Automobile open european hook handle umbrella

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  • a hundred% polyester
  • made in the america or imported
  • forty eight” arc
  • length: 33. Five”
  • cover diameter: 41″
  • auto-open characteristic
  • fashion: silver-cover doorman
  • shade: silver with black lining
  • cloth material: polyester
  • ribs: fiberglass
  • shaft: steel
  • plastic hook take care of
  • car open; wind buster (double canopy)
  • metallic shaft and ribs
  • matching hook handle
  • 190t nylon cloth
  • closes to 35. 5″
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product description

the rainstoppers 48″ automobile-open doorman umbrella is a traditional style with an modern appearance, as it has a silver outer canopy, with a extraordinary colour underside for a sharp evaluation. It is finished with a silver hook manage. Especially else, this umbrella will assist you stand out in a crowd!


48-Inch, 48-Inch arc


Silver/Black, Beige, Black, Dark Green, Navy, Red, White

8 reviews for Automobile open european hook handle umbrella

  1. Mike C.

    Hooooly cow. I was looking for a sleek umbrella when I cam across this particular model. “Oh wow”, I thought. “This looks like it was made to laugh in the face of droplets and stand up to the attempted bullying of precipitation”. I eyed the curved, yearning to feast on the envy of my peers when we’re standing in a crowded pub while a torrential downpour casts the soundtrack outside, and there’s no where to set our coats or ‘brellies, and this is hooked ever so gracefully over my arm as I casually stand and yell over the Sublime blaring on the jukebox, “What’s that? Oh, I’ll take another whiskey sour with a melon ball garnish.” I think I was born, completed an academic career that spanned over two decades and moved to this major metropolitan area just to find this umbrella. How could I possibly want anything more? But alas, I did. I mean, it was an average umbrella, but I couldn’t fall in love with it. No, that love is for they who asked me to recite my favorite drink, in the queen’s english, that one fateful night. But it was an OK umbrella. Can’t say I hate it. Might be better if it came in something else, like clear. Read more

  2. Janeth S.

    My daughter decided to dress up as Satsuki from My Neighbor Totoro for Halloween. Unfortunately, she’s not very popular in the costume shops, so I volunteered to make her the costume. So we had the jumper skirt, the shirt, the white boots, and all we were missing was the umbrella. I could not find it at any store locally, so I finally decided to look online and found it here. It was a perfect size and perfect color. Read more

  3. Sherry

    Very nice and great sized umbrella. I plan to crochet a design in colored crochet thread for outside and wanted white so it could be seen. I use this in the heat for protection against skin cancer. Would make a beautiful bride accessory to crochet a lacy cover on. Read more

  4. Robin Sanders

    I have purchased two of these. They are very sturdy, the automatic opening feature works smoothly and I like the hook handle (hangs easily and also easy to hold). The subdued silver color with black lining is pretty—a little edgy but not loud and won’t clash with your wardrobe. Two thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻‼️ Read more

  5. Frank Fernandez

    beautiful umbrella not for daily use since it is not a fold umbrella. You should used mostly to walk under the sun to protect you more from the sun rays. I used sometimes when I have to walk from my house to the car when is raining; then I use my fold umbrella to go to other places. I got one like 4 years ago and it lasted until recently if you used the way at describe. Not for a storm, not for a constant use just ocassionally. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    The umbrella itself is very nice. Love the silver! In the heading the umbrella states silver and black. In the description it says silver and navy. I hope they correct as the navy is what I really wanted. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    We bought this for engagement photos with a nod to How I Met Your Mother. If you actually wanted two people to stay dry in a downpour, this wouldn’t work as well. But it’s cute looking! Read more

  8. DJamie

    This will be used as a spring wreath filled with flowers. It’s a bright yellow and just the right size to hang on a door. Love it! Read more

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