drier.

  • upf 50+ solar safety
  • can keep you 30 degrees cooler
  • water repellant coating
  • no more dripping mess
  • block 98% of the solar’s dangerous uv rays.

    comes armed with an innovative invisible coating. No dripping mess.

    smart capabilities include push button operation, a huge tie strap and an ergonomic manage for smooth use.

    strong however lightweight, totes merchandise are engineered to closing through a life-time of stormy climate.

    discover your ideal umbrella for any weather

    totes umbrellas come in several patterns to hold you covered from inclement weather. Whether or not you want protection from the rain, excessive-velocity wind, or the hot sun – totes has you included.

    locate your ideal umbrella for any climate

    after a rain bathe, the common umbrella leaves messy puddles for your car, hallway and anywhere you move. But totes neverwet umbrellas are armed with an creative invisible coating that repels water in order that it remains 4x drier.

    find your best umbrella for any weather

    struggle robust winds and gusts without missing a step. Titan umbrellas feature extremely-sturdy aluminum frames to save you embarrassing turn-outs. We’ve built our titans to withstand 70mph gusts in order that that you live dry and protected in rainstorms.

    find your perfect umbrella for any climate

    on sunny days, create your very own colour with a totes sunguard umbrella that blocks 98% of harmful uv rays. It’s geared up with an invisible coating that allows maintain you as much as 30 levels cooler as compared to standing in direct sunlight. While an unexpected downpour arrives, you’ll also have a way to stay dry.

    the totes difference

    neverwet era

    titan max-strength

    sunguard protection

    product description

    with neverwet invisible coating, rain rolls right off and this auto open close folding mini umbrella with sun safety stays 4 times drier – no dripping mess! Compact layout stashes without problems for your purse or bag. Auto open and close — one push of a button opens the umbrella, one push closes it keeping one hand unfastened when you’re on the go. Includes a convenient smooth-deliver wrist strap that matches the umbrella print to supplement your look. Wide tie strap for easy compact garage. Premium textured, rubber coated steel cope with for a relaxed, secure grip with brilliant metal detailing that adds a stylish accessory. Totes stands in the back of our umbrellas so if yours breaks, simply go back it to our assurance center. Care commands: depart open to dry. Wipe clean with damp material.


    Black, Black Rain, Blue, Skinny Stripe

    8 reviews for Automated open near waterproof mini tour foldable umbrella with sun protection, black

    1. Bay area mom

      5 stars for the rainbow umbrella. 3 stars for the blue umbrella. It does open and close easily with the button on the handle. I wanted an easy open/close umbrella that was not too heavy for my daughters to use. The close button closes the canopy. Afterwards, you still need to push it down to the handle until it clicks. That part requires a bit of force and is too difficult for my 7 year old, but certainly fine for my 10 year old. I would recommend the rainbow one- the fabric is thin and wraps together tightly with the velcro strap. We also purchased the BLUE one and would NOT recommend that one. For some reason, the fabric was thick and stiff which made it difficult to close after opening. Read more

    2. reesah mouse

      It’s an okay umbrella. I’ve used it in the rain and in the sun. It keeps the rains and sun off. The main thing I dislike about this umbrella, though, is that it’s really hard to get the velcro thing around the umbrella when I’m trying to close it. This umbrella is of a slightly stiffer material than a regular umbrella and it’s slightly bulkier. The velcro thing that holds it together when closed is not quite long enough to close it easily. I have to tug and tug and tug and tug, and still I can barely get it closed. This is more than annoying; it hurts my hands and it also takes too long when I’m in a hurry. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      This was a replacement for a Totes umbrella I had for years that was broken by an external force. I have always loved the automatic open/close feature of Totes. This one, however, seemed to be defective. The fabric was stiff and very wrinkled. Although the umbrella opened and closed, it was nearly impossible to rewrap as the velcro band to hold it together was not long enough to enfold all the fabric. I went to a store and tried out several others. Their fabric was soft, smooth and they were easy to rewrap. The umbrella sent to me was clearly defective and not typical of Totes. I returned it. Read more

    4. J. Toy

      I have always bought Tote umbrellas. They lasted for years. Until this one, which I bought May 31, 2018, 10 months ago. Since I have many Tote umbrellas I haven’t even used this one that much. But today, it broke. Not when I left the house in the rain but when I left my appointment in a very heavy rain. I had to take a taxi for $22 to get home. What has happened to the quality, Totes used to be the best? Read more

    5. Elizabeth

      LOVE this umbrella! I thought it was an absurd price to pay for one, but my husband swore by his and will only by Totes so I got one to replace my old umbrella in my car. Again, LOVE this umbrella! Water glides right off it and it folds up super nice and compact. Read more

    6. Kindle Customer

      We took this to Europe. The first time we opened it it broke. No unbrella for our trip. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      Cheapo plastic and weird shape. I thought a Totes product would be equal to my other Totes umbrella which is larger but very good quality. This one was pricey and a complete disappointment. Do not recommend. Read more

    8. P. Story

      This umbrella is flimsy from the price compared to other umbrellas I own. And for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get it to fold up properly. It takes a concentrated effort to get it folded down neatly and closed with the velcro strap. And even when I do get it closed…it isn’t secure. Very disappointed in this umbrella. Read more

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